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GEOMOSQUITO - Mosquito Control Solution

Public health is always at risk owing to the menace of the ever-growing mosquito population worldwide. Mosquito-borne diseases are known to kill millions of people annually, and they are a legitimate threat to the human population. West Nile Virus, dengue, chikungunya and Yellow fever are known to affect at least 200,000 people annually.

Within the United States of America, various mosquito control programs are implemented such as adulticide, larvicide and surveillance to combat mosquitoes and its growth. However, these methods solely rely on the usage of pesticides that often have detrimental effects on humans and the environment too.

Surveillance involves various data-collecting agencies to communicate and exchange information regarding the prevention and control of mosquitoes on the basis of factors such as weather patterns, temperature data and population. Thus, the main requirement was a cost-effective technology application that could directly measure temperature thresholds in aquatic environments to map larval habitats & provide real-time decision making for mosquito control districts in order to protect its inhabitants.

Mobisoft Infotech seized the opportunity to work with GeoMosquito, and develop its software and hardware products. We have developed an innovative platform that integrates real-time microclimate, geospatial intelligence and smartphone mobile technologies to provide real-time communication across districts, states and regions with the goal of optimizing human health and tracking mosquito populations.

gps mobile apps
gps mobile apps

Our Solutions

  • The GeoMosquito hardware solution is build to collect data regarding temperature, barometric pressure and rainfall history to a central database and on the basis of these information larvicide treatments is carried out.

  • GeoMosquito weather stations wirelessly report temperature profiles at ground level (and at 6 ft), barometric pressure, wind speed, direction and rainfall history in order to communicate the information to ground vehicles or airplanes with visual and auditory displays to determine optimal spraying conditions within the mosquito control district.

  • The GeoMosquito software solution will allow mosquito control districts, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to track mosquito habilitated areas, disease cases, and obtain detailed information on pesticide applications through mobile devices and web portals. Its main aim is to prevent and eradicate the transmission of malaria, dengue, West Nile and other mosquito borne illnesses and spread awareness through mobile devices and Smartphone.

We thus guarantee

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Integrated mosquito surveillance solution for better decision-making.

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Compatibility with industry standards

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Seamless data transfer from the field to the office and back again, thus cutting down on operational costs

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Mobile Application for on-site, real-time data collection

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Easy-to-use GPS system and mapping results, which would upshot quick data collection

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Complete cost effective solution guaranteeing efficiency

In 2006, the Clean Water Act (CWA) stated that pesticides would strictly not be allowed to be discharged in and around water, and because of this stringent rule the Pesticides General Permit (PGP) was developed. Besides, the defoliant has to be obtained by only those operating entity responsible for discharging pesticides around water-borne areas.

Our GeoMosquito mobility solutions have been verified and developed as per industry norms and standards, and all the activities which include recording, mapping and reporting are strictly in compliance with the Clean Water Act (CWA).

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