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Safe Pet Treats

A best app while shopping pet foods.

We often hear about FDA recalling certain drugs from the market, but less we know about pet food recalls. This is a great concern for pet owners since they, unknowingly, might serve food to pet that might affect their health. It is vital for every pet owner to ensure that the food they take for their pets is FDA approved and safe. Safe Pet Treats addresses this concern.

The free mobile app would help pet owners to scan the barcode of a product and get the relevant information about the product and FDA status. In case the product is recalled, the pet owner can anonymously report the product to the FDA. The list of recalled products is updated as a recall is made; thus keeping you armed while making a purchase.



Barcode Scan

This allows you to scan the barcode and get information whether the food has been recalled by the FDA or not.

Manual Search

Manual Search

This would allow you to search manually if your favorite brand was recalled in the recent years

Report Product

Report Product

It would allow you to report the recalled food product that’s not been removed from the shelf to the company.



The FDA keeps updating their list of recalled foods. This would help you get an alert as soon as they update their list.

Similar products

Similar products

This feature would allow you to look for a similar product on online shopping portal, Amazon. This way, you can choose a product that’s less expensive.

Social Media

Social Media

You can share the mobile application to other food lovers through your email or social media networks viz. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.

The App at a Glance

Viewing all relevant information about pet food products isn’t easy, but certainly required. An application, in such a situation, can ease your pet food shopping by providing everything you need to know. With this product, it is certain that you would give your pet a food that’s safe and FDA approved.

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