Build Operate Transfer

Our Offerings Across Different Stages of the BOT Model

Leverage the unprecedented innovation opportunities to thrive in the digital world by scaling your in-house development capabilities, designing immersive experiences, and delivering a positive impact across the ecosystem.

Phase 1: Build

Quickly develop in-house capabilities and transformation roadmap

Mobisoft helps you build a high-performing operational team by bridging the skill gaps pertaining to your project and onboarding team members to transform your projects into extraordinary outcomes.

Key elements:

  • Understanding your project needs, ideas, and user expectations
  • Shape your product vision with our strategic consulting
  • Defining a product roadmap, including milestones and project release
  • Acquiring the right technologies and tools
  • Onboarding in-demand experts with core digital skills for your project
  • Establishing governance and analyzing development implications
  • And much more to be taken care of by our team to set up a solid foundation
Quickly develop in-house capabilities and transformation roadmap
Managing operations and scaling team to enable expansion

Phase 2: Operate

Managing operations and scaling team to enable expansion

Our team of experts helps you manage your offshore team, including hiring and retaining digital experts while navigating the operational complexities.

Key elements:

  • Ensuring the team is working as per defined goals
  • Creating a collaborative work environment and ensuring clear communication
  • Setting the quality standards and quality control processes
  • Team expansion - hiring and retaining digital talent
  • And much more to be taken care of by our team to increase operational efficiency
Managing operations and scaling team to enable expansion

Phase 3: Transfer

Transferring operational management and ownership to you

We hand over everything to you and enable full control over offshore software development operations. We review resources, development, and processes upon the expiry of the contract and successfully complete the transfer process.

Key elements:

  • Full transfer of the entire offshore team and project source code
  • Analyze the partnership, processes, and structure as a whole
  • Complete the internal and external transfer operations
  • Provide full transition support
  • And much more to enable a smooth transition of your offshore operations
Transferring operational management and ownership to you

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Get Started with the BOT Model

Build a business you can be proud of. Breed innovations that deliver immersive experiences with our unique partnership model - build-operate-transfer.

Step 1

Initiation & BOT Contract Veracity

Our team understands your business requirements first. Then finalizes mutual terms - services, payment, and other related aspects and signs build operate transfer agreement.

Step 2


We focus on developing an efficient software development team, including onboarding subject-matter experts, tech stack, quality metrics, and preparing project documents within 4-6 weeks of signing the BOT contract.

Step 3


We manage all your offshore software development operations, manage teams, and focus on faster delivery and scaling rapidly through our holistic services.

Step 4


We completely hand over the business operations to you, including the agreement, IP rights, staff, and necessary infrastructure. We can provide support post-transfer if needed.

Step 5


If you can not handle offshore operations, then we can renew the contract and continue the operations of your overseas business.

Go Global With Our Build-Operate-Transfer Model and Win the Digital Race!

Frequently Asked Questions Around BOT Model

It is a new, cost-effective, and strategic alternative to IT outsourcing. It is a new way of running offshore software development operations that require the right mix of digital technologies, people, processes, and a well-sequenced way to achieve extraordinary results while reducing costs.

In the traditional outsourcing option, you do not get access to the resources or the entire team involved in your project. Whereas in build operate transfer, you can keep the team with you even if you are no longer associated with the service provider.

It totally depends on your project requirements, timeline, and resources. We typically begin working two weeks after signing the contract. We are happy to provide you with further details upon request.

Flexible pricing plans are available. Depending on your project needs, we can deliver services on a fixed price, time, or material basis. We are happy to provide you with a price estimate or discuss our rates based on your project details.