20+ Skilled AngularJS Programmers With 3+ Years Of Average Experience

Hire AngularJS Developers From India

Mobisoft Infotech is a focused AngularJS development company with 170+ in-house programmers, consultants, architects, developers, and engineers. Hire AngularJS developers on retainer for both onsite/offshore requirements.

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Hire AngularJS Developers To Build Web Applications That Work Across Multiple Platforms

AngularJS is an open source framework for web application development for smooth performance across platforms. It is a JavaScript Framework (similar to Backbone.js, Meteor, React) used to rapidly build uniform and high-performance web apps.

Mobisoft Infotech can relieve the burden of maintaining in-house developers when you hire AngularJS developers on contract for any duration, working onsite or offshore at competitive rates. Our AngularJS development service providers also have hands-on experience working with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and other UI development frameworks.

Our AngularJS Development Services Include

  • AngularJS Web App Developers On Contract (Onsite/Offshore)

  • Web App Development Using AngularJS

  • AngularJS Web App Maintenance And Optimization

  • AngularJS Web App Update And Porting

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  • Mobisoft Infotech Client - Actavis USA
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Our AngularJS App Expertise

Mobisoft Infotech is an offshore AngularJS development company in India. We have Mobility Center of Excellence (CoE) with an extensive team of AngularJS framework app developers building robust web apps. Hire our team of AngularJS developers as they are competent in building enterprise and difficult Web applications. We specialize in developing web applications, with in-house capabilities to design, architect, backend development, and test applications.

Why Hire Mobisoft’s AngularJS Programmers?

  • Average developers experience is of 3+ years in developing Web applications using AngularJS framework

  • Programmers have experience in various web app development platforms

  • Programmers have experience of HTML/HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQLite, Core Data, JSON, XML, etc.

  • Experience in Third party framework integration, Social integrations, Google Maps, In-App purchase, Web services

  • Experience in testing and debugging in multiple browsers/operating systems

  • Experience in writing, debugging and optimizing JavaScript

  • Experience with various development tools like Composer, NPM, Jenkins, JIRA, GitLab

  • Analytical, accurate and result-driven

  • Good communication skills (written and oral) in English

  • Experience with and enjoys working within an international agile development environment

  • AngularJS developers are continuously trained for new skills, features, and latest updates

  • Ready to travel and work onsite

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About Mobisoft And Value-Added Benefits

Mobisoft Infotech is a global technology services company with presence in Houston, Texas and Pune, India, specialized in custom mobile app development, offering a full range of product lifecycle services to businesses in emerging technology segments including Mobility, Web, Cloud, Open Source, IoT, DevOps, Analytics, and UX. Through global presence, 10+ years of experience, 350+ solutions, 170+ team, and a rapid-response delivery model, Mobisoft Infotech offers a range of engagement models such as turnkey projects, extended-teams, IP development, IT staffing, and offshore engagements.

  • Mobisoft Infotech Office
  • We are located at

  • Mobisoft Infotech Houston USA | Pune India

Business Benefits With Us

  • Hire AngularJS framework developers from the pool of 20+ skilled AngularJS programmers with 3+ years of average experience

  • Experience of developing 350+ web applications

  • Expertise in building versatile AngularJS app solutions

  • We invest in training and knowledge sessions for our dedicated AngularJS developers to keep them updated with latest web technologies and updates in AngularJS framework

  • We follow best coding and architecture practices as per various Operating Systems

  • Lab of 150+ mobile testing devices to execute rigorous testing across devices

  • Offers 40-60% cost savings compared to in-house or local development

  • Strong technology competency to develop end-to-end web apps

  • Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Chat/Email

  • Flexible engagement models and proven methodologies

  • Source code protection and 100% confidentiality assurance

  • Reduces your effort and company resources associated with Human Resources Management

  • Reduces the administrative burdens of pre-employment screenings, testing, etc.

  • Reduces infrastructure, software, hardware and device investment

  • Better control over development process and on offshore development team from India

  • Manage development team according to your own procedures

  • Allows quick and flexible access to required unique and/or supplemental IT skills

  • Lowers the risk of unavailability, confidentiality and less control than when you hire AngularJS freelancers

  • Hire AngularJS developers who are cost effective than freelancers

Explore Our AngularJS App Development Case Studies

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It is a next-generation online real estate portal that streamlines the rental search process and saves time and money for both renters and property managers. It efficiently matches qualified renters to landlord properties after conducting prudent background/credit checks.

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SaaS platform for document storage. It is incredibly simple, easy to organize scattered documents at a central location in the cloud.

Challenge-Rx developed by mobisoft-infotech
Challenge-Rx developed by mobisoft-infotech

Challenge RX

The ultimate destination for trainers and athletes alike to test, perform, improve and create records! Push yourself to the max and get fitter with daily challenges, accumulate credits, track history, donate and achieve much more with Challenge RX!


Golden Paints

A newly redesigned website by Mobisoft, Golden Artist Colors (GAC) focuses almost entirely on paints used in the fine arts, decoration, and crafts, and produces the largest line of acrylic colors that is currently available to artists, which also includes recreations of historical pigments.

How Does Developer Hiring Process Work?

  • Project Requirements

    Our analyst team will scrutinize your business requirements and understand your resource needs for your project.

  • Search - Scan - Select

    We will search and shortlist a perfect team just for you comprising of expert AngularJS developers for hire to fit your needs for skills, work experience, profile and work culture.

  • Interview

    We'll forward the best applicants and schedule final interviews, so you can assess them accordingly to check whether they are well-suited within your project criteria or not.

  • Execution

    Upon resource finalization, we set up a communication, reporting, governance protocol and execute the service of retainer developers engagement when you hire AngularJS developers from India.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

I like that they have become my partner. I bring them to meetings a lot to explain the technical aspects of the system. They have done great."

— Founder, Startup Technology Firm

"Mobisoft has a level of integrity which I appreciate. They're very eager, and their offerings go far beyond other companies I've worked with before."

— CTO, Seremedi (Healthcare Company)

"Mobisoft's attention to us as the customer is excellent. They really care about our business and listen to our needs."

— CEO, The Public Register

"Mobisoft Infotech is rated in the top three or four app developers in the United States. They have a very good reputation."

— John McDevitt, Rice University

Engagement Models

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best-suited engagement model to all our clients.

Monthly Billing Mobisoft Infotech


Billed on monthly basis

Suitable for large and long term projects

Hourly Billing Mobisoft Infotech


Billed only for actual time spent by the consultant

Suitable for small sized or short term projects

More About AngularJS Framework And Benefits

AngularJS has been established as a prime platform to build web apps in recent years. It is analytical and provides a standard way of coding, and the facility to create durable components using directives. This makes Angular web apps easy to scale and maintain. The two-way data binding makes AngularJS web apps real time, where the state of data in the model is reflected by the data on the view.

AngularJS executes the MVC (Model-view-controller) pattern to separate presentation, logic, and data components, and to decouple Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation from application logic, that eventually upgrades the testability of the code. It also disassociates client side of the app from the server side, that lets development work to continue in parallel, allowing to reuse the both sides. The usage of dependency injection in Angular allows developers to utilize services such as client-side web applications, to view-dependent controllers. This minimizes much of the burden on the server.

The structural framework of AngularJS can help while using Single Page HTML to declare dynamic views in web applications. This framework extends the syntax of HTML in order to let you application’s components be expressed precisely and clearly.

There are several benefits of this structural framework that make it one of the choicest tools for modern-day web apps. All the dedicated AngularJS developers love its data binding, as this ensures that the part of the code written by the programmer is now automated/eliminated. And this can translate into precious time saving for the clients. It also offers a higher level of abstraction to the programmers that goes a long way to simplify application development, and reducing the time of development.

AngularJS For Enterprise Web App Development

AngularJS is a development framework that works on the concept of ‘build once, work everywhere’. If you want a web application working on multiple platforms, then AngularJS app is a great choice.

Today’s enterprises have perennial requirements to build custom web apps quickly, easily, and securely. Web apps need to be versatile and agile to work on both mobile devices and the web. These requisites have created the rise of a modern web app development platform.

AngularJS is emerging as a new robust client-side technology for the development of powerful single-page applications. It is an open-source and JavaScript web application framework that is built with the objective supporting some of the top web applications around. This framework is maintained by Google and there is support from AngularJS development service providers dedicating effort and time to keep this technology robust. AngularJS is best suited cross-platform development framework for enterprises supporting multiple platforms.

  • Single code base for different platforms

  • Reduced cost of development across multiple platforms and quick turnaround leads to high ROI

  • Faster (Initial) speed to market

  • Access to various hardware/software capabilities (through plug-ins)

  • Offers Reusable HTML components

  • Two-way data binding

  • Directives build custom widgets

  • Dependency Injection

  • Parallel Development is possible

  • Lets developers express UI declarative

  • RESTful architectural style

  • Directives and Modular development

Related Hiring Services

Not enough hands to get the work done? Mobisoft’s dedicated AngularJS developers can assist you to accelerate through your project timelines, bringing experience and expertise to your team.