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Achieve Operational Excellence & Enhanced Patience Experience

Whether it's a single pharmacy or multiple chains of stores, operate your entire pharmacy’s operations via a single unified digital solution. With our Rx Med Pulse, keep your pharmacy’s business workflows simple and streamlined. Get direct insights into reports and individual store level performance through our Interactive KPI dashboard. Enhance patient experience, boost loyalty, and promote engagement by simplifying their pharmacy needs with Rx Med Pulse.

Our solution offering can drive the best patient outcomes keeping convenience, satisfaction, and effective communication in mind. Offer customers the key factors that drive business excellence, such as Convenience, Customer Satisfaction, and Communication.

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A simple and user-friendly app, Rx Med Pulse, facilitates instant communication connecting pharmacies and patients. The mobile app for patients makes refill requests, transfers Rx, sets reminders, and simplifies their pharmacy needs. Pharmacies can easily track orders from patients and fulfill the entire workflow seamlessly that can help to review and track their ROI.

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Customer Satisfaction

With the world-class pharmacy management system, pharmacies can provide value-added patient services by enabling pickup and delivery options. Pharmacies can promote patient engagement through various loyalty programs, promotions, ensure safety and reliability with their prescription information, and achieve customer satisfaction.

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A fully integrated pharmacy solution helps pharmacies keep their customers up to date with important reminders and real-time notifications. Improving patient outcomes has become easy with our highly-secure and patient-centric communication tool that updates patients through customized text messages, voice calls, or email.

Prescription Processing Made Easy with Rx Med Pulse

Keeping in mind the operations of a single, specialty, or retail pharmacy chains, Rx Med Pulse is designed to provide a strong backbone to run the pharmacy operations smoothly. Streamline your prescription process workflows, monitor inventories, performance, manage staff, and customers with our business intelligence platform.

  • Streamline and route your workflows with multiple systems
  • Reduce operational costs with automation
  • Manage and customize pharmacy operations for single or multiple locations
  • Track your prescription and automate inventory management functions
  • Reduce manual work, train your staff and monitor performance
RX med pulse
  • Secure, intuitive, and user-friendly and easy to use tool
  • Deliver prescriptions or OTC drugs accurately and efficiently
  • Ensure compliance with customer privacy and data security
  • Enhance customer experience while promoting engagement
  • Improve customer satisfaction with digital solutions
  • Customize reports to get detailed insights into daily operations

Integrate Mobile-based Scanning Technology for Smart Prescription Management and Dispensing Accuracy

Identify, track, sort, verify, and compare medications with a simple scan as per prescription order for accurate medication dispensing. From inventory management to managing the entire pharmacy workflows, perform all the processes smoothly while reducing medication errors.

Video Courtesy: Scandit
  • A turnkey scanning technology by Scandit that can be easily added to a prescription management app
  • Superior scanning capabilities supporting multiple scans of medications at once with a smart device
  • Identify and verify prescriptions to ensure correct medication is dispensed
  • Keep medication-related stock, and inventory levels correct to boost operational efficiency
  • Access vital information related to medications
  • And a lot more to automate your prescription management operations

Solution Overview

Switch to simpler, smoother, and integrated prescription management with our feature-rich and customizable Online Prescription App

Easy Onboarding

Get started by simply registering with your mobile number or email or securely log into your account.

Manage Profile

Add and update your personal information, insurance details, payment and delivery-related information for your orders. Add details of your family member and manage their account(s).

Pharmacy Locator

Instantly find nearby pharmacies by entering your zip code or using your current location. Check store hours, contact number, directions, and ratings.

Prescription Info

Access all the useful information related to prescription like a detailed description of a drug, key ingredients, directions to use, side effects, prescription history, and more.

Manage Prescriptions

Add a prescription by uploading e-copy or scanning files. Easily view and manage prescriptions - check refill status, prescriber, and pharmacy details, set reminders to refill prescriptions, etc.

Prescriber Info

Get information about the prescriber - name, email, phone number, list of drugs prescribed, peculiarities of taking drugs, and refill date.

Prescription Ordering

Order prescription online from any pharmacy from your smartphone or computer by scanning a barcode or entering prescription details. You can save products for future orders.


Save the prescription to your quick list “Favorites” and order them whenever you want, as this is the quickest route to make an order and save your time.

Online Payment

Order or reorder drugs using multiple payment options. You can save multiple payment methods and update payment preferences. Apply promo code to avail discounts and save money.

Order Tracking

Get to know the status of your order - accepted, not yet dispatched, dispatched, in transit, delivered, etc.

Prescription Refills

Opt for online prescription refills per the direction of a valid prescription from the prescriber. Quickly reorder by scanning the barcode or adding a prescription number.

Refill Reminders

Turn the toggle button on or off as per your prescription information. And get the drugs when needed to be delivered at your home.

Transfer Rx

Instantly transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy store just by uploading e-prescription or adding the prescription name and number.

Smart Notifications

Get reminders when to refill prescriptions. Also, get alerts in case of order placement, dispatch status, and payment process.

Help & Support

Resolve your query about the app, update your profile and password, get to know terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

Pharmacy Web Portal

Admin Panel

Comprehensive Dashboard

Keep an eye on pharmacy operations from the dashboard. Get all the stats and summary of actions like total orders - new or canceled, products- active or inactive, revenue, and more.

Manage Patients

View and manage patient profiles. Also, add a new patient, and take control via activating or deactivating their accounts when needed.

Manage Prescriptions

Manage the master data of prescriptions - add new drugs, add new categories, update, or delete prescription-related data.

Manage Orders

Simply manage all orders in one place. Check new orders and their status - approved, rejected, confirmed, shipped, canceled, returned, etc. Change the status of each order.

Manage Pharmacists and Staff

Create accounts for multiple pharmacy locations, pharmacists, and staff to smoothen the process of online prescriptions. Update, manage, and even delete their roles from the portal.

Payments and Offers

Integrate multiple payment gateways, create various promotional offers to enable discounts to patients, and view all transactions.

Customized Reports

Get detailed insights into the operational process and performance of the store with the customized reports so as to make futuristic decisions.

Notification Management

Send customized notifications via email or SMS from the portal to pharmacists and patients to keep them updated.

Multiple Integrations

Combine multiple integrations - payment, SMS, email, push notification, etc. in one place to make an online pharmacy app and software manageable for any users.

Digitize Prescriptions

Improve patient experience and reduce the administrative burden and costs by digitizing the prescriptions.

Provide Support

Enhance overall patient experience by providing assistance to them via phone and optional in-app chat tool.

Optional Features

Health Feed

Enable various feeds related to healthcare and pharmacy to keep users informed about it to promote their health and well-being.

Rate & Review

Add in-app rate and review feature that enables users to share reviews about products or pharmacists.

In-app TeleConsultation

Add one of the helpful features for patients that enables them to connect directly with a healthcare professional and avail Teleconsultation.

Multi-language Support

Make your prescription refill app accessible from any region by anyone in their preferred language.

Book Laboratory Services

Enable your patients to book and manage laboratory tests online through a mobile app.

Logistics Integration

Conveniently integrate third-party logistics partners to enable doorstep delivery.

Launch Your Own Highly Secured Online Prescription Management Software Solution and Help Patients to Manage Their Health

Our team will help you immediately start your own the best online pharmacy that simplifies prescription management workflows and improves productivity.

Why use Rx Med Pulse?

Our HIPAA compliant centralized platform simplifies the workflow that helps you to enhance operational efficiency and improve ROI.

Fully Customizable

Meet your pharmacy business needs via custom features, multiple integrations, and other enhancements with our white-label online prescription software solution to improve your ROI.

HIPAA Compliant

All the data stored within the system is fully encrypted under HIPAA guidelines. Experience the secured and controlled operational workflows.

Robust and Scalable

Add more digital capabilities that address your business needs using our highly scalable prescription solution, packed with a powerful technology stack.

Native User Experience

Get all in one prescription management experience on both the platform - Android and iOS.

Save Time and Money

Reduce offline and manual process of managing prescriptions. Simply manage everything from one place and save your time and money.

Integrated Prescription Management

View, manage, and take control of your entire database of drugs from a single unified platform.

Leverage the Power of Technology to Your Online Pharmacy Operations with our Rx Med Pulse

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