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Uber Like App Development With Uber Clone Script

Uber, an on-demand car service providing company via mobile app, web or text messages which have brought a revolution in the taxi industry all across the world. The service is available in major cities in the US, including San Francisco, Boston, New York and Washington, DC, some European capitals and a few cities in Asia, including Singapore and India.

How Does Uber Work?

Uber’s innovative business model makes it possible for users to simply tap their devices and have a cab arrive straight to their doorstep or desired location in minimum possible time.

Uber is one of the very few tech companies in the world that has been valued at $50 Billion and has already received an equity funding of $8.2 Billion and it currently operates in 60 countries. Putting these facts together, implies the trust of investors in Uber’s innovative business model which proves how much more revenue Uber is in for once it attains liquidity! This is highly inspiring for many app development firms around the globe which is thus bringing about numerous Uber like apps and Uber like app template!

What makes an Uber Like App Development Successful?

For any business to reach new heights it has to meet a need that is not being adequately met by others in the marketplace and Uber has successfully filled some very specific needs that were not being met by traditional taxis or car services. Also, Uber fulfills their brand promise they certainly live up to their tagline promise - Everyone’s Private Driver!

We cannot overlook the fact that Uber script’s revenue model is as unique as their business model which made them so successful.

Apart from professionals, Uber also reaches out to different audiences by offering special services like: Uber for Kids, Uber for Senior Citizens thus inspiring many mobile app development companies and developers to use the best Uber clone script and build an best Uber clone app.

What Calls for an Uber App Clone?

When it comes to the big names in the taxi service app business, Uber and Lyft are very popular which has inspired many to develop an app similar to Uber!

To create an uber clone all you require is an Uber like app source code. Creating apps like Uber and Lyft clones has its own set of benefits. With the taxi booking app in our possession, we can put in the features that are locally acceptable and in demand. We can even introduce a larger database that would support more people from the local front. An Uber like app developer can customize an app to match your requirement in a cost effective manner. An Uber app clone simply comes with a MySQL backend supported with PHP creating a dynamic base for your taxi service!

Our Offering (Basic and Advanced Uber Clone)

We offer customization of Uber like app development at an estimated price. We take care quality of the app which is expected from your end. We develop and deliver apps that are customized exactly as per your requirement. We analyze your requirement thoroughly and understands the business, needs to document the scope of the project. We have dedicated and experienced Uber like app developers who can execute the app as per your need. Here’s are our solution offerings as we develop an Uber app clone:

  • Mobile App for Passengers
  • Mobile App for Cab Drivers
  • Web Admin Panel for Owners
  • Web Admin for Dispatcher
  • Implementation & Launch
  • Advanced Taxi App Features
taxi app aws services

Driver App + Passenger App + Admin

Hop on as we customize Uber like apps to best fit your needs with our tailor-made taxi App Solution.

Key Features:

Before you calculate how to price your app according to Uber like taxi app development cost, it is important to specify all the essential features of an Uber like app development. These are standard features you can’t do without when building app like Uber:

  • GPS, map and routes drawing
  • Registration and matching system
  • Notifications and communication
  • Payment system
  • Car and user details
  • Rating

What are the Benefits of an Uber clone App?

  • Cloud based Solution.
  • No extra hardware, No extra equipment.
  • Real time vehicle position (GPS) and status updates.
  • Android & iOS Passenger Apps to book taxi.
  • Easy website integration for online bookings
  • Phone call the dispatcher to book a trip.
  • Avail recurrent trips in one booking.
  • Auto dispatch of taxi to nearest driver.
  • Passenger locates driver position using GPS
  • Owners / Dispatchers track taxi position using Google maps.
  • In-app notifications to passengers and drivers.
  • Automatic route calculation.
  • Automatic fare estimation and calculation.
  • Waiting time stopwatch.
  • Cash / Credit card transactions.
  • Facebook Login credentials.
  • Passenger can share using Facebook, Twitter SMS or Email.
  • Automatic E-receipts to passenger.
  • User friendly admin panels.
  • Track daily transaction and reports.
  • Extract and search reports using filters and dates.
  • Easy Administrator and App management.
  • Customizable.
  • Integrate additional payment gateway
  • Supports Multiple languages.


No It is not possible to build an app like Uber in $2000 as it would cost you around $15,000 to $20,000 starting form the Uber clone script till its deployment.

However, if you are looking at building apps similar to Uber, we will not be able to deliver the promised quality of app in the budget that has been specified by you. We need to create an app that is distinct from those available in the marketplace, and for that a fixed budget won’t work.

It would take approximately 1.5-2 months.

Yes, there will be 2 Apps One for Driver and one for customer

Yes, you will have to fend for your own Payment gateway API.

After we are done answering your queries on how to make an app like Uber and how to build an app like Uber, we would need to first analyze and devise the project scope and document it according to your requirements before we get on with defining either the cost or the timeline for creating such an app for your company.

In case you are on s shoestring budget and have some issues related to Uber car cost or Uber cab cost for example, we would readily guide you through to the best MVP in the market that will get the best app without compromising on quality.

Open to Customization

  • Design Customization
  • App Customization
  • Backend customization
  • Business rule engine customization
  • Deployment
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