iOS 16 Update: Brand-New & Most Useful Features For Your iPhone

1. Quick Notes with Passcode

Create Quick Notes with Safari links, images, and more, and lock your notes with the same passcode used to lock your iPhone.

2. New Sound Alert

You will hear a new and clearer ping sound compared to previous ones to find iPhones, iPad, AirPods, etc.

3. Battery Percentage on the Lock screen

You can check your iPhone's battery from the Lock screen directly by turning the indicator on from the setting.

4.  Apple Maps App Update

Experience new map design with added support for multi-stop routes, Look Around functionality, and changes to MapKit.

5.  Apple CarPlay

Control more functionalities in your car with your iPhone and customize the dashboard the way you want.

6. Reimagined Home app

Navigate all your smart home devices in the redesigned Home tab. Access anything like climate, lights, security, and more with just a tap.

7.  Add Widgets

Add 4 single block widgets, 2 larger block widgets, or choose 1 single block widget and 2 smaller block widgets. Opt for no widgets for cleaner look of your Lock screen.

Other iOS 16 update features

Copy and delete screenshots

Manage the medicines you take

Input for in-built keyboard

Input for in-built keyboard

 Lift subject from background

Live Text for video

And iOS 16 update's major overhaul Lock Screen Personalization