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Barcode Scanning

Extract information from one or more barcodes from a single scan. Add a barcode scanning button to a keyboard, OEM, or other smart devices and process a much faster scan.


QR Code Scanning

Interpret information, display images, and other 2D objects from web pages, print media, and smart devices.


Text Recognition Scanning (OCR)

Read any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, style, font, or color, and extract useful information.

Key Features and Capabilities of Our Solutions

Multi-Code Scanning

Any Device Compatibility (BYOD)

High-Speed Response

GS1 Complaint

Tough Code Handling

Multi-Code Recognition

Wide Angle Alignment

Low Light Management

Long-Distance Resolution

Digital Scanning Solutions for Warehouse Management | Warehouse Digitization

Automate Your Warehouse Management Processes to Improve Order to Delivery Experience

  • Have complete visibility of your inventory levels, assets, and storage utilization for greater productivity and increased inventory accuracy.
  • Experience complete transparency in orders like order fulfillment or reordering using the warehouse management system.
  • Let your warehouse workers carry out routine workflows faster by replacing manual work with mobile-driven scanning solutions.
  • Sort, search, track, and find particular goods, parts, or equipment quickly to increase operational efficiency.
  • Handle special instructions for specific products to ensure product handling compliance.

How Scanning Works at Warehouse

From identifying, sorting, tracking to managing the movement of goods, automate, and streamline the warehouse operations with digital scanning solutions for warehouse management. Manage a larger number of items with minimized human errors, utilize warehouse space, increase the mobility of your workforce, and a lot more to increase interconnectivity and digitize your warehouse landscape.

Search and Find

Quickly identify a specific item from a shelf or pile of packages and save your time. The integrated mobile scanning solution scans all the information on items and highlights the correct item on the screen.


Improve warehouse receiving efficiency by identifying, sorting, and stocking received shipment on the facility to ensure smoother delivery or order fulfillment. Accurately inspect and count the items using a mobile-based warehouse scanning system.


Simply identify, sort, load, and dispatch the right order by hovering over items on the shelf using the warehouse scanning solution. Check the real-time information of the shipment - shipping the right order, transit mode to on-time delivery.

Inventory Management

Have complete visibility of inventory levels in your facility. Access all the information related to inventory on your smart device, keep an accurate count of inventory, materials, equipment, and identify damaged or missing items with the warehouse inventory management software solution.

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