The Challenge

Managing transport operation prominent sports championship in the USA.

The organizing authority needed a complete digital solution to manage and automate ground transportation operation for players and guests.

Due to the complexity involved in coordinating each guest's transport arrangement throughout their trip, our operations team planned ahead; managing staff, organizing overnight accommodation for chauffeurs and accruing availability. This meant that the transport was at the client’s disposal, providing them with the opportunity to travel freely and flexibly. Last-minute changes to high profile guest's travel plans were all discretely managed every day.

Using the traditional manual ways of dispatching like long-in or radio proved to be ineffective, time-consuming and expensive operations for the volume of 12,000 bookings and 500+ guests. The organizer wanted to automate the entire operation with no or less manual intervention. Likewise, there were many challenges like

  • Manual processes for transport booking and approvals, as well as lack of proper tools for tracking changes, led to effort leakage
  • Multiple MS Excel spreadsheets and paper-based systems resulted in numerous human errors
  • No specific tools to measure the KPIs and to improve process efficiency/ asset utilization
  • Authentication of VIP, guests, and players
  • Tracking chauffeur and vehicles in real-time
  • Scheduling on-demand and special rides by distance
  • Optimum utilization of chauffeurs and vehicles
  • Managing emergency requests & vehicle breakdown
  • Coordinating with chauffeur, guests, and staff to reschedule rides
  • Capturing service ratings and feedback from the guests

Event Transport Management Software enables dispatchers to make on-boarding experience easier and delivers the major event transportation plans. We understand and provide tailor-made solutions to satisfy your requirements based on scale, complexity, and budget.

The Solution

The implementation process started with analyzing the existing operation, understanding minor details, software integration requirements, and gap analysis. We then prepared detailed use case and workflow documentation along with prototype to define the implementation blueprint.

The implementation offered seamless onboarding experience to accredited players, coaches and VIP guests through a mobile app to request rides at the touch of a button. The comprehensive web panel to enable operation team & dispatchers to track chauffeurs/vehicles in real-time on the map, handle priority requests, critical rides, emergencies, manual dispatching, etc.

We integrated the solution with third party internal and external systems to capture schedule, guest information, accreditation, and other master details and also made certain process-specific customizations.

The technical support team was on-site throughout the event to ensure training to staff and operation team and to provide real-time tech support.

Key Implementations

The implementations were done keeping in mind the specific needs.

KPI Dashboard

Custom dashboard with all the KPI’s and statistics

Priority Integration

Priority-based ride request for VIPs and players system.

Predefined Booking

Convenient booking options from event locations like the venue or hotel.

Scheduling and Management

Easy chauffeur shift management and scheduling for maximum efficiency.

Web Admin & Dispatch

Branded Guest Mobile Application, chauffeur App and Web admin & Dispatch Panel

Critical Rides

Alert dispatchers for remedial actions in case of missed rides or unavailability of chauffeurs.

Easy Barcode Onboarding

Easy and quick one-tap onboarding for players, & guests.

Technical support

24/7 onsite & offshore technical support during the event

Security & Privacy

Cloud deployment and security & privacy-compliant implementation

Real-Time Update

Real-time updates for both chauffeurs and guests regarding vehicle type, Pick-up time, routes, ETA and destination updates.

The Result

It all begins and ends with transportation experience. The precise solution implementation ahead of the event and contributed to event success.

  • The solution offered a seamless transportation experience and satisfaction to players, guests, chauffeurs, and operation team
  • Optimized resource utilization and fast response management minimized logistics operational cost
  • Time for request processing improved by 30% and time for resource allocation processes improved by 40%
  • 12000+ Bookings
  • 1958 Players/guests
  • 300 Daily Rides
  • 186 chauffeurs
  • 150 Vehicles
Confidently Handle the Transportation for Event of Any Size.