The client is one of the proficient and acclaimed technology experts in Sudan. Apart from having applications in e-payments, tourism, financial services, and the educational industry, their subsequent aim was to expand their reach into the last-mile delivery industry.


Due to globalization, last-mile delivery businesses are increasing rapidly. However, digitally connected customers, looking for cost-effective delivery services along with seamless and convenient experience when shipping, purchasing, receiving and returning products, are facilitating last-mile delivery companies to rethink traditional courier delivery. As the demand for quick, cost-effective, and trackable delivery services is growing continuously, businesses are leveraging various technologies to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

With easy access to the internet, users are finding it easier to buy whatever they need on e-commerce platforms faster than before. Hence, online shopping and mail-orders are empowering faster deliveries straight to the customers’ doorstep. This has effectively increased the demand for one-day, two-day, and also same-day delivery.

Identifying the market needs, the client decided to deploy a comprehensive online last-mile delivery service platform that works as a single point contact for the customers to avail shipping services. Their motive was to implement a solution that incorporates easy navigation and real-time tracking of the shipment.

An on-demand delivery app that serves as an interactive platform between the shippers and the carriers for shipments.


We analyzed every aspect of the pick-up delivery services and followed a logical approach to provide a suitable platform for the shippers and carriers. Understanding the downsides of the shipper-carrier matching system, we implemented an algorithm that assigns multi-package deliveries to one carrier going on the same route or region. This algorithm helps the client to make effective usage of delivery agents and provide the shippers with on-time deliveries. We implemented the following key features based on clientele requirements:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Automated billing, based on real-time pricing
  • Load dispatch management
  • Automatic updates on freight shipping
  • Real-time Chat
  • Reduce trade documentation
  • Immediate proof of freight delivery
  • User-friendly interface

We built a highly operational package delivery app for the client with the following components:

Shipper App

The shippers can place orders and get notified with their delivery details anytime. They can specify the vehicle type, size, and weight of the parcel. The real-time chat feature lets them communicate with the agents in case of any queries. They can also track the shipment status of their parcel. Shipper app also comprises unique features like favorite address, advanced courier bookings, estimation of charges, online payments, automated billings, promo codes, and refer a friend option, which makes it convenient for the shippers to place their delivery orders.

Agent App

Agents get delivery requests on the app, which they can accept or reject. They can also set the delivery radius across a specific region to receive filtered requests, scheduled to be delivered in that area. Agents can check their payments, order history, digital invoice, and automated payments.

Admin Panel

Admin panel includes the complete management of vehicles, shippers, agents, and booking requests. Admin can add or update details such as types of goods and vehicles, cancellation charges, and delivery pricing.


Dashboard & KPI

An extensive dashboard allows real-time monitoring of the orders, vehicles, shippers, and agents.

Real-time Tracking

The live location of a parcel can be tracked by the shipper as well as admin.

E-commerce Integration

The integration of eCommerce API allows customers to purchase from a wide range of product/service categories, choose the best out of them, and place an order at their convenience.

Favorite Address

The shippers can mark their regular delivery location as a favorite address for easier booking of future shipments.

Advanced Booking and Payments

Options of making advanced bookings and payments to increase user comfort.

Real Fare Calculator

The shippers can get the fare estimate in advance before placing the package delivery order.

Online Payment Gateway

The shippers can make online payments with safe and most reliable online payment gateways.

Promotions and Discounts

Admin can set discounts and provide promo codes to the shippers for a specific interval of time.


Automated reports give a brief analysis of a system and help the admin person to detect the flaws.


This solution is exclusively available in Sudan. Since its implementation, the operational efficiency of the parcel delivery service has enhanced effectively. It is primarily focused on providing reliable quality of service for prioritized deliveries through its integrated network. This on-demand delivery app provides cost-effective and faster logistics services by partnering with reliable transporters. It has succeeded in automating the entire shipping process, hence, resulted in saving time and reduced human efforts.

A Last-mile Delivery App

Automate the Process Goods Delivery Services with On-Demand Delivery App

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