In Kenya, boda boda services are becoming a popular means of transport for many local residents and have emerged as a reliable intercity commute medium in the transport industry. Kenya has around 2,00,000 registered boda boda drivers, with this stiff competition in the industry, boda boda associations are facing major chaos in providing organized and safe rides to the passengers.

Busy boda organization recognized the necessity of a well-organized & comprehensive transportation solution and decided to build a platform where city-travelers can experience safe, seamless & time-saving commute services. Client’s initiative is to offer a platform that connects riders and boda boda drivers to provide a convenient ride and courier experience.

Busy Boda is a motorbike hailing and Courier service platform that is focused on improving lives by providing an effective, simple-to-use solution for passengers.


Keeping the client’s aim in mind, we implemented a solution that enhances intercity transportation and ensures safe access to mobility. We built a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects city-travelers and boda riders in one single network. To make this solution hassle-free, we implemented a user-friendly UI design with minimal booking steps providing swift and reliable bike taxi services.

This solution includes three engaging panels :

Passenger App:

Passengers can easily book the trip or courier delivery and get details of their ride anytime, as passenger app offers real-time chat functionality, which enables boda riders to communicate with users on a click of a button. Unique features like live tracking, real-time notifications, automated billing, advanced booking, fare charges estimation, and digital invoice enhance user experience.

Driver App:

Drivers receive trip or courier requests by the passengers in real-time and can track their live location on online maps. Boda riders can also track their payments, check their trip history, receive a digital invoice and automated payments.

Admin Panel (Web panel):

The interactive web-based dashboard comprising distinctive functionalities like digital broadcasting, Ride and request management, Vehicle and Riders management to simplify operation and increase efficiency.


Dashboard & KPI

An interactive web-based dashboard allows complete monitoring of the rides in real-time.

Live Tracking

Live status on a particular ride or a courier can be tracked by the user as well as admin.

GTM Integration

GTM advanced analytics is used to analyze the user and driver’s behavior.

Favorite Rider

Favorite rider chosen by the customer will be given higher priority for further rides.

One-Click Request

Request for a motor-cycle ride or courier with the click of a button.

Online Payment Gateway

Passengers can make online payments through m-pesa.


Automated reports ensure improved management & monitoring of the system.

Rich Notifications

Passengers get notifications on the progress of their ride or package.


‘Busy Boda’ is a user-friendly software that reforms the boda boda industry in Kenya. Busy boda platform is one of the unique on-demand bike taxi apps that helps passengers to avail fast & comfortable rides.

Apart from serving city-travelers, Busy Boda also focused on providing corporate clients with extensive bike taxi and courier services. This functionality allows registered clients to book a boda ride by calling on their hotline number and pay for their rides on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Clients also benefit from competitive rates and great customer experiences busy boda offers.

Busy Boda supports female entrepreneurship by providing a boda hailing platform for women riders and entrepreneurs that empowers them to stand into a readily available market of transmitting and delivery services. This approach also provides comfortability among women passengers to use the safe and secure bike taxi-hailing services.

Admin Panel of BusyBoda

Build A Motorbike Taxi Platform That Makes Local Transport Easier.

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