Rideshare Solution

Custom Rideshare App Development Solution For All

Uber Clone Scripts for Global Startups

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Launch Your Branded Carpooling App For The P2P Economy

Build your own peer-to-peer rideshare app platform to reinvent shared mobility needs.

Taxi Fleet Businesses Mobisoft Infotech

Taxi & Fleet Businesses

Increase Fleet Utilization And Offer Rideshare Option To Customers

Launch your branded rideshare app for inter or intra-city travel and transportation business for greater returns.

Taxi App Solution for Corporates & Governments

Enterprises & Companies

Save On Transportation Costs With Branded Rideshare App For Employees

Organizations can quickly launch a custom peer-to-peer carpooling app for efficient employee and business travel needs.

Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges

Provide Safe And Economical Transportation Option For Students

Schools can launch their own rideshare app for their students and teachers using our turn-key carpooling app development solution.

Residential Societies

Residential Societies

Go Green With P2P Carpooling Program For Residents

Enable peer-to-peer carsharing among residents on common routes with a branded P2P carpooling and carsharing app.

Governments & City Authorities

Governments & City Authorities

Promote Carpooling To Reduce City Traffic, Pollution & Congestion

Launch a custom branded carpooling app solution for locals to promote ridesharing and help reduce traffic congestions.

Solution Overview

A comprehensive and customizable rideshare and carpooling app development solution to move passengers forward together

Passenger App Mobisoft Infotech

Finding A Shared Ride Made Fun

Our rideshare app developers have built native rideshare app experiences for both iOS & Android users so that they can quickly request a safe and economical ride from an entire network of shared rides.

Passengers are matched to a car going the same way with a vacant seat in real-time and have a safe, reliable and cheap ride to their destination.

Users get profile information about the driver and other co-travelers, giving them more comfort in traveling with strangers and also getting a chance to meet new people.

Users are able to track driver to their pickup location in real time on a map, get alerts when their cab arrives via SMS and push notifications.

Support for multiple payment options for users to pay for their rides in a hassle free manner.

Passengers can use built-in SOS button during emergencies, share ride with family, friends or employer and rate drivers for their service.

Driver App Mobisoft Infotech

Sharing A Ride Made Simple

Drivers get an intuitive way to share their route with others, get optimal matches and be paid online to make the most of a drive that’s happening anyway

The driver mode makes it very simple for drivers to share their ride with others in a few taps and start rolling.

Drivers get pinged on their smartphone for ride requests en route with an option to accept or reject instantly.

One can share a future trip with others and get match requests in advance. This is very useful to find co-travelers for long trips to split fare and get some company.

Drivers can make a seamless pickup using built-in navigation to the user's location, increasing service reliability.

Drivers can easily accept payments from all the fellow passengers and get feedback about their trip.

Web App Admin Panel Mobisoft Infotech

Management Hub For Your Rideshare App Service

Our rideshare app developers have developed a feature packed web-based admin panel, accessible from any browser to run a successful rideshare and carpooling app service and can be further customized with custom features and integrations as per your rideshare service needs.

Get key stats and rideshare service metrics at a glimpse on a beautifully laid out dashboard screen.

Manage new driver registration approvals, payments and more from the driver's section.

View records of all users registered on your platform, view their feedback and provide them targeted offers.

Automatic payments to drivers for shared rides after you deduct a pre-agreed commission per ride.

Take informed, data-driven business decisions leveraging key business insights and metrics on your rideshare service.

Build A Reliable And Affordable P2P Carpooling App Platform

We offer a fully white label rideshare and carpooling app development solution for startups, companies, governments and more.

A Custom Rideshare App Solution For The Sharing Economy

We strive to bring the power of mobile technology to startups and businesses to reinvent shared transportation.

White Label & Customizable

We provide you a fully branded and custom made app with options to add more features and enhancements.

Smart Matching Algorithm

Provides optimal trips for both drivers and riders to ensure a sustainable ridesharing business model.

Pre-Built Solution

We already have a turnkey solution for to get you started as quickly as possible with your rideshare app service.

On-Premise Deployment

We will host the solution on your in-house services, giving you full ownership of all the generated data.

Global Solution

Multilanguage and multicurrency support allows you to provide your service in multiple countries at once.

Accept Payments Anywhere

We can quickly integrate with your local payment gateways to make payments hassle free.

Intuitive User Experience

Our solution works like a charm in delivering simple yet powerful app experience to your customers.

Robust and Scalable

We can offer a highly scalable solution for your rideshare service with up to 50,000 rides supported by our base offering.

Full Cycle Support

We strive to ensure our client's success with dedicated tech and launch support.

Implementation And Launch

A tailored and comprehensive approach to know about your rideshare app solution requirements and deliver you an app unique to your brand.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Comprehensive requirement gathering by our business development team.

  • Payments Integration

    Built-in support for popular payment gateways and new integrations.

  • Notifications Integration

    Setup for push notifications, SMS, and email alerts.

  • Analytics Integration

    Support for integration with popular data analytics platforms.

  • Server Setup & Backup

    On-premise solution deployment with full data backup support.

  • Security Compliance Check

    Meet HIPAA and other compliance standards with full data security.

  • App Store Submissions

    Successful Google Play Store and Apple App Store listings.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Dedicated launch and technical support for smooth operations.

Implementation and launch Mobisoft Infotech

Full Feature List

Our base carpooling app development solution is packed with a number of basic and advanced features for admins, passengers and drivers with customizable support for new features and integrations as per your business requirements.

Easy Onboarding

Email, mobile and social login options for your app users.

Ride Now

Customers can quickly find and book a shared ride in a few taps.

Ride Later

Passengers can know whom they are traveling with to make traveling with strangers comfortable.

Co-Traveler Profiles

Users can know who they are traveling with to make traveling with strangers comfortable.

Manage Rides

Customers can manage their current and pending ride requests in one place.

ETA Estimates

Customers will get accurate time of arrival in real-time for their cab.

Fare Estimates

Customers get approximate fares by providing their destination information.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay as they like with multiple payment methods including cash.

Notification & Alerts

Customers get important alerts via push requests, feedback, notifications, SMS, and email.

SOS Button

Built-in panic button in the app for customers to use during emergencies.

Track Driver

Customers can track their cab in real-time from the app.

Promo Codes

Launch custom promo codes to acquire customers and track redemptions.

Cancel Booking

Option to cancel trips anytime in case of any last minute changes.

Contact Driver

Customers can coordinate a pickup by calling their driver.

Rate Driver

Driving rating prompt to share ride feedback and experience.

Rate Co-Passengers

Riders can rate their other passengers to maintain service quality.

Favorite Location

Option to mark home and office locations as favorites for quicker bookings.

Business Profile

Corporate customers can manage their business travel expenses separately.

Help & Support

Provide service related FAQs,feedback and support ticket options for users.

Book For Others

Customers can make a ride request for friends and family when a need arises.

Easy Sharing

Drivers can quickly share their ride route with fellow passengers.

Real Time Requests

New ride requests are sent to ride sharers with trip details to take action.

Trip Information

Drivers are provided necessary details to make pickup and drops easier.

Built-in Navigation

Drivers can use Google Maps navigation for pickups, best routes, ETA and more.

Contact Passenger

Drivers can call passengers to get pickup instructions when needed.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get details on their earnings, upcoming trips, feedback and more.

Rate Customer

Two-way rating system to maintain a robust rideshare service for everyone.

Driver Support

Help drivers with their queries with in-app support ticketing and FAQs.

Secure Login

Authorized login to the web based panel for admins.

Admin Dashboard

Get a high-level view of key business metrics and real-time usage.

Manage Drivers

Approve signups, set commission rates, payments, tracking and more.

Manage Customers

Know about your registered customer base and other useful information.

Manage Fleet

Add fleet details, view usage, assign to drivers, track maintenance and more.

Manage Tariffs

Set and manage your fare with option for distance, time and flat pricing options.

Trip Tracking

Track all entire fleet in real-time on an interactive map and keep operational control.

Reporting & Analytics

Make smarter business decisions by leveraging data insights and metrics.

In-app Chat

Allow co-passengers to connect with each other from within the app.

Number Masking

Provide users privacy by hiding their phone numbers from drivers during calls.

Referral Rewards

Customers can claim free rides/ credit by sharing their referral code with others.

Surge Pricing

Handle peak hours and demand spikes with a dynamic fare calculation system.

Pickup Suggestions

Smart suggestions for nearby pickup points make everyone's life much simpler.

VoIP Calls

Support in-app calls between passengers and drivers over mobile data.

Operational Zone Setup

Admins can mark the areas from where they want ride requests.

Web App

Offer a web based booking option to compliment your native booking apps.

Demand Heat Map

Drivers can view areas with heavy demand and move smartly for more pickups.

Flat Pricing

Set flat rates for popular destinations like airports, malls, offices, etc.

Digital Meter Support

Meet government compliance in regions where a physical meter is compulsory.

RTL Language Support

Cater to a global and diversified customer base by supporting their local language.

Competitive Pricing

We offer you a custom P2P rideshare app development solution with a unique pricing model

One Time Cost

We offer you a custom P2P rideshare app development solution at a very affordable price

Build A Rideshare App For Any Transportation Channel

Apply the carpool model to any vehicle category with our custom rideshare app development solution

Carpooling Apps Mobisoft Infotech


Launch a peer-to-peer carsharing, carpooling or ridesharing app service with our customisable base solution.

Taxi Solutions Mobisoft Infotech

Taxi Pulse

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BikePool mobisoft infotech


Launch a P2P bike ride sharing service for bikers to offer rides and save on fuel costs for daily home-office trips.


Our solution is designed for any peer-to-peer ridesharing system whether it be for cars, bikes, buses, or more. Carpooling is the most popular category, and we have built our base solution with it. However, we are very excited about the new sharing ideas and business models you can come up with and how we can help bring those ideas to reality with a fully custom approach to rideshare app development, helping you establish a unique product brand.

We use a real-time matching algorithm to match riders and drivers heading in the same direction with minimum wait time and route changes.

We currently work on a 6 weeks turnaround time to complete the entire process of the app development till its deployment. Nevertheless, we also undertake work on stringent deadlines.

Traffic has become a disturbing problem for cities across the world mostly owing to the increased number of cars on the road. Most of these vehicles are poorly utilized and gulp valuable real estate for parking. We can help governments and authorities build and promote an app powered peer-to-peer rideshare solution for their citizens to significantly improve resource utilization resulting in lower traffic and a greener city for all.