Social Network for gamers to connect them through the many gaming platforms of mobile, desktops, laptops and consoles

My Gamer Tags (MGT) offers a new way of gaming to gaming addicts. It presents a real time Gamer Buddy List so gamers could view when their friends are online (on both Xbox Live and The Playstation Network), view what games they are currently playing and be able to message them – all in real time. MGT transforms the way gamers play, share, connect and have fun on the console or on any device.

Gamers are social animals. The more gamers they see online the more connected they become to other gamers, and greater is the pleasure they derive out of gaming. Before the My Gamer Tags app got released, gamers had to play lone games and wait for friends to sign on, they had to 'search' for buddy information, and had to 'remember' things; all of which dreaded their joy of gaming.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach


We researched some APIs of Playstation and Xbox which provided user information of gamers. This was crucial in developing the core feature of sourcing gamer profiles from gaming platforms and integrating it with the system.


To build a mobile app for passionate gamers with real-time functionality and delivery for the iOS and Android platforms.


The back end development was strewn with complexities. The Chat Server engineering and system integration with the gaming platform were the critical parts.


The Chat Server

The Chat Server had to be engineered to meet fierce chatting speeds and loads in real time, eliminating the dangers of a crash. Our Mobility-Excellence Team put its head and hands together to engineer this server for it to be sound and load proof.

Integrating real time information

Integrating real time information

Pulling real time gamer profile information from key sources like Xbox and Playstation and integrating it with the system to ensure a fluid, smooth back end flow was a challenge we met successfully.


Mobisoft mgt brand logo

Design Process

Keep the app simple and user-focused. User experience and engagement ruled our design philosophy. Enhancements with animation and effects served to augment user engagement.

Mobisoft gamer app prototype
Mobisoft gamer app wireframe
Mobisoft gamer app Final product
Final Product
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App Features

  • Display gamer profile:This app displays Xbox and Playstation gamer profile's Live interactive gamer buddy list. This enables the gamer to automatically post his name, Xbox 360 Gamertag and PS3 Gamertag.
  • Shows online/offline status:The buddy list will show that the gamer is online and show the game he is currently playing. Gamer Name, Gamer Tags and Gamer Score will automatically appear on his friend’s Buddy List and friends can see what he is playing.
  • Gamertag search option:This gives gamers easy access to locating other gamers, making it simple to locate friends, view their current Gamer Score, connect and play. Gamers can customize Gamertag Search to search for Xbox 360 Gamertags, Playstation Gamertags, Gamertag Names, Gamers’ Names, Gamers’ Cities, Gamers’ States, Gamer Scores, and more.
  • SMS messaging:My Gamer Tags offers an ‘all-in-one’ messaging process that makes connecting with friends fast and convenient. Gamers can chat with one or a group of friends who are both on or offline. This makes planning and discussing games easier.
  • Live alerts:Gamers can customize their settings, so they can be notified when friends sign online to Xbox Live or The Playstation Network, someone requests them to play, or when they have a message.
  • Web app:The MGT website will work hand-in-hand with the My Gamer Tags application. The site is also free of charge and offers a simple, fun Gaming Social Network for gamers around the globe to unite. The site has exclusive features like Comment, Upload Videos and Images, Gaming Forums, Gaming Updates, Xbox and Playstation Information, Gamertags Search Options and the Mobile Gamer Buddy List.

The App at a Glance

The My Gamer Tags app is both, a mobile and a website app. For the first time, gamers have a platform that connects them to the gaming world of mobile, desktops, laptops and consoles. MGT keeps gamers abreast of everything that is happening in their gaming world. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

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