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Barcode Scanning

Extract information from one or more barcodes from a single scan. Add a barcode scanning button to a keyboard, OEM, or other smart devices and process a much faster scan.


QR Code Scanning

Interpret information, display images, and other 2D objects from web pages, print media, and smart devices.


Text Recognition Scanning (OCR)

Read any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, style, font, or color, and extract useful information.

Key Features and Capabilities of Our Solutions

Multi-Code Scanning

Any Device Compatibility (BYOD)

High-Speed Response

GS1 Complaint

Tough Code Handling

Multi-Code Recognition

Wide Angle Alignment

Low Light Management

Long-Distance Resolution

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel

Initiate Pleasant Passenger Traveling Experience and Automated Airport Operations

  • Increase airport efficiency at entry gates, check-in points, and luggage drop through airport scanner apps and document scanning solutions.
  • Provide better communication infrastructure between the on-ground crew and in-flight attendants to ensure proper inventory management and passenger comfort.
  • Enable passenger ID self-scanning and check-in through barcode scanner and digital identification applications.
  • Automate document verification, in-flight purchases, baggage handling operations through digital scanning solutions.
  • Instant tracking operations through scalable support and accuracy, enhancing the passenger experience.

How Scanning Works in Airport Operations

Offer higher convenience to passengers by digitizing In-flight or on-ground operations through digital scanning solutions for air travel. Deliver quick e-passenger information, inventory maintenance, baggage tracking, instant check-in, and more with airport scanner apps.


Perform m-Check from anywhere, anytime - passenger check-ins can be performed by service agents through barcode scanning solutions and avoid standing in line. With a direct line of communication connecting airport staff, the scanning solution enables passengers to receive real-time updates on-flight information, seat allotment, and expected time of departure or arrival.

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel

Boarding Pass and ID Check

Verify passengers’ identity by quickly scanning boarding passes, documents, and passports from anywhere in the airport area through the boarding pass scanner. Passengers can self-scan their documents before boarding with their smart devices, reducing wait time at the airport counters.

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel

Boarding Gate mAgents

Maintain contact between on-ground staff and in-flight crew by placing mAgents at checkpoints for transparent communication. Digital scanning solutions for air travel can produce systemic scanning of boarding passes and passports by mAgents, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) during onboarding through synchronized information.

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel

Baggage Tracking

Track baggage and get real-time information of baggage placed at various locations like drop points, open bins, etc. Rerouting or baggage misplacement or luggage mishandling are instantly notified to the on-ground staff through the scanning system. Smart scanning devices include all the information related to baggage placement, flight details, destinations, etc.

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel


Track and find all the spare parts used or placed at multiple locations in the airport or aircraft. Ensure efficient maintenance, inventory management, and service tracking through real-time updates, enterprise-level barcode, and QR code scanning solutions. Decrease excess cost for airport operations for both ground and in-flight maintenance.

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel

Inventory Control

Track in-flight inventories like consumable meals, foods and beverages, and other merchandise for sufficient inventory supplies before take-off through scanning software before the expected time of departure. Simply optimize the inventory level and movements of the items, assisting flight and on-ground crews to restock deficit supplies in the inventory through the data inputs received during inventory scanning.

Digital Scanning Solutions for Air Travel

How Scanning Works For Passengers

Let the passengers gather flight-related information, self-scan documents, get notified regarding airport accessibilities, and more from the airport. Allow them to experience the luxuries of world-class traveling with smartphone-based digital scanning solutions.

ID Self-Scanning

Enable passengers to self-scan their ID and passport data into the system to reduce any human error using the mobile scanning software. Self-scanning can be easily performed at home or in-transit to the airport through the mobile-driven scanning solution, accelerating quick check-in and reducing extra wait time.

Real-Time Information

Provide real-time information to passengers on air-travel instantly on their smartphones only. Passengers are updated about their flight plan and arrival/departure times through a digital scanning solution.

Lounge and In-Flight Services

Keep passengers updated regarding their flight accessibility through air travel apps. Assist passengers regarding airport lounge facilities through a simple scan. Discounts for frequent fliers and take payment (mPos) options are informed by the flight crew to passengers. Services also include information regarding any connecting flights during the journey.

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