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Barcode Scanning

Extract information from one or more barcodes from a single scan. Add a barcode scanning button to a keyboard, OEM, or other smart devices and process a much faster scan.


QR Code Scanning

Interpret information, display images, and other 2D objects from web pages, print media, and smart devices.


Text Recognition Scanning (OCR)

Read any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, style, font, or color, and extract useful information.

Key Features and Capabilities of Our Solutions

Multi-Code Scanning

Any Device Compatibility (BYOD)

High-Speed Response

GS1 Complaint

Tough Code Handling

Multi-Code Recognition

Wide Angle Alignment

Low Light Management

Long-Distance Resolution

Digital Scanning Solutions for Automobile Rental

Facilitate Better Customer Experience with Contactless Automobile Renting Process

  • Optimize your data collection process - vehicle rental documents like vehicle registration, maintenance papers, customer documents, invoices, etc.
  • Fast-track the process of booking vehicles online, eliminating the need to visit the rental facility and face to face interaction with personnel.
  • Track the real-time status of vehicles and booking - upcoming or completed, pick-up, and delivery points.
  • Empower customers with a self-scanning ecosystem by equipping them with a convenient option to meet their last-minute vehicle rental requirements.
  • Have complete visibility of automobile quality checks, vehicle maintenance, and component damage information.

How Scanning Works in Vehicle Rentals

Automate and manage all the aspects of your vehicle rental business using cutting-edge automobile rental software solutions. Let your customers embrace QR code scanning technology to make their online vehicle booking process easier like checking the availability of vehicles, types of vehicles, price quotations, maintenance and repair details, and more.

Online Booking

Let your customers book vehicles online via their smartphones only, eliminating the need to visit the rental facility. Quickly scan administrative documents like driving license and vehicle details through an integrated digital scanning solution that captures customers as well as vehicle registration details through OCR scanning technology, making it easier to retrieve customer data in the future.

Contactless Pick-up

Offer a contactless vehicle rental experience to your customers by enabling them easy access to vehicles. Customers can scan the ID and driving license from mobile scanning software after completing the booking process to gain access to vehicle keys and other relevant information.

Contactless Drop-off

After convenient vehicle access, let your customers complete the vehicle check-out or delivery process by scanning the vehicle’s ID number, driving license, and perform a contactless signature from their smartphones only.

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