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Convert Android App to iOS

Android App to iOS App Porting

We help you convert your Android app to iOS, iPhone and iPad

Mobisoft provides Android to iOS Porting Services and other platforms. We ensure that we follow the best practices to achieve the best designs and development lifecycle as we port Android app to iOS. We follow a simple yet effective process model to convert Android app to iOS app.

how to convert android to ios mobisoft infotech


Android to iOS App Development

Before we go about the process of porting Android to iOS, we analyze your existing Android app to identify the requirements for your next iOS app, this process includes design, functionality, OS specific features and target users. This complete analysis helps us to decide the process flow to convert Android to iPhone/iPad.

iOS Specific UX/UI design

Designing an app for iOS is different as compared to designing for Android as the UI and UX conventions do vary dramatically. We understand this point while serving our mobile app porting services and pivoting the user experience of the app using standard Apple custom controls. We follow iOS Human Interface Guidelines for native iOS development or porting and map the Android app accordingly.

iOS App testing

We use UI Automator, instruments , Appium tools for automation testing along with manual testing on actual iPhone and iPad.

The iOS app might behave different depending upon OS, devices and resolution. Our porting Android to iOS team of developers at Mobisoft will cover those scenarios deeply while porting the app to provide a best and robust application.

Identify supported OS, devices and resolution

There are large number of devices with different combination of OS, resolution and specification. We plan for development process for supported OS, range of devices and different resolutions. As Apple devices are available in different combination this will target us for most prominent user base. Identification of these factors help us to plan and develop the iOS app in the right approach.

Universal Application / Separate Application for iPad, Mac, iPhone & iOS:

While serving our robust mobile app porting services, we can also port your app to a universal application that runs both on the iPad as well as the iPhone. While the iPad runs most of the iPhone apps in "compatibility mode", we can develop/port existing Android apps to universal iPhone apps specifically designed to deal with the varying screen sizes between the iPhone and the iPad, Mac and other devices that run on iOS.

Android to iOS App porting service Mobisoft Infotech

Why should you port your existing Android app to iOS?

  • Your application is now accessible on a cross-platform level too!
  • Your app reaches out to a large user base.
  • Better chances of revenues as there is higher ROI.
  • Save money as you can selectively choose to port successful applications only.

How To Convert Android App To iOS?


A complete analysis of existing Android application is required to understand and decide the process flow. Analysis cover different aspect of the app, some of the major analysis parameters are mentioned below:

How existing Android app works?

It is very important to understand the working and functionality of existing application when you think of how to convert Android to iOS. This analysis will make us understand the functionality, flow and behaviour of the app.

Problems/issues in existing Android app

When we are porting an existing Android application to iOS application we have to make sure that existing Android application is bug free and does not have any problem or issue. By analyzing any existing problem and issue we can not only port Android to iOS but also propose some solutions for the existing Android application.

Identify optimization opportunities

Optimization is the key for a successful application. An app can be optimized in various ways to achieve better performance. In this phase we analyse opportunities for optimization. A app can be optimized in terms of data, battery, app size, load time etc. We identify which functionality, module or aspect can be optimized in the phase before the Android convert to iOS.

Understand third party framework/libraries used

Almost every next app will used some of the third party tools, framework or library for the development and/or achieve some functionality. If the Android app is using any of these frameworks then we need to analyse the compatibility or support for iOS app. If there is no support available from same provider to iOS development, we analyse equivalent framework or library for iOS.

Understand backend technology stack

However it doesn’t really make a difference from backend technology stack but it is very helpful for porting Android to iOS process, backend technology stack understanding allow iOS development team to decide framework and architecture for the upcoming iOS app. A right framework and architecture will make the development process fast and porting easy.


iOS App Architecture

iOS app architecture will depend various factors such as flow, functionality, design and backend technology stack. Deciding architecture at this stage will make the complete porting process benefitted.

Creating iOS app specific UX/UI design

During the phase of porting Android to iOS, we create specific UX/UI design, basically we replace Android specific components and controls to iOS native components and controls, also if required we will change the navigational style for iOS which are more prone to the iOS rather than Android. Some of the major components we cover are back button, tabs, metrics and grids, fonts (if required), list/settings styles, tabs positions, and sidebar menu.

User acceptance testing

We perform user acceptance testing for the ported iOS app. In this phase iOS specific components, controls, designs (UX/UI) will be under consideration, how familiar user is with the components, controls and is designs are developed according to iOS Human Interface design guidelines? It is always recommended to use native iOS designs for the iOS app development and developer must follow the latest design guidelines provided for iOS development. It’s not tough, iOS native design is easy to catch up on for iOS users.

Technical feasibility assessment

Technical feasibility assessment is the phase in which we will assess the features and verifying technical feasibility for iOS, as there might be some features which are not technically feasible for porting into the iOS app. If that is the case we will figure out an appropriate solution or alternative which can be used for the porting of Android app to iOS app.

Technical feasibility assessment also include performance and usability related features and finding the solution to port those features effectively in iOS application. Which brings us to the next step to convert Android code to iOS.


Implementation phase in which we apply our plan to port existing Android app to iOS app, we create iOS specific UX/UI designs, build suitable architecture, target identified OS, devices and resolution and follow the best suitable architecture to convert Android to iOS app. We follow best practices for iOS app development and Android to iOS app porting. The implementation phase includes various phases of adaptation and verification to existing Android app to verify feature, functionality and flow.


Altogether development and testing is a parallel process. Here we are talking about testing after implementation, which includes:

Integration Testing

Integration testing assure combined testing of independent software modules and tested as a group. The final ported iOS app should work as expected when integrated into a group from modules.

Validation Testing

Validation of final software meets the business requirement. As we are porting existing Android app into iOS that would be just the case of verifying the process was in the right track.

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing is performed to check whether the iOS app can handle scenarios similar to existing Android application,and once this step is done, we can proceed ahead for beta release and beta testing.

Beta Testing

It is the last stage for the iOS app before release, in this process we will send iOS app to client and outside the company to test for real time exposure. Beta testing will involve real time data and user to test the app, as we already have existing Android app we can use real time data from existing Android users and test the iOS app before release.

Go Live

It is finally time to submit the application to the App Store and launch the iOS application, get the production environment ready and publish the application live to the users. The complete process will definitely increase your experience with the app porting services we provide and you will receive a awesome Android to iOS ported application with custom iOS-specific design and development guidelines. Hopefully these steps above solves your queries on how to port Android app to iOS.

Case Studies

BNC Linx

A Smart Construction Business Intelligence App for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Countries

Android to iOS Porting BNC Linx Mobisoft Infotech

BNC Linx accesses the latest news in the construction business, and keeps track of all the construction projects spread across Middle East and North Africa (Mena) geographies. It also offers new project announcements, tender information, contracts awards, project progress analysis and more!Read more


An award winning organizer app that offers comprehensive planning solutions

Android to iOS Porting Becoming Your Best Mobisoft Infotech

Life Organizer is a powerful all-in-one app to help you gain complete control of your life. This unique app includes a highly functional Calendar, To-Do, Notes, Weekly Planner, and a Roles and Goals tracker. Not only do you get these incredible tools inside one app, you'll be amazed how easy it is to navigate!Read more

Technology Used:

Several hundred iPhone & iPad apps later, we’ve achieved success in almost every business vertical. Our team of iOS experts possesses a thorough experience and expertise of the iOS app architecture & optimal implementation. Here is our iOS skill matrix.


Objective-C, Swift, PhoneGap, Web Services, JSON, XML, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS.


Xcode, SQLite, Git, SVN, Jira, JustinMind, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, Postman, ScreenFlick, Instruments.


In App Purchase, Push Notification, Deployment, Custom animation, Hardware Integration, Third party Integrations, Widget Development, Apple Watch Development, COCOS2D gamekit.

App Domains

Social, Entertainment, Education, Health, Retail, Fitness & Wellness, Sports, Safety.

Third Party Frameworks

Payment Gateway (Authorizenet, Paypal ) Analytics (Flurry, Google) Crash (Flurry, Crashlytics) Social (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Plus) Networking (AFNetworking)


Payment Gateways and Analytics, In-App Purchases, Apple App Store, Local and Remote Notifications, App extensions, Touch Authentication, Passkit integration, Google Maps, OAuth authorization, Hardware Integration, Geofencing, Location tracking, Canvas Drawing, Caching and Sync, Social integration (Facebook, twitter and Linkedin), Background sync, Image processing, Video edit or merge, ORMLite, AchartEngine, SlidingMenu, Gradle, RoboGuice, EventBus, Retrofit, HoloEverywhere, Memory management and ARC, Audio, Video and Camera handling,Bluetooth communication, Multipeer communication, Chat/Socket communication, Autolayout, Storyboard, Debugging, Passbook, Mapkit, Encryption-Decryption, Offline support, Multi Device sync, Interface orientation support, All device support, Version Change support, Custom fonts, Keychain & security.

Android to iOS App Porting Service Summary

How to port your Android app to iOS?

  • Analyze your existing Android application - how it works, scope for optimization, bugs, technology stack etc.
  • Check whether all the features are supported by iOS, if not check feasibility and find alternative solution.
  • Create an iOS app specific UX/UI design and a navigational style for iOS as per design guidelines.
  • Develop Native iOS app with iOS specific design, architecture, target OS versions to support, devices and resolution.
  • Test your iOS app on emulators and popular devices. Also, ensure you perform cross-device and OS version testing, Integration testing, functional testing.
  • Get the production environment ready and publish your app on the App Store!
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