Baiduri Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baiduri Bank, leading banking and financial group based in Brunei, Darussalam. The bank is renowned for its track record of financial innovations and pioneering financial activities. Their service range includes banking services for corporates, retail, consumer financing, securities trading, and wealth management. The bank is working continuously on the financial improvement to accomplish their vision of providing innovative and comprehensive financial products and services to the Bruneian community.


To provide a seamless digital banking experience, Baiduri Finance wanted to offer on the go mobile financial services to its customers. So, customers can easily check their account details, make payments, transfer money, check their transaction history, and lot more. Baiduri Finance provides financial services like hire purchase, multi-tier savings account, automated insurance renewal, vehicle tender, motorcycle financing, etc. The bank wanted to make all these services easily accessible by the Bruneian community through digital banking platforms. They required a digital banking solution, providing all the insight of financial activities and trends. They aspired to get the solution developed from an experienced product development company that could help them deliver the best-in-class financial services, meeting customer expectations. They contacted Mobisoft Infotech to create mobile solutions to facilitate real-time banking experience through mobile phones.

Our Solution

Mobisoft designed and developed the “Baiduri Finance App” after evaluating the financial aspects, market trends, conditions, customer behavior, and user requirements to access financial services on a digital platform. We focused on a customer-centric approach to build a user-friendly finance app. We planned and deployed a multi-channel strategy to develop a financial services platform for customers - Android and iOS-based finance mobile apps and another one for the bank - Java backend to manage the entire banking operations. For Mobisfot, the objective was to enhance customer engagement by using mobile technology to capture bids for tenders, updates on customer information, insurance renewals, and card applications. We build a system that will allow the customers and the administrators to interact efficiently and effectively to share product or service related information and capture relevant data. The financial services’ digital solution included the following:

App for Customers

With this customer mobile application, customers can easily get the product or service-related information such as fixed deposits, multi-tier saving accounts, and multi-rate saving accounts. They can also view information related to “Account Services” offered by Baiduri Finance, such as loan restructuring, loan account transfer, VRN replacement, etc. The app's tender section enables them to get the relevant dealers of new vehicles, used vehicles, and boat financing.

“Hire Purchase” option allows customers to view all the options related to purchasing a new vehicle or used vehicle or boat. Customers can also calculate the Loan and TDSR for added input from the app. The integrated payment system allows them to make payments for existing and new transactions, including monthly installments, late fees, etc. Furthermore, the “Auto Insurance Renewal” option accommodates customers to renew their insurance with detailed procedures and forms to submit. Other features of the app, like card applications, help, settings, push notifications, smart executive programs, loyalty, and rewards, make customers’ banking experience seamless.

App for the Bank

With this client web application, the bank can access configured transactions done by customers related to purchasing, payment, tender, or insurance through different modules. Baiduri Finance can manage and monitor the daily applications, quotations, and the status of the same. They can add, edit, and update their new product or service portfolio, new tender information, payment integration, and related documents from the server. Besides this, the promotion and events section lets them update their customers with the latest promotional campaigns and events related to service offerings. They can also create customized loyalty and reward programs for customers through this panel. The interactive panel enables them to manage their daily financial activities, add and manage multiple users, their multiple roles. Other features like FAQs, card applications management, manual notifications to customers, report generation, etc. help Baiduri Finance to enhance their finance operation execution.


The new functionalities provided the real-time visibility of the daily activities to Baiduri Finance.

  • Interactive dashboard to monitor daily financial activities
  • Integration of analytics tools to generate various reports
  • Instant service requests
  • Integration of loan and TDSR calculator
  • Multiple payment gateway system integration
  • Integration of notifications of SMS, alerts, and email services
  • In-House server setup with full back up support


As financial technology is revolutionizing the financial practices and payments are being made through mobiles, the bank decided to introduce the “Baiduri Finance App” for customers and digitize the banking operations. The bank was delighted with the app design and functionality.

  • Faster and seamless booking process
  • Streamlined operational workflow
  • Efficient and cost-effective documentation
  • Lesser printing-related expenses
  • Safer and secure digital payment system
  • Improved customer and driver satisfaction
  • Better visibility in the market
  • Saves time and money
  • Monitoring of all the vehicles
 Baiduri Finance App

Drive Higher Customer Engagement with Customized Financial Services Platform

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