Startup Equity Program

Empowering Startups To Create Sustained Impact

Empowering Startups To Create Sustained Impact

Through our startup equity program, we closely work with startups to shape big ideas into market-winning products built around unique technological advances. Our multidisciplinary teams of domain experts help to plan, build, test, and scale startup innovations considerably faster than ever before by bringing together the right set of people, technology, and process.

We assess startups’ strengths, product ideas, and market opportunities, redesign operations for flawless execution, design exit strategies, and provide 360-degree assistance to maximize opportunities for business success. As a reliable tech partner, we provide our technical expertise, resources, and mentorship to startups in exchange for an equity stake. We help turn your pain points into lasting impact by building new-age digital products, insightful solutions, and global platforms cost-effectively.

Together, let’s decipher the core problems, exploit market opportunities, define visionary strategies, adopt future-back approaches, and design breakthrough innovations needed for impactful change.

How We Help Startups

Our services are centered on exploring challenges raised during startup product development, providing instant access to the digital capabilities relevant to your business needs, and helping you achieve breakthrough innovations faster in exchange for equity.

Product Engineering

From embracing digital capabilities to redefining operations to launching great products, we help you achieve unprecedented levels of value.

Tech Consultation

Stay true to your vision by setting the solid foundation for your startup IT ecosystem that incorporates stakeholders, processes, technologies, and offerings.


Connect with hundreds of subject-matter experts spanning the verticals for fresh perspectives and insights for your startups.

360-degree Support

Avail complete support from our specialized experts to ensure optimal development, deployment, maintenance, and boundless impact.

We’ve Worked with World’s Most Promising Startups and Helped Them Achieve Success

Over the course of 12 years, we have delivered 150+ revenue-generating digital products and platforms for startups. We are proud to establish healthy business relationships with some of the world’s most thriving startups that span every industry. Have a look at the list of startups that we have invested in through an equity-based business model.

How Startup Equity Program Works

Through the startup equity program, Mobisoft Infotech aims to help early-stage entrepreneurs determine the most viable product, create the best path forward, and execute with ease by equipping them with technical expertise and experts in exchange for an equity stake.

Startup Product Evaluation

Get deep product insights, discover more opportunities, figure out what your customers need the most, validate your idea, and just start out. Our focus on the following key elements:

  • Analyzing your product Idea & solution
  • Addressing the diverse needs/pain points of the target audience
  • Testing and improving the startup idea
  • Analyzing whether your business model is compelling enough
  • Thoroughly understanding products’ USP of competitors
  • Looking for technologies that solve the identified problem
  • Screening product ideas and validating PoC
  • Defining a unique selling proposition and value proposition
  • Finalize whether to replicate, upgrade or repurpose
  • Enlist value-added features and functionality
Create customized automation solutions
Automate business tasks

Startup Product Planning & Prioritization

Unlock the true potential of your idea, define the right approach, and craft a clear product development strategy to make the most meaningful products. Our focus on the following key elements:

  • Conceptualize your product & describe the user experience
  • Plan out the minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Finalize your ideal customer profile, and set your goals
  • Define criteria for prioritization (revenue, market complexities, needs, etc.)
  • Determine project time frames, cost estimation, milestones, resources, and deadlines
  • Creation of product backlogs, sprints, and priorities
  • Co-create go-to-market strategies
  • Finalize the right architecture and technology stack
  • Planning of team needed for execution
  • Create detailed product documentation and startup product roadmap
Automate business tasks


Develop viable products leveraging the emerging technologies, tools, and expertise of our professionals and grow your business rapidly. The main emphasis is on the following key elements:

  • Prioritize product backlogs and sprints
  • Visualize the work process, create UI/UX prototypes, and wireframe
  • Shape the product design with human-centered design principles
  • Decomposition of each user story and sprint-wise development
  • Work on front-end and back-end development
  • Execute test cases and manage issues
  • Deploy the code and analyze the quality
  • Reduce time-to-market and launch successfully
  • Post-deployment maintenance and support to enhance the experience
  • Get end-to-end product development consultation from experts
Higher return on investment
Transformed & more strategic use of workforce

Value Addition

Navigate your startup's most complex product development challenges and implement best practices that prepare you to deliver empathic experiences and thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond. Our support for startups goes way beyond product development that includes,

  • Product Advisory
  • Technology consultation
  • Accelerated product development
  • Reduced upfront investment
  • Flexible engagement model
  • Networking with mentors
  • Potential investors
Transformed & more strategic use of workforce

Supporting You At Every Step of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Step 1


At the initial stage, we help founders embark on the entrepreneurial journey by validating their breakthrough ideas, building MVP, and defining go-to-market strategies in a saturated market.

Step 2


Grounded in the deep domain and technical expertise, we help choose the right approach, best practices, product development technologies, tools, and resources for creating high-quality products.

Step 3


To drive sustainable business growth, we help you respond to market needs swiftly, transform unique experiences, redefine sustainable strategies, and continue creating value through disruptive solutions for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Your Go-to Tech Partner in Your Entrepreneurial Journey