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Barcode Scanning

Extract information from one or more barcodes from a single scan. Add a barcode scanning button to a keyboard, OEM, or other smart devices and process a much faster scan.


QR Code Scanning

Interpret information, display images, and other 2D objects from web pages, print media, and smart devices.


Text Recognition Scanning (OCR)

Read any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, style, font, or color, and extract useful information.

Key Features and Capabilities of Our Solutions

Multi-Code Scanning

Any Device Compatibility (BYOD)

High-Speed Response

GS1 Complaint

Tough Code Handling

Multi-Code Recognition

Wide Angle Alignment

Low Light Management

Long-Distance Resolution


Drive Operational Excellence in Your Supply Chain Management Workflows

  • Perform the last mile, every mile, and tracking of deliveries by effectively collaborating from distribution centers to the point of delivery.
  • Quickly identify, sort, and load parcels and packages into the dedicated vehicles using mobile-based barcode scanning applications.
  • Implement special requirements and instructions for designated consignments.
  • Real-time tracking to and from customer touchpoints during pick up and drop off empowers agents and distribution centers to effective error detection.

How Scanning Works at Distribution Centers

At distribution centers, workers can simply search, identify, sort, and load the packages using camera-based warehouse scanning systems. Also, reduce the manual process of checking packages, save time, and speed up the process.

Distribution Center

Load the packages in the most suitable order after simply scanning one or more barcode labels at once.

Easily identify special packages like high-value, fragile or time-sensitive items with particular delivery instructions.

Instantly scan multiple sets of packages with special instructions at once, and sort the data efficiently as per priority.

Track and manage the real-time status of the parcels from pickup to delivery. Immediately scan the parcel, pick, ship, verify, and update the status.

Keep track of your inventories using an inventory scanning system. Add new items, update item counts per the status of shipment or arrival, remove the item from the list, and reduce transactional entry errors.

Identify, capture, retrieve, or extract the data of various activities performed at the distribution center and optimize workflows by simply using warehouse scanning solutions.

Simply scan and store receipts with a high level of accuracy, segregate, classify, validate, and automate the entire process using mobile scanning software.

Recognize and validate the returned packages in the center. And proceed further for either restoration or replacement of the package from the vendor.

Streamline and optimize your workflows, including managing inventory flow, delivery schedules, real-time communication with scanning systems for warehouse management.

How Scanning Works at the “Point of Delivery”

At the time of delivery, drivers can just scan one or more barcode labels and get the entire parcel details in their devices with specific delivery instructions, status, proof of delivery, etc. using digital scanning solutions designed to optimize the entire supply chain management operations.

Point of Delivery

Driver Search & Find

Quickly check customer’s parcel details, specific parcel or delivery instructions, next order summary, etc. by scanning multiple barcodes at once.

Digital Parcel Status Check

Drivers can recognize and check the status of delivery instructions like special parcels, their temperature requirements.

Proof of Delivery

Drivers can validate the delivery status by taking a photo, electronic signature, or identification verification using smartphones.

How Scanning Works at Pickup and Dropoff

Get delivery information - delivered or undelivered parcel, using our comprehensive logistics scanning software so as to search and sort the parcel.

Depot Search & Find

Find the correct parcel instantly with specific instructions from the depot and deliver the parcel to customers smoothly.

Depot Search & Find

Remote Pickup

Get on the spot pickup details like a receipt, proof of delivery, etc. when customers pick up parcels from third-party locations.

Remote Pickup

Undelivered Parcel Sorting

Retrieve parcel information, especially undelivered parcels, so as to sort and redirect the package as quickly as possible.

Undelivered Parcel Sorting

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