HWisel, a home appliance repair service company wanted to automate operations and make their services available through a one-stop mobile app. They decided to launch an on-demand home appliance repair services app that included the following features:

  • Geo-location tagging of service personnel
  • Secure payment integration
  • Appliance service history records
  • Intelligent reminders for service recall
  • Smart home appliance integration
  • User-friendly UI design with minimal booking steps

HWisel has leveraged the latest mobile tech to build an app that changes the way HVAC services are requested, sourced and delivered to the customers in this era of on-demand everything.


Keeping client’s objectives in mind and analyzing the technology requirements, Mobisoft partnered with HWisel to build a cutting-edge on-demand HVAC repair service application that connects service seekers with service providers in a minimal timeframe and streamlines their appliance repair service delivery. Mobisoft’s app development team developed a cloud-based solution across mobile, tablet, and web platforms that successfully completed these key implementations.

Leveraging mobile technology to simplify repair services.


Live Tracking

Live monitoring feature for customers to get real-time visibility of the service provider.

Automated Reports

Automated reports ensure better management and monitoring of the system.

Instant Service Request

Service seekers can request for HVAC repair services according to their comfortable timeframe.

Integrated Payment

This feature allows a credit/debit card or direct payment processing for online retailers, e-businesses, bricks, and clicks.


The robust cloud-based dashboard allows complete monitoring of the services in real-time.

Smart Home Appliance Integration

HWisel integrates with your smart home systems. This lets customers manage their homes from anywhere in the world, taking convenience to the next level.




HWisel service is available in Canada and the U.S. With this on-demand application, HWisel; improved efficiency and accountability, reduced TAT and overhead costs, standardized business processes, and increased customer satisfaction.

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