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Build Your Own Roadside Assistance Platform

Looking to build a white label roadside assistance marketplace? Let us help you with that. Earlier, roadside assistance meant searching for the nearest tow truck office online, tiring phone calls and long waiting time. Now, these services are gaining a momentum in the on-demand industry. Our Uber for towing solution - Tow Pulse will help entrepreneurs build their own on-demand roadside assistance platform. The feature-packed tow truck booking app will bring the same roadside assistance apps experience like Urgent.ly, AvailableTow, Honk, StrandD, Morni, Dectar, Jrop and others.

The Uber for tow trucks solution can offer a much seamless experience to both the customers and the tow truck drivers. It will help you easily connect car owners with the tow truck drivers on a single mobile app platform. Our robust app solution will help car owners book the roadside assistance service in a convenient manner. Apart from that, as an admin, you can easily manage all the bookings and generate better revenues. We develop Uber for towing apps for both Android and iOS platform with a strong backend. So, get started, simplify management and streamline your dispatch operations with Tow Pulse.

How It Works?

Let your app deliver a seamless experience to its users

Customers can register and request from the various roadside assistance services

Driver receives the request in real-time and accepts it in a specific timeframe

Admin can view and manage all the towing operations from a robust web panel

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Finding Roadside Assistance Made Easy

Offer the assistance of easily finding an on-demand tow truck to the vehicle owners with real-time tracking.

Easy Registration

Customers can easily register on the app just by entering their email and mobile number or simply login through social media.

Service Selection

Different options to choose from a list of roadside assistance services - towing service, battery repair, tire replacement, fuel filling, etc.

Location Sharing

Option to share the pickup location by the vehicle owner just like providing location at the time of cab booking.

Cost Information

Access to the information about service charges depending on the type of service.

Real-time Notifications

Regular updates for customers via push notifications and SMS about the status of the service.

Seamless Payments

Customers can easily pay for the different services, right from the app, such as card, wallet, and cash.

Reviews & Ratings

Vehicle owners can share their feedback with the service providers for their experience.

Add Vehicles

Customers can add all their vehicles to the profile by providing basic information like registration number, make and model.

SOS Button

Option to send an SOS signal to the active people if an emergency occurs.

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Send Real-time Towing Requests

On-demand tow truck booking app for drivers to update status, get new roadside assistance requests, and provide quick services.

Real-time Requests

Towing requests are forwarded to the drivers in real-time through the app with the option to accept/decline in a specific timeframe.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can easily switch between their online and offline availability status to take the requests.

Job Details

Drivers get vehicle info, location and other significant contact details of the vehicle owners once they accept the request.

Guided Navigation

Navigation feature powered by Google Maps allowing drivers to requested location at the earliest.

Collect Payments

Once the job is completed, a detailed bill summary is generated on the driver’s screen showing a “collect payment” button.

Driver Dashboard

A dedicated screen to view all the upcoming and completed requests, feedback information and earning reports and more.


Tow truck drivers receive crucial updates and notification during their update process.

Help & Support

In-app FAQs for driver’s reference and contact support for help.

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Manage Complete Platform

The comprehensive admin panel of our Uber for tow trucks solution helps you easily manage mobile-based roadside assistance.

Secure Login

2-factor verification for a secure login into the admin dashboard.


An overview of the towing business operation with with key insights and metrics.

Tow trucks/fleet Management

Admin can add, manage, and track the complete tow truck fleet on a map in real-time.

Driver Management

Add and manage your drivers including their schedule, payments, feedback and more.

Customer Management

Stay updated with your customers, including the request status, feedback, payments received and more.

Promotion Management

Send promo offers and coupon codes through SMS, push notifications, and emails to the users.

Rates and Pricing

Set rates of the roadside assistance service through the app on the basis of time taken, service type and other options.

Reporting & Analytics

Improve your roadside assistance services checking key insights based on different app usage patterns.

Want To Build Your Own Marketplace For Roadside Assistance Services?

Get started with Uber for tow trucks development and help customers at times when they are stuck looking for a roadside assistance service nearby.

Why Choose Our Uber For Truck Towing Solution?

Besides the rich feature set, our on-demand tow truck booking app offers several key advantages for roadside assistance service providers.

Branded & Customizable

We offer branded interfaces for your customer and drivers to highlight your company brand.

Third Party Integrations

Support for additional third-party software that adds features on top of the base Uber for roadside assistance app.

Intuitive User Experience

Our design team has built user-friendly interfaces for each user in the system.

Robust & Scalable

Our solution is built on a robust technology stack and has the ability to handle multiple simultaneous bookings.

Dedicated Support

End-to-end support to deploy and integrate the Uber for towing software with your existing workflows.

Hassle-free Payments

Get paid for roadside assistance services from customer preferring different payment gateways with our integrated solution.

A Single Platform For Varied Services

Our solution lets you deliver different type of roadside assistance services through a single mobile app.

Implementation & Launch

We will work closely with you to consult and customize the solution specifically for you.

  • Understanding Your Needs

    Our Tow Pulse solution sales team gathers the complete requirement.

  • Payments Integration

    We will assist you in integrating your preferred payment gateways.

  • Notifications Integration

    We will fully integrate SMS, push notifications, and email alerts into your solution

  • Analytics Integration

    Become data-driven and leverage the benefits of built-in analytics features.

  • Server Setup And Backup

    Our app developers will set up a private server for your solution deployment.

  • Security Compliance

    Full data security audit to meet the necessary compliance standards.

  • Publishing Your Apps

    We will successfully launch your app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We will always be there to help and ensure smooth operations of your business.

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Technology And Solution Architecture

Our Uber for tow trucks app development solution is built on a robust technology stack that can be tailored as per your business requirements.

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Yes, our Uber for tow trucks solution, Tow Pulse, is a complete white label and branded for your business. From the customer to tow truck driver apps to the admin panel, everything will have your business branding. The best thing about this solution is the level of customization we offer. Our team of developers can add more integrations, features, and enhancements as per your business requirements.

Every business whether it is small or big needs custom software to fulfill their specific business requirements. You need technically advanced solutions to obtain a competitive advantage. We understand that every business has its own working methodology, processes, and conditions. Hence, we are open to serve all customization and integration requirements.

As it is a pre-built solution, we can definitely implement and launch it in a few weeks. However, an implementation schedule may vary based on the actual customizations and integrations requirements if any. Our solution cost is really competitive, and it may vary based on the modules, customizations, support SLA etc. On detailed analysis, our experts could give you precise pricing.

Yes. Of course, we can help you with building a software for your towing business as per your business requirements. You can check out ourtowing dispatch software solutionfor towing companies.

Once the solution goes live, we will assist you with the preventive maintenance and support services such as, app and server monitoring, upgradation, bug, fixing, tech support, etc.

We offer both on-premise and cloud deployment options. Our most of the deployments are with AWS. However, we can deploy the solution in your preferred cloud instance.

Yes. Tow Pulse caters to roadside assistance businesses worldwide in their native languages including RTL, LTL and DBCS languages. The solution works globally with built-in support provision for multiple currencies and choice of payment gateways to start accepting payments anywhere seamlessly.

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