ipad visitor management system solution overview by mobisoft-infotech

Visitor Management Simplified For Every Site

Our iPad visitor management system is suitable for all types of locations to improve efficiency, security and the overall visitor check-in experience.

ipad visitor management system for offices and workspaces by mobisoft-infotech

Offices & Workspaces

Impress Your Clients & Guests

Modernize your office front desk with an iPad visitor check-in app for visitors to replace the paper logbooks.

ipad visitor management system for schools and colleges by mobisoft-infotech

Schools & Campuses

Streamline Visitor Management

Manage visitors like parents, staff, and guests to ensure with a visitor registration system to improve school security.

ipad visitor management system for manufacturing facilities by mobisoft infotech

Manufacturing Facilities

Reduce Administrative Burden

Ensure security and legal compliance for workers and contractors by using a visitor check-in management solution.

ipad visitor management system for government buildings by mobisoft infotech

Government Buildings

Paperless Visitor Check-In System

Replace the paper registers with an iPad visitor management system and leave a great first impression for your everyone.

ipad visitor registration app for housing societies by mobisoft infotech

Housing Societies

Implement A Guest Sign In App

Empower security guards to manage entries for delivery boys, residents guests and others with an iPad visitor management app.

ipad visitor registration app hospitals by mobisoft-infotech

Hotels, Hospitals & Banks

Create Personalized Visitor Experiences

Make check-in for travelers seamless, patient visits painless and customer service faster with an iPad reception sign in app.

Solution Overview

A feature packed visitor management system with an intuitive iPad or Android tablet app for visitor registration and a powerful admin panel for seamless management.

Welcome Screen

Create a personalized check-in screen with your own branding, logo, and content.

Custom Sign In Flows

Customize your check-in forms and screens for different visitor types and purpose.

Digital Image Capture

Capture visitor photo for identification by the host, better security and issues badges.

Document Signing

Visitors can review and sign your NDA or other legal documents right on the iPad.

ID Scanning

You can prompt your visitors to scan a photo ID as a proof of document to check-in.

Custom Screens

Add custom screens to your check-in process with media and custom fields.

Invited Visitors

Pre-registered guests can check-in with minimum information when visiting.


Allow visitors to checkout on their own and show them a custom thank you screen.

Multi-Language Support

Allow international visitors feel right at home with multi-language check-in feature.

Activity Dashboard

Get a real-time view of all the visitors at your site, their purpose of visit and more.

Manage Administrators

Add your office employees and staff as co-managers with different access levels.

Add Visitor Types

Create a custom signup form tailored to each visitor type like contractors and clients.

Create Visitor Invites

Pre-register visitors and send them invites via mail with necessary details.

Host Notifications

Notify the concerned employee when their visitor arrives via mail and SMS.

Manage Branding

Customize the app as per your company’s branding and make it feel personal.

Visitor Notifications

Send visitors alerts via SMS and email for visit reminders, emergencies and more.

Manage Image Capture

Set up and manage image capture rules and settings for different visitor types.

Manage Legal Documents

Upload your NDA and other legal documents, get them signed and store securely.

Set Up Device

Configure the app on your iPad or Android tablet from the admin dashboard.

Emergency Alerts

Quickly download the list of visitors, send alerts via SMS and enhance security.

Print Badges

Connect your iPad or Android tablet with a printer to generate visitor badges.

Visitor Records

Collect details of all visitors to your site in one place and export them easily.

Manage Language Support

Configure your app to show check-in forms in multiple languages for visitors.

Sign Out Reminders

Reminders to checkout visitors in case they forget and keep the list up to date.

Summary Reports

Get daily visitor summary reports and other insights to optimize check-in process.

QR Code Check-Ins

Allow invited guests to quickly check-in by scanning a QR code sent to them.

Intelligent Face Detection

Allow visitors to pass only when they match a face in your company’s record.

Android Tablet Support

Run the visitor management app on an Android tablet as per your requirement.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage devices in multiple offices centrally from the admin console.

Watchlist/ Blocklist

Send alerts to admin for some visitors or completely deny them access.

New Notification Channels

Integrate with messaging apps like Slack and Skype for notification updates.

Every Visitor Deserves a Better Check-In Experience

Is your business still using a physical register for visitor entry? Do your business visitors complain about poor front desk experience? Does your security team have a hard time managing visitors during emergencies? Our iPad or Android tablet based visitor management solution can help you streamline your visitor registration process.

Key Benefits Of Our iPad Visitor Registration System

A flexible and customizable iPad visitor check-in system to digitize and automate your company’s visitor registration process.

Branded & Customizable

Greet your guests with a branded visitor sign in app screen showcasing your personalized design and branding.

Easy To Deploy

Our iPad visitor management system can be quickly set up and centrally managed from a powerful admin panel.

Robust Technology

A powerful technology stack to build a robust iPad visitor registration system that can scale to multiple sites.

Custom Features

We are open to adding new features, device support, and integrations as per your specific requirements.

Multiple Visitor Types

The iPad visitor registration app has been thoughtfully designed to work with multiple visitor types and custom flows.

Save Administrative Costs

Get rid of the painful paper registers, reduce front desk staff requirements and automate the check-in process.

Improved Security

Digital records ensure accurate and quick to access information about all people visiting your office or facility.

Better Visitor Experience

Visitors get a much better first interaction with smarter technology, privacy, and greetings by the hosts.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated engagement model for businesses needing a customizable visitor management solution.

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Let’s Get Rid Of The Paper Registers

Redefine the visitor check-in experience with a branded and customizable visitor management solution for your workplace.

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Our visitor management solution will be very affordable and bring you significant savings over using paper registers or getting one built from scratch. We already have a base solution that is ready to deploy which will save you precious development time and money.

Please feel free to drop in an inquiry and get a free demo of our comprehensive visitor registration system.

You just need an iPad or Android tablet to get started with the reception sign in app. We also suggest using a tablet stand or wall mount to have a comfortable setup for visitors. The app provides the best experience with tablets larger than 9’’.

Yes. We can add badge printing feature to the solution as per your needs. This can help you issue physical id cards for security and access.

Absolutely. You just need multiple iPads with internet connectivity running the visitor management app and put them wherever you want and manage everything through a centralized cloud based admin console.

Our visitor management solution offers a quick and seamless setup process. We offer end-to-end support to ensure a hassle-free deployment for your workplace.

You can send us a quick inquiry to get a free demo of the setup process.