Enabling You With A Pre-built Telemedicine Solution

We created a solution to enhance healthcare outcomes. With Telemedpulse, you can help connect providers and patients when needed through virtual meetings.

  • Enable patients and physicians a seamless healthcare experience
  • Enable on-demand virtual consultation for patients
  • Streamline healthcare system workflows
  • Improve the flexibility of healthcare delivery
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • HIPAA compliant telehealth platform

Accelerate Medical Testing Process and Boost the Productivity of Your Healthcare Workforce with Digital Scanning Technology

Restructure the entire medical testing process - easily capture patient data such as patient ID, clinical notes, specimen data, and link to correct the patient record, export, or print the captured data via email using smart devices only.

Video Courtesy: Scandit
  • Scan any barcode or QR code on specimen collection tubes safely and without any error.
  • Get rid of manual data entry of medical tests and patient data.
  • Easy to integrate Scandit proven digital scanning technology in our HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution.
  • Streamline as well as simplify testing process either in-house or on-field with a mobile scanning app.
  • Capture, collect, and store data via smartphones in the patient record.
  • And a lot more to assist your healthcare team.

Upgrade Your Platform Capabilities With Our Intelligent Digital Healthcare Services

EHR Integration

Easily document healthcare data, record audio or visual notes, and make communication transparent.

File Sharing

Document and share files in multiple formats such as pdf, jpeg, audio, video.

Video Recording

Enable video or screen recording feature during real-time communication.

Single User Chat Option

Provides one to one chat options with logged-in users - patients, physicians, care teams.

Prescription Tracker

Add, record, manage and track all prescriptions offered by providers to their patients.

Easy onboarding

Makes onboarding seamless for physicians or healthcare providers.

Dashboard Reporting

Analyze activities from the dashboard reports as per the virtual consultation or appointments.


Allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple payment systems.

Advanced Reporting

Enable meaningful insights from the reporting tool and boost decision making.

Advanced Customizations

Customize the solution as per your business requirements. Personalize it the way you want.

Meeting History

View the entire virtual meetings - appointments or consultation history.

Platform Compatibility

Easily accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

Premium Branding Look and Feel

Customize the solution the way you want with your brand identity and features.

Patient Self-Scheduling or Rescheduling

Increase patient satisfaction by enabling them to schedule or reschedule appointments.

One-Click Button for Video Call

Connect patients and providers easily through an embedded one-click button for a virtual consultation.

Facilitate A Patient-Centric Quality Virtual Care Through Telemedicine Software Solution

A Comprehensive healthcare solution to manage your healthcare business seamlessly, expand your presence and strive for excellence in healthcare.

Why Telemedicine Solution Is Ideal For Your Healthcare Business?


Better Access


Millennial Demand

Reduced Absenteeism

What Makes Us Different From Others?

White Label Solution

Customize your system with your brand name, logo and required features.

Create Your Own Model

Build a telemedicine software solution the way you want with the help of our expert team.

HIPAA Compliant

A fully encrypted system as per HIPAA rules and regulations.

Robust & Scalable

A powerful technology stack, which is highly scalable.

Full Support

Dedicated team to work closely with you, from planning to deploying and beyond.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Easily integrated with multiple payment systems for global reach.

Launch Your Own Digital Healthcare Business

Select a definitive HIPAA compliant telehealth platform and develop your own viable healthcare solution.

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