What do we publish?

We are a consistently growing digital technology partner with a plan to set a benchmark in all the sectors across the globe. Nevertheless, we are currently expanding and are open to all kinds of topics related to current and upcoming technological trends.

We prefer an article of around 1000-2000 words and would not mind if you have inputs for the images as well. The language should be interactive, simple and with short sentences! As interesting as “On offering to help the blind man, the man who then stole his car, had not, at that precise moment, had any evil intention, quite the contrary, what he did was nothing more than obey those feelings of generosity….” sounds, we can save some record making pieces for later!

How to submit?

We are looking for writers who would come up with the trending topic in the industry and add uniqueness to it. Send us your blog ideas either in the form of a short summary or a wireframe describing the content and intent of your blog.

Once the topic is finalized from our end, write an elaborate article and send it for a review. You can also send us the image references and ideas that you would like to have in your article. Besides, infographics, listicles are more than welcome. Make sure whatever you send has some takeaway for the readers.

You can also provide 2-3 hyperlinks for a 1500 words blog. But, make sure it does not read like a sales or a marketing pitch. Your blog will be edited by our editors and the feedback will be sent to you accordingly. We expect you to work on them as soon as possible and be as enthusiastic as we are to get the post live.

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Things to make sure before pressing send

Please run a final check for plagiarism, spelling, and grammar.

We do not accept marketing blogs. So, kindly refrain from sending the topics related to it in mails.

Make sure your article gives a fresh insight into the topic. For example, we can have another post on “Trends in the IoT industry”, but you need to have a different perspective in each post.

Please do not reframe the article from other websites and send them to us. We will know!

You will get remunerated if your content gets accepted and published on our website.