Virtual iTouch

World’s first Mobile and Cloud enabled Salon & SPA Management Solution

Go to any salon or spa anywhere in the world and you see the carefully masked yet hassled receptionist trying to juggle multiple clients, multiple services, multiple beauticians and multiple appointments! It’s indeed a crazy world of theirs.

Virtual itouch is just the right solution as salons and spas need to maintain sanity in their crazy world, while delivering delight to clients, employees, and of course owners.


The challenge was to deal with various permutations and combinations, typical for salon and spa reservations. Our mandate was to build a highly complex desktop management system for multiple scenarios and multiple users, yet ensure that it functioned simply and smoothly at the front end.

The second challenge was to ensure a smooth yet gradual synching of the new system with the legacy system.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach


To work on a finely defined, amazing UX that would achieve exceptional co-ordination between 10 users of the system and 10 scenarios, without making an effort for the users


We went for an extensive and iterative design process to deliver exceptional UI standards.


We worked on a high-end architecture and a highly complex DMS with multiple use cases and actors.

Design Process

salon app android

App Features

  • Integrated, cloud based, scalable, real time solution, serves across many platforms for many users
  • Highly portable solution integrated across many platforms
  • Leverages mobile devices and internet technology
  • Integrated with social networking to make business viral
  • Free payment gateway - Integrated payment solution which eliminates needs for additional devices
  • Swipe card reader for iPad
  • Wireless printing
  • Push Notification
  • Real time queue management

The System at a Glance

This is a Salon and Spa Management Solution developed for the iPad and GoogleTV that can help salon and spa owners manage appointments, calculate commissions, control inventory and run advance reports to track progress. Virtual I touch is a retail management system, which is available on cloud, plus other devices. The POS system is also on mobile/tab/cloud.

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