The Challenge

Often pharmacy manufactures are not aware of what documents should patients access when they get their medication prescribed like product information, medication side effects, and other supporting documents. Xpress noticed that the way doctors receive, curate, and deliver treatment education and resources is not efficient.

  • Insurance and pharmaceutical companies control when and how doctors get the resources.
  • Doctors have to dig through a pile of documents(hard copies) to search the ones they need to share with the patients.
  • If doctors couldn’t find the document in the hospital, they have to search online and provide it to patients in the form of printouts.
  • Clinicians are unable to share additional information such as insurance support, copay benefits, cost model with patients during consultation.

Xpress developed a middleware solution for doctors to get pharmaceutical information and resources on their terms, enabling more efficient and smarter prescription decisions.

The Solution

Keeping the challenges in mind, Mobisoft Infotech’s healthcare technology experts worked closely with the Xpress team to build a dynamic platform that empowers doctors, patients, and institutions to digitally access pharmaceutical information and resources when they need it, all at one place. Xpress’ platform offered healthcare providers and patients access to the approved drugs and co-pays and let them decide what works best for patient’s health needs and finances.

The Implementations

First Databank

Integrated First Databank (FDB) APIs for obtaining the drug-related information like precautions, interactions, side effects, images, manufacturer, pricing etc.

EPIC Integration Using REDOX

EPIC-integrated platform to access patient data and perform operations.

Capturing Analytics

Actions performed by doctors like viewing a drug information or resources, recommending a resource, all are captured and can be shared by pharmaceutical companies based on the agreement between Xpress and Pharmaceutical companies.

FHIR Compatible Web Panel

An FHIR-compatible web-based application for the healthcare provider to securely manage the entire process. Doctors are able to view patient analytics such as whether they have viewed the shared documents and videos.

Resource Sharing

Clinicians can select the diagnosis-indicated therapies with its resources and share with the patients. The clinic has designated a set of iPads, where doctors can add the drug resources to the cart for a patient and sends those to the URL associated with the iPad or via email to the patient.

Admin Portal

An admin portal to view and manage users, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, drug resources, and drug analytics.

Pharmaceutical Company Portal

A pharmaceutical company portal to enable companies to upload resources, edit, view, or delete drug resources, and view analytics of the drugs used, resources assigned etc.

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