Android 13: Here are the New Updates Coming to Your Phone

Customize your app icons with the tints and colors of your phone wallpaper or theme the way you want.

New Themed Icons

Tailored Look of  Media Player

Experience a new view of a media player with music or podcast art on full display, along with a dancing playback bar.

Per-app Language Preferences

Select your preferred language for each app. Use your multiple apps in a language other than system one, i.e., English.

Privacy-focused  Photo Picker

No need to share the entire media file when you use your app. Let apps access the photos that you allow.

Get rid of Pesky  Notifications

Receive notifications from the apps you ask for. The rest apps have to ask permission to send push notifications.

Other Android 13 updates include,

All clear clipboard history Improved text support Tablet and large-screens support Nearby device permission for Wi-Fi