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Custom Limo App Development Solution for All


Global Startups

Launch Your Branded Limo Booking App

We provide leading-edge on-demand technology to build limo startups and aggregator platforms.


Limo Fleet Businesses

Build Your Aggregator Platform

Connect your limo fleet to users online and grow your business in an efficient way.



Enterprises Requirement Solution

We offer white label limo app solution for enterprises to accomplish their business transportation needs.


Dedicated Panel for the Manual Dispatch Operators

The smart limo app solution allows dispatchers to manage all the ride related activities in a minimal time frame.

Surge Pricing

Algorithmically controlled dynamic pricing to handle demand and supply mismatch.

Number Masking

Keep passenger phone numbers hidden during calls for better privacy.

Business Profile

Option to set up a separate profile for business travel and expense management.

Ride Passes

Issue ride passes that for offers multiple rides at discounted rates.

Pickup Suggestions

Passengers get smart suggestions to choose faster pickup points near them.

In-app chat

Allow passengers and chauffeurs to chat with support from within the apps.

VoIP Calls

Allow calls over data or Wifi between passengers and chauffeurs.

Web App

Allow your passengers to book from the mobile web without needing an app.

Call Bookings

Integrate customer booking requests through calls with your dispatch system.

Operational Zone Setup

Set up the region of operations to accordingly receive and dispatch requests.

Flat Pricing

Set up flat fare for popular routes like airport pick up and drops.

Chauffeur Destinations

Chauffeurs can opt once or twice a day to for a preferred direction trip.

Chauffeur Accounts

A record of income reports, encashed requests, admin approvals, and bank transfers.

Calendar Integration

Passengers can opt-in to share their calendar events for destination suggestions.

Multi-lingual Support

Our app solution is built to support multiple languages for different regions.


Optimal Passenger Convenience with Limo App Solution

Limo passenger app to maximize interaction, offer greater conversion through a comprehensive solution.

Fully Branded

Get a fully branded limo app solution that is tailored to your business needs.

Native Experience

Get the native, feature-packed iOS and Android apps for best performance.

Easy Onboarding

New app users can get started with email and phone number registration methods.

Quick Bookings

Intuitive app UI to make bookings in a few simple taps.

Schedule a Ride

Feature to schedule a ride for a future date, time, and location.

Ride Details

Passengers receive all the relevant ride information after a successful booking.

Live Tracking

Accurate ETA updates and real-time tracking of the limo on a map.

Fare Estimates

Show upfront fares based on the pickup and drop points provided.

Emergency Button

In-app SOS button for issuing emergency alerts to the admin.

Discount Codes

Passengers can easily apply any promo codes while booking a ride.

Referral Program

Reward app users for sharing their referral code and getting new signups.

Seamless Payments

Hassle-free ride payments with multiple payment options.

Notification Alerts

Timely alerts for important events via push and SMS notifications.

Ratings & Reviews

Passengers can rate their ride experience post every trip through the app.

Trip Sharing

Passengers can share their trip progress with others for safety reasons.

Trip History

Full passenger trip history for past, ongoing, and upcoming requests.

Mark Favorites

Passengers can save frequently used pickup and drop points for faster bookings.

Pickup Suggestions

Predictive pickup suggestions based on a passenger's past booking history.

Book For Others

A useful feature to book a ride for other people when needed.

Profile Management

A dedicated section in the app for users to manage and edit their account information.

Help & Support

Section to check FAQs, contact customer support and provide feedback.

Business Profile

Option to add a business profile for work associated trips.

In-app Chat

Feature for passengers and chauffeurs to communicate via in-app chat.

Number Masking

Keep passengers’ numbers hidden from chauffeurs during calls.

Surge Pricing

Dynamic, algorithmic fare calculation for ride requests.


Dynamic Limo App Solution for Chauffeur’s Tasks

Our limo app solution allows the Chauffeurs to easily manage the bookings and maintain a track record on each ride along with revenue.

Easy Registration

Chauffeurs Can quickly add the necessary details and request a signup.

Availability Button

Chauffeurs can mark themselves online or offline anytime and stay flexible.

Real-time Requests

Chauffeurs get notified for new requests with pickup details.


Intuitive interface to accept rides in a limited time frame.

Trip Information

Chauffeurs get essential details about their passengers for a seamless pickup and drop.


Built-in navigation with Google maps provides the best route, and ETA information.

Contact Passenger

Chauffeurs can call passengers for any clarification on pickup location.

Start/End Trip

Chauffeurs mark when arriving, start and end a trip to get automated bills.

Accept Cash Payments

Chauffeurs can mark a payment as cash after a trip’s completion when needed.

Chauffeur Dashboard

Chauffeurs get useful stats and insights on their trips, performance and feedback.

Rate Passenger

Chauffeurs also get an option to rate the passengers after the completion of a successful trip.

Cancel Booking

Chauffeurs also get the option to cancel a trip from their end when required.

SOS Alerts

Chauffeurs can report an emergency to the control center from the app.

Help & Support

Chauffeurs related queries can be addressed with in-app support and FAQ options.

Driver Destination

Chauffeurs can get rides in a particular direction by providing a destination choice.


A Central Management Hub for Limo Business Owners

Web admin panel in limo app solution offers holistic business analysis for making a resourceful decision.

Secure Login

2-factor authentication for your team to securely access the admin console.

Custom Dashboard

A highly customizable dashboard to get a high-level operational overview.

User Access Controls

Assign and control granular access levels to multiple users of the admin panel.

Automatic Dispatch

A sophisticated algorithm to automatically assign new trip bookings to chauffeurs.

Manual Dispatch

Option to manually handle booking requests by your dispatch team.

Chauffeur Management

Add and manage the entire network, their payouts, feedback and more.

User Management

Manage your app user base, booking data, queries, feedback and more.

Manage Categories

Define and manage all the ride options you want to offer through the app.

Manage Tariffs

Configure the limo fare calculation settings, surge pricing, bill generation, etc.

Live Fleet Tracking

Keep a watch on the entire network with real-time status on a map.

Payments Management

Manage accounts, payment gateways, payment modes, commissions and more.

Notifications Management

Configure notification channels (push, SMS and email), message content and logic.

Promotions Management

Set up and run promo codes, discount offers and track their performance.

Zone Management

Define your area of operations from an easy to use interface with maps support.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage data for data-driven decision making with key insights and numbers.

Mobile Web Bookings

Launch a progressive web app as an added booking channel for your customers.

Call Bookings Support

Add support for a phone booking channel to your platform.

Physical Meters Support

Meet regulatory requirements for physical meters in certain cities.

Flat Pricing

Add and manage flat fare calculation for predefined routes and timings.

Bring Automation and Efficiency to Your Limo Booking Business

We build customized and robust limo car booking app that assists your businesses in a long run.

Benefits of Limo App Development Solution

We deliver top-notch app development solution for businesses and limo startups with some key advantages.

White Label & Customizable

A fully white label limo app solution with your business logo and branding plus the option for custom features and integrations.

Pre-built Solution

A ready to deploy base limo app solution for a faster time to market, saving valuable time and money.

On-Premise Deployment

Our solution is deployed on your private servers to provide full control over the valuable user data generated.

Domain Expertise

Leverage our expertise in on-demand limo app development domain.

Global Solution

Multi-language and multi-currency support ensures that the limo solution can work in many countries across the globe.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Out of the box support for popular payment gateways and easy addition of new ones as per the business needs.

Intuitive User Experience

Creatively designed app and web interfaces to offer an amazing user experience to all the stakeholders.

End-to-End Support

End-to-End Support by our team of limo app developers to ensure seamless deployment and launch.

Implementation & Launch

A personalized engagement model for startups and entrepreneurs to build their own limo app.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Personalized interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering.

  • Payments Integration

    Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.

  • Notifications Integration

    Push notifications, email updates, and SMS alerts setup.

  • Server Setup And Backup

    On-premise deployment of the limo car-hailing solution for full data control.

  • Analytics Integration

    Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.

  • App Store Submissions

    Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Dedicated launch and technical support for smooth operations.


A Flexible Solution to Build for Multiple Use Cases

Our limo app solution can be tweaked and pivoted with minimal effort to power unique transportation application ideas for startups and businesses.

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