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We build powerful app extensions to enrich your Apple Watch applications which are perfectly customized and tailored for your business needs. Apple’s latest wearable is much more than quick notifications and simple interactions. There’s more than one way to look at it. Take a look at what we can deliver

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Health & Fitness

Fitness is all about being more active all day. We can deliver simple and powerful apps which not only motivate you to achieve your fitness goals but keep you more efficient, organized , productive, and also make you move!


Never miss out on updates and scores ever. Stay up-to-date with the latest sports news, match highlights and real-time scores. Yay!



Meant to be worn all-day, the Apple Watch is a major tool for productivity. We can work on solutions which seamlessly connect users to their calendars, maps, reminders and to-do lists which keeps them on track and on time.

Apple Payments


Apps which help you buy almost anything with a single tap on your Apple Watch. We can work on applications which assist with the Apple Watch’s Apple Pay functionality. Say goodbye to your physical credit card!


For Apple Watch wearers on the go. We can create apps which stores details about mass transit, including subways, trains and buses. Using GPS and location information, users can be reminded to get off when their stops have arrived.

Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure

Raise your wrist and live the good life. We envision endless ways our apps can enhance leisure and travel experiences with notifications allowing you to unlock your hotel room, order food & beverages, check-in flights, collect your bags and much more!

Instant Messaging

Ushering in newer ways to connect. We can deliver a range of fun messaging apps with quirky features to help you always stay closer to the people you care about.


How Mobisoft can help with better
Apple Watch App ?

In addition to our custom mobility and cloud technology services, we provide a list of value added services to conceptualize, prototype, scrutinize, evaluate and successfully launch your possible extensions on the Apple Watch.


Watch Extension Consulting

On the basis of your ideation process, we consult on exploring various possible app extensions for the Apple Watch. Our team has experience in working with mobile and tablet applications as well as wearable technology.


Apple Watch Design

Simplicity is the key. We believe in creating awesome user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI) which ensures that the Apple Watch is something users would love to use every day. And also put on every morning.


Apple Watch Development

We can develop your Apple Watch apps right from start to the end and complete each and every activity within the entire process in the desired timeframe.


Quality Assurance

We test the final versions of the application developed on the Apple Watch device and scrutinize the app for cross-platform compatibility, graphics, navigation, user experience and overall quality.

The Apple Watch incorporates new experiences to your daily lifestyle and we at Mobisoft look forward to creating brilliant user experiences and developing stunning Watch applications for Apple’s latest wearable extension. Let's get started asap!


We build and customize beautiful mobile applications and our main focus lies in making the user interface highly intuitive and appealing. Let’s work at crafting your next success story. Get started!

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