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Providing Customized Digital Pass Solution

Simply receive a QR code on your mobile app or through e-mail or SMS, and scan it on the police officer’s module to get your digital pass validated.

How It Works For Citizens?

Fill up the application form using a mobile app or website.

Officials will validate the request and grant the digital pass.

Citizens will receive the digital pass - a QR code on a mobile app, email, SMS.

Police officers can scan the QR code and validate the digital pass.

Solution Overview

An exclusive white-labeled e-pass solution for uninterrupted flow of essential services in the case of an emergency such as curfew or lockdown.

Citizens Mobile

Citizens Mobile & Web Application

Makes movement smooth for the citizens in just four steps - Apply, Approve, Scan, and Validate.

Easy Onboarding

Enables users to browse through the application to access the features conveniently.

View Digital Pass

Shows the digital pass with name, purpose, starting point and destination, validity, and QR code.

Re-apply for Digital Pass

Allows the user to re-apply for the pass in case of expiry or technical glitches.

Check Application Status

Enables users to check their digital pass application and its current status, such as valid, expired, or suspended due to reasons.

Apply for Digital Pass

Prompts the user to apply instantly for the e-pass for emergencies.

Officials Mobile Application

A module designed for the higher authorities that enables them to verify the vehicle e-pass for essential services with all the user details and QR code to check its authenticity.

Start/End Destination

Shows the starting point and the end destination of the officials where they are assigned their duties.

Pass Status

Displays the current status of the scanned passes. It notifies in the app if the pass is expired or invalid.

User Details

Once the app scans the QR code from the user module, it displays all the details such as name, purpose, the validity of the digital pass, etc.

Emergency Alerts

Enables the officials to call for help in case of an emergency.


Displays all the features of the application, including the name of the official, designation, purpose of travel or staying out, QR scanner to scan digital pass, etc. It also shows the important updates of the application.

police app

Police Mobile Application

A mobile application for police personnel with assigned location and scan history.

Scan History

Displays all the scans done, sorted on the basis of weeks and months. It also shows the entire user history, along with other details.

Status of Scans

Shows the status of the recorded scans, whether they are valid or invalid, along with a number of invalid and valid scans.

Emergency Alert

Allows the police officer to connect to his team in emergencies.


Admin Web Application

A well-engineered application, responsible for managing the other modules. A master hub to manage all sorts of the user and official data.

Summary Dashboard

Logs all the details related to users, police officers, officials along with their validity of the digital passes and purposes.

Roles and Access Management

It gives access and assigns roles to the users of other modules according to the situation and requirement.

Master Data Management

It is a key application that handles the entire data from all the three modules and keeps track of every minute change.

Manage Custom Accounts

It can access and manage all the accounts remotely in case of any glitch or emergency.

Reporting and Analytics

It generates the report based on the usage of the application by the number of people, most number visits from an area, the number of e-passes renewed, etc. It helps the backend team to analyze the data for further process.

Manage Police Officer’s Account

It monitors the police officer’s account by keeping a check on their presence on the location and notifying them about the current situation and requirement at other places.

Manage Notifications

It keeps track of all the notifications and orders issued by the government and higher authorities in the public interest and sends it to the respective users, officials, and personnel to keep them informed.

Digital Passes Request Management

It manages the request generated by the users by either approving or disapproving them, based on the severity of the reason.

Provide Easy Access To Digital Passes For Your Users During Emergencies

We develop a blend of innovation and simplicity to provide an easy digital pass platform for your users.

Key Features

Hassle-free Access to Passes

Allows the users to simplify the essential activities in difficult times by simply accessing the solution in their smart devices.

Robust and Scalable

The solution is developed, keeping in mind customer satisfaction and ROI for clients, both. It allows all the updates to stay in sync with the current present market condition.

User-Friendly Interface

Each module is developed with a minimalistic approach in mind, to make the process of registration and navigation easy for the users.

Completely Digital

Solution is completely automated to save users from going through hassles of approval from higher officials in-person.

Security and Privacy

User security is our topmost priority, and thus, extra care is invested to secure the solution from hackers and viruses.

Easy Registration

Registration process to avail the mobile phone passes is simple and precise.

Why Choose Our Digital Pass Solution?

With our team of experts, we strive to provide the best e-pass solution to our clients

Fully Customizable

Customize your digital pass solution to meet the specific needs of your users.

Robust Registration Engine

The solution offers a highly scalable and reliable registration experience for customers.

Service and Maintenance

Help our clients with an end-to-end solution to deploy the digital pass solution.

Completely Branded Solution

A distinct solution in the urgent times to have an uninterrupted flow of essential activities.

Improved Data And Security Control

Safeguarded with the latest innovations to protect the user data and save it for future purposes.

Privately Hosted

The solution is privately hosted on a single server for better performance and scalability.

Flexibility With Customization And Integration

A well-integrated and highly customizable solution for the clients with all the advanced features and requirements.

Implementation & Launch

We build a customizable model for private and government organizations to create their own version of the digital pass solution.

Requirement Analysis

Understand and create an execution plan based on the client’s requirements.

Deployment Choice

On-premise or cloud deployment option as per the business requirements.

Notifications Integration

Push notifications, email, and SMS alert set up.

Analytics Integration

Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.

App Store Submissions

Successfully publishing the apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Support & Maintenance

Launch a dedicated and expert technical support for the smooth operations.

Security Compliance Check

Full data security audit to meet regulations and compliance standards.

implementation Mobisoft Infotech

Provide Highly Personalized Easy Access to Digital Pass For Your Users

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