The Challenge

With the rapid expansion of development and high availability of technology into the worlds of young people, preschool business gained significance in the society. For a seamlessly growing preschool business, managing classroom programs, administrative tasks, observing day-to-day student’s activities, and also keeping a good connect with the parents is easier said than done. The team of “mylilstory” recognised some very basic issues -

  • Most of the parents are working and they don't have sufficient time to visit preschool frequently for their child daily updates.
  • The management, teacher and the concerned parent are not so well organised in a loop.
  • Unavailability of real-time access to track children's day to day activities which includes their food habits, playing routine, health records etc.

MyLilStory is the Software as a service (SaaS) distribution model for preschool which offers a next generation facial recognition system that allows childcare providers to capture students and their activities by just a touch of a button.

The Solution

MyLilStory brings the preschool, teacher and parent together in a well organised single curve. In addition to administrative reports, the system allows to provide parents with a range of updates, including the daily check- in and check-out photos of their children and a portfolio management folder where parents can find out what their child has learnt via videos and photos. It includes four panels:

  • Parents App

    In this, parents can easily track their child’s activities, security, food habits and health records on a daily basis. This also provides the facility to have a one-on-one chat with the school teacher or the management for any updates of their child.

  • Teachers App

    The check in-out of the child can easily be recorded by the teacher, health updates of the child, daycare activities etc can be sent to the parents through this interface with no delay.

  • Director App

    This portal allows the execution of admin’s task in real time which includes giving assignments to teachers, creating classrooms, managing kids profile, communicating directly with the parents/teachers or making any important announcement.

  • Franchise Portal

    This interactive management portal allows franchise owners to track and manage each school under their particular franchise with ease.


Reduce Paperwork

It facilitates hassle-free paperless work within the organisation allowing the teachers and the management to access data in real time.

Instant Activity Updates

Parents are immediately updated with the daycare activities of the kids by means of pictures or videos so that they never miss a milestone of their child.

Easy Check-in / Check-out

It allows instant check ins/checkouts of the kids with the help of face recognition and also simultaneously sends the update to the parents in real time.

Real Time Student / Teacher Ratios

Tracks the number of students present in the school and the teacher availability in realtime. This helps the management to maintain a good Student / Teacher Ratio.

Real Time Attendance

Real Time face recognition is an amazing launch which captures check in/out of multiple kids at a single time.

Quick Access to Health Records

This feature provides a real quick access to the child's health record in case of any emergency. The user can swiftly access the health information of the kid anytime.

Easy to Use Dashboard

It is a user friendly portal to ease the difficulty of parents, teachers and the school management.

Increase Parent Teacher Engagement

This application solves all the challenges of parent teacher meet and smoothly bridges the gap between them.

The Result

Mylilstory is incredible user friendly application which definitely reforms the preschool business. Implementing advance technology has helped many preschools to save time on administrative tasks and enables the preschool to be environmentally sustainable by saving on printing and paper wastage. This is surely the next big thing and also the ultimate solution for early childcare!

My lilstory complete solution image

Smarter Software Solution for a Smarter Daycare.

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