Corporate Toggle

A smart mobile solution for businesses to ensure optimal mobile device usage by their workforce through custom workflow based triggers that control the device’s state (personal or work)

  • Custom trigger mechanisms
  • Significant data costs savings
  • Dual mode: work and personal
  • Samsung Knox integration
  • Reporting & intelligent insights
  • Employee privacy intact
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Secured business data

Mobile Device Utilization & Enterprise Challenges

Mobility has become essential for every business and having one goes without saying. However, with all the benefits it offers businesses and their employees, there are some key challenges associated with deploying and managing mobile device usage in the workspace.

Device Usage

A simple but effective solution to ensure that employees use the mobile devices provided to them responsibly. Unintended usage like the use of mobile data for personal stuff has to be kept in check.


Device deployment that is resilient to security breaches is critical. Integrating an enterprise-grade mobile security solution like Samsung Knox requires expert guidance and technology support.


Data plans can be costly and sub-optimal use can result in extra costs for the company. An affordable and easy to implement mobile-data management solution with custom control mechanisms is needed.

Employee Privacy

Maintaining the demanding requirements of enterprise security without compromising with an employee’s privacy or being intrusive. IT managers have to strike a balance between the two.

More challenges:

Our Solution

Control how a device switches between work and personal modes.

The benefits of mobile devices for the workforce are tremendous. They allow the employees to be productive from anywhere anytime. However, IT managers are concerned about ensuring optimal device usage. Besides, allowing employees to use work-related apps alongside their personal stuff on a single device can pose a serious security threat to an organization.

What if a mobile device can have a dual-persona mode that keeps work and personal data completely separate and can be toggled between by custom rules set by the IT managers? That is where our enterprise-grade Corporate Toggle solution powered by Samsung's award-winning Knox security platform comes into the picture.

A Smart Device Data Management Solution

Reap all the benefits of enterprise mobility for your business without having to worry about device misuse and management, high data costs and security vulnerabilities.

How It Works?

Custom workflow triggers control the on device toggle.

Corporate Toggle works with Samsung's robust Knox container technology that completely separates all work-related data and apps from employee’s personal data and together provides a secure and managed work environment on mobile devices with efficient data usage policy. Switching between work and personal modes is done through a toggle that is controlled by custom trigger conditions like time, NFC, geolocation set up through the Corporate Toggle admin panel.

1.Toggle Manager

Corporate Toggle comes with a powerful web-based admin panel called the toggle manager that enables seamless implementation of the triggers and policies for devices at an organization, group or individual level. Toggle manager provides admins and IT teams easy access to user lists, enrolled devices, trigger settings and more. It also provides lightweight mobile device management features like whitelisting or blacklisting apps across devices. The setting up and configuration of every trigger is done through the toggle interface.

2.Toggle Mobile Library

The toggle mobile library is implemented on the mobile devices and integrates with Samsung’s award-winning Knox container technology to keep work and personal data in separate containers and sets the rules for switching between the two.

Toggle can also work without Knox container in case you only need to manage WiFi accessibility settings, data service and whitelist/blacklist apps for your organization. This library maintains the device configuration as per data privileges set by the toggle manager.

3.Trigger Mechanisms

Corporate Toggle at its core is about controlling when a device can switch between work and personal modes based on the trigger that is applied on the toggle at any point in time. A trigger is a condition that has to be fulfilled for the toggle to change its state from work to personal mode and vice versa. The toggle can be associated with one trigger at a time. The triggers are created and managed from the toggle manager.

Our solution enables the toggle manager to create and manage triggers based on a number of practically useful conditions.

  • Location-based triggers

    Lock a device in work mode when a user is in a certain location or radius. Switching to personal mode would only be possible outside that area. Geolocation based toggle controls are easy to implement through the toggle manager.

  • Time-based triggers

    Control the toggle based on predefined time intervals like compulsory work mode during office hours, meetings, etc.

  • NFC or Bluetooth based triggers

    Control toggle state based on whether it is paired with a certain NFC or Bluetooth enabled device.

    For eg:- switching a device to work mode using a tap on an NFC tag.

  • Custom triggers based on business needs

    Every business has unique needs for efficient device usage management. Although the above trigger conditions can cover a variety of use cases, tailoring these trigger mechanisms or developing custom ones as per a business's’ workflow is important. Say an activity based trigger like locking a taxi driver’s device in work mode when he is driving.

    Corporate Toggle offers robust trigger customization options to optimize the toggle and trigger implementation process. It begins with client engagement, analysis of the business workflow, and trigger mechanism to integrate with the Android OS application. Toggle with Samsung KNOX can help you design and architect uninterrupted transition for your workforce to better mobile device utilization.

    Your business can let us know how you want to control the virtual switch between work and personal modes and we will develop that mechanism for you and will be implementable through the toggle manager.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized device utilization
  • Powered by the award-winning Samsung Knox security platform, Corporate Toggle offers a fully customizable device data management solution to keep device data usage in check and reduce unintended data consumption costs.
  • Security in the DNA
  • We have leveraged Samsung’s Knox rigorously tested and approved enterprise device security platform to power the solution. The work container is created on the device with Knox’s robust container technology. Our solution keeps the security element fully intact and provides advanced customization options built on top.
  • Employee privacy intact
  • Corporate Toggle is fully compliant with privacy standards and encourages widespread adoption in the workspace. By using Samsung Knox, the work and personal data stay completely separate. Employees can confidently use the Samsung mobile device provided to them by their firm without worrying about their personal stuff.
  • Reporting & intelligent insights
  • Device usage generates a lot of data that can be harnessed to generate value and improve processes. Corporate Toggle can collect workflow data-points and usage metrics to offer intelligent insights to IT admins to make data-driven decisions.
  • Significant data costs savings
  • Data cost reduction can add a considerable amount to your balance sheet. By controlling how, when and where mobile data can be used by employees though trigger based toggle controls, Corporate Toggle becomes an efficient data saver along with the other benefits it offers. It provides a powerful cloud-based device management platform and an Android library with no servers to install and allows scalability.

Pricing Plans

Gear Up

Up to 50 devices

$24 per device / per year

Go Pro

Up to 100 devices

$21 per device / per year

Business BIG

Above 100 devices

$18 per device / per year

Solution Use Cases

The ability to easily control switching mechanisms between work and personal profiles on a mobile device can bring innovative solutions across industries.

tow truck

Logistics & Transportation

Reduce the chances of device misuse by fleet drivers by locking the device in work mode while on duty.

cargo truck dispatch


Embrace mobile device usage for medical services without needing to worry about patient data security.

Cargo van mobisoft infotech

Field force management

Equip your field workers with the latest smartphones to efficiently carry out tasks without concerns of device misuse.

Order Delivery Mobisoft Infotech

Real Estate

Take full advantage of geo-location enabled apps coupled with our solution triggers for smart device deployment.

Garbage collection Mobisoft Infotech


Mass deploy mobile devices and tablets in retail stores as infotainment kiosks, self-ordering and more.

Truck Operator Mobisoft Infotech

Finance & Banking

Control malicious device use by your employees by keeping it restricted to a business profile under admin control.

Mobisoft & Enterprise Mobility

We are on a mission to help businesses and enterprises worldwide embrace mobility in the workplace and stay ahead of the curve. Our end-to-end mobility solutions fit all business segments across the industry verticals whether it be business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-enterprise (B2E).

About Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is an Android-based security solution that protects both device hardware and software to give a comprehensive multi-layered security for mobilized workforces. Knox Workspace is one such feature offered under the Knox platform that creates an on-device container giving devices a dual persona mode like the one used in our Corporate Toggle solution.

Know More About Knox