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Launch Your Branded Uber Clone Taxi App

Uber clone app solution for global startups by Mobisoft Infotech

Taxi & Fleet Businesses

Make Your Taxi Business On-Demand

Overhaul your traditional taxi business by launching an on-demand taxi app like Uber that your customers love to use.

Uber clone app solution for taxi business by Mobisoft Infotech

Taxi Startups & Aggregators

Build Your Taxi Aggregator Platform

Create your own mobile-first on-demand transportation platform similar to Uber, Didi, Lyft, Grab, Careem or Didi.

Uber clone app solution for corporates and governments by Mobisoft Infotech

Enterprises & Companies

Streamline Employee Travel Management

Offer a white label taxi app for your office employees to book rides for them or their clients and prospects with ease.

Passenger App Mobisoft Infotech

Booking a ride made quick and seamless

Build your own taxi startup similar to Uber by working with our highly experienced on-demand transportation and logistics app technology development team.

Fully Branded

Get a fully customized taxi app solution that is tailored to your business needs.

Native Experience

Get fully native, feature-packed iOS and Android apps for best performance.

Easy Onboarding

New app users can get started with email and phone number registration methods.

Quick Bookings

Intuitive app UI to make bookings in a few simple taps.

Schedule Ride

Feature to schedule a ride for a future date, time and location.

Ride Details

Passengers receive all relevant ride information after a successful booking.

Live Tracking

Accurate ETAs updates and real-time driver tracking on a map.

Fare Estimates

Show upfront fares based on the pickup and drop points provided.

Emergency Button

In-app SOS button for issuing emergency alerts to the admin.

Discount Codes

Passengers can easily apply any promo codes while booking a ride.

Referral Program

Reward app users for sharing their referral code and getting new signups.

Seamless Payments

Hassle-free ride payments with multiple payment options.

Notification Alerts

Timely alerts for important events via push and SMS notifications.

Ratings & Reviews

Passengers can rate their ride experience post every trip from the app.

Trip Sharing

Passengers can share their trip progress with others for safety reasons.

Trip History

Full passenger trip history for past, ongoing and upcoming requests.

Mark Favorites

Passengers can save frequently used pickup and drop points for faster bookings.

Pickup Suggestions

Predictive pickup suggestions based on a passenger's past booking history.

Book For Others

Useful feature to book a ride other people when needed.

Profile Management

Dedicated section in the app for users to manage and edit their account information.

Help & Support

Section to check FAQs, contact customer support and provide feedback.

Business Profile

Option to add a business profile for work associated trips.

In-app Chat

Feature for passengers and drivers to communicate via in-app chat.

Number Masking

Keep passenger numbers hidden from drivers during calls.

Surge Pricing

Dynamic, algorithmic fare calculation for ride requests.

driver app mobisoft infotech

Equip driver partners with a powerful ride dispatch app

Build an app like Uber Driver for your driver network to cater to the demanding needs of today’s mobile user base like quick pickups, seamless navigation and more.

In-app Sign-up

New drivers can upload their documents and submit registration request from the app.

Secure Access

2-factor authentication for drivers to log into the app and start taking ride requests.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can work at their preferred timings by controlling their availability status.

Real-Time Requests

Cool animation with a timer when a driver receives a new booking request.


Drivers get a limited timeframe to take accept or decline a new ride request.

Request Details

After a request is accepted, drivers get detailed pickup information.

Navigation Built-in

Tight integration with Google Maps powered navigation for seamless pickups.

Start/End Trip

Intuitive UI to update trip status - arriving, trip started and trip ended.

Driver Dashboard

A dedicated screen for driver earnings reports, feedback, performance, etc.

Track Earnings

Detailed breakdown of driver earnings over time with useful insights and stats.

Rate Customers

Drivers can also rate the passengers after the completion of a successful trip.

Accept Cash Payments

Drivers can mark a payment as cash after a trip’s completion when needed.

SOS Alerts

Drivers can report an emergency to the control center from the app.

Help & Support

Driver related queries can be addressed with in-app support and FAQ options.

Driver Destination

Drivers can get rides in a particular direction by providing a destination choice.

Manage your Uber like app platform from anywhere

You as the platform admin/owner get a powerful web-based admin console to manage all aspects and stakeholders of your taxi app platform from an easy to use interface.

Uber clone solution admin panel by Mobisoft Infotech

Secure Login

2-factor authentication for your team to securely access the admin console.

Custom Dashboard

A highly customizable dashboard to get a high-level operational overview.

User Access Controls

Assign and control granular access levels to multiple users of the admin panel.

Automatic Dispatch

A sophisticated algorithm to automatically assign new trip bookings to drivers.

Manual Dispatch

Option to manually handle booking requests by your dispatch team.

Driver Management

Add and manage the entire driver network, their payouts, feedback and more.

User Management

Manage your app user base, their booking data, queries, feedback and more.

Manage Categories

Define and manage all the ride options you want to offer through the app.

Manage Tariffs

Configure the taxi fare calculation settings, surge pricing, bill generation, etc.

Live Fleet Tracking

Keep a watch on the entire network with real-time status on a map.

Payments Management

Manage accounts, payment gateways, payment modes, commissions and more.

Notifications Management

Configure notification channels (push, SMS and email), message content and logic.

Promotions Management

Set up and run promo codes, discount offers and track their performance.

Zone Management

Define your area of operations from an easy to use interface with maps support.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage data for data-driven decision making with key insights and numbers.

Mobile Web Bookings

Launch a progressive web app as an added booking channel for your customers.

Call Bookings Support

Add support for a phone booking channel to your platform.

Physical Meters Support

Meet regulatory requirements for physical meters in certain cities.

RTL Language Support

Make your app content available in RTL languages for the relevant audience.

Flat Pricing

Add and manage flat fare calculation for predefined routes and timings.

Multi-City Support

Create an Uber like app that works across multiple cities and regions.

Build A Taxi App With Uber Like Features

Our Uber like taxi app development solution supports 50,000 rides /day

We have successfully built 20+ Uber like taxi apps for startups and businesses globally with custom enhancements and integrations.

Making On-Demand Transportation A Norm

We offer a comprehensive Uber clone app development solution for the on-demand economy

Whitelabel & Customizable

We ensure that you get the best features of the Uber app with your own branding and customizations.

Pre-built Solution

Ready to use Uber app script/template that significantly reduces app development time and cost.

On-Premise Deployment

The Uber clone solution will be deployed on your private servers giving you full data ownership.

On-Domain Expertise

Our experience with launching 20+ Uber like taxi app solutions globally makes us a great partner for you.

Built For Everyone

Expand to new markets with confidence with multi-language, currency and regional support.

Payment Gateway Choice

Choose the payment gateways of your choice to start accepting payments in any currency you want.

User Friendly Apps

Our talented design team has thoughtfully created intuitive UI for both passenger and driver apps.

Robust and Scalable

Built on a robust technology stack, your business can be confident about scaling your operations with ease.

Full Launch Support

Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the maximum ROI from your app.

What are the benefits of an Uber Clone App?

  • Seamless taxi booking.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Real-time ride tracking.
  • Upfront fare estimates.
  • SOS button.
  • Notification alerts.
  • Built-in navigation.
  • Promo codes and referrals.
  • Trip sharing
  • Faster pickups and drops.
  • Driver flexibility.
  • Digital receipts.
  • Efficient taxi dispatch.
Uber clone implementation by Mobisoft Infotech

Case Studies

20+ custom taxi app solutions successfully delivered to our startup and business clients. Here are some of our best work.

  • TaxiJet

  • Ride Boom

  • Street Cars

  • CabIndians

  • GetARide

  • GLT

  • Femti

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Global Clients
United Kingdom
Porto Rico
Ivory Coast

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise-grade technology stack used by our in-house taxi app development team to power your branded Uber like app.

Affordable Uber Clone Solution

Our pre-built Uber app template eliminates the need to start from scratch saving your business significant time and money.

Fixed Cost

Get a tailored one-time price based on the features you want in your Uber clone app.

Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go a nominal monthly fee and get the latest app features for free.

Build Other On-Demand Apps Similar To Uber

We are on a mission to transform mobility from Point A to Point B with a range of transportation and logistics app solutions.


The cost of creating an app like Uber depends on a number of factors - features, choice of platform, integrations and more. We offer two pricing models for our Uber clone app development solution. You can get a highly competitive one time quote based on your requirements or go with the subscription model and pay on a monthly basis.

To know more, talk to our on-demand taxi solution experts.

The timeline to build an make like Uber will depend on the development approach being adopted. Mobisoft already has a pre-built base solution (Taxi Pulse) to power on-demand taxi businesses and startups that eliminates the need to build an Uber like app from scratch.

Based on the business requirements, we can customize the solution in a few weeks time and successfully deploy it for you.

We encourage to send us an inquiry to get a free demo of Taxi Pulse.

We will provide a white label taxi app that will carry the branding, features, and integrations your business needs to succeed in your local market.

Absolutely. We can build interesting applications for your startup or business by leveraging our Uber clone app development platform. Whether you want to build an Uber for motorbikes, Uber for trucks, Uber for limos, Uber for dockless cycles, Uber for water taxis, Uber for auto rickshaws, we can do it for you.