Making Self-Scheduling Options Easy and Accessible for Members is Key!

At Rainbow Health, our integrated end-to-end SSBCI platform breaks down the barriers to address and close the care gaps, allowing Medicare supplemental benefits to focus on the key drivers such as member experience, reducing costs, increasing and maintaining star ratings, and delivering quality care to elevate their health and well-being.

Streamline Your Plans Service Delivery Across Every Consumer Interaction And Touchpoints By Utilizing RainbowCare

Through RainbowCare, special supplemental benefits for the chronically ill plans can configure our integrated platform into their existing system and provide high-touch tailored member experiences. Providing digital devices, communication tools, and self-scheduling portals are helping health plans to keep members out of doctors’ offices, and over time, reducing the cost of care through supplemental benefits under Medicare Advantage.

From meeting the basic needs of members to making information easy and accessible, health plans have a greater responsibility to create an orchestrated journey that aims to serve beyond the primarily health-related benefits. Our special supplemental benefits for the chronically ill platform is designed keeping in mind the analytics-driven approach for health plans to assess and measure important levers to move the needle on.

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Our digital solutions are made to help you succeed in delivering cost effective care and outcomes.

We understand that measuring clinical and social outcomes involves several metrics to be considered which can be centralized into one system.

Physician engagement, including every sphere of decision-making, performance analytics, and incentive programs

Members net promoter scores, growth rate, and their satisfaction with services

Healthcare metrics, including clinical & social outcomes, star ratings, and quality measures

Cost metrics, such as a reduction in medical-loss ratio, operating costs, and member drop-out ratio which impacts the revenue of your organization

Turn-Key Solutions with End-to-End Benefits Management Improving Health Outcomes


Easy Plan Configuration

Single-Sign-On & Seamless Integrations

Tailored Member Experience

Scalable & Interoperable

Centralized Call-Center Coordination

Provider Participation & Engagement

KPI Dashboard & Data-Driven Analytics

Our Solution Offering:

Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits plans can collaborate with stakeholders via RainbowCare streamlining and unifying fragmented systems and communications. Our platform makes both human-based interactions and digital communications for patients simple and effective. RainbowCare is your last mile member communication and SSBCI benefits portal that enables convenient, bidirectional conversations between plan members, providers, and concierge team across multiple channels effective be it text, email, telephone, or a live chat.

Experience our proprietary platforms all-inclusive special supplemental benefits for the chronically ill in RainbowCare’s full suite of services with seamless end-to-end integration of workflow. Whether it’s a NEMT transportation broker, a concierge team/CBOs assisting members with Telehealth services, or a registered dietician, we have you covered.

Member Portal

Provide easy-to-understand and quickly accessible information of supplemental benefits at the right time and using the right channels to your members. Easy navigation, benefits review, redemption, and education of what’s available, how that can be availed, and what's remaining is key. Self-scheduling options that deliver critical health information, flu shot reminders, rescheduling appointments, scheduling telehealth visits, and prompting members to set up needed medical transportation can help them empower with information related to their benefits that can lead to reduced healthcare costs and improved customer experience.

Conceirge Team - Web Portal

Portal helps concierge team and case managers to be a guiding force in helping members with their care coordination related activities. It is instrumental in showing them a path of self-help solutions for benefits. Concierge Team and healthcare professionals can be available to address questions on “how-to”, “when to”, “where and what to”, and be a member health advocate. Segment your member’s needs and allow specialized subject matter experts to provide the right information and resources to members needing timely assistance via communication tools.

Provider Portal

Providers can assist in the care and management of patient data and simplifies clinical workflows seamlessly. Whether it is claims, referrals, prior-authorization or simply being a coach to advocate patients on promoting health and wellness. Supporting data integration and ensuring virtual solutions are seamlessly coordinated under their portal also helps with specialist referrals and care management plans.

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)

Community-Based Organizations can reduce administrative burden and help manage patient’s medical and non-medical related needs. Addressing Social Determinants of health, providing members with access to community resources, and assisting to access social services under their SSCBCI benefits can be managed by CBOs/MCOs and other stakeholders under one platform. Building meaningful relationships with patients through a convenient, digital experience have been integral for the CBOs.

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