Why are Social Determinants of Health Important?

Social determinants of health (SDoH) has been an important topic in today's healthcare environment and has extended beyond the four walls of a clinical setting since they shape the conditions of a person's daily life. SDoH occurs differentially across social groups, limiting life spans as well as socio-economic mobility. Community Health Centers play a significant role in integrating multiple community-specific medical and social needs to improve healthcare outcomes.

Why are Social Determinants of Health Important?

Challenges faced by Community Health Centers

Funding Utilization

Limited Resources

Fragmented Systems

Government Regulations & New Policies/Rules

Increased Compliance & Administrative Costs

Delayed Care Due to Manual Operational Processes

Lack of Digital Solutions to Streamline Multiple Workflows

Improving Community Health Requires Collaboration With Multiple Stakeholders

Social Determinants of Health

Promote Well-Being and Good Health of Communities to Address SDoH

With this most comprehensive solution, identify and address the most important social determinants of health using multiple approaches aligned with your business goals and strategy. Considering other socio-economic, cultural, and geographic barriers to health care needs, we help Community Health Centers to implement new strategies to increase the efficiencies in health care delivery.

Improve Patient Awareness

Digital solutions enable communities with populations that are medically underserved, uninsured, underinsured, and have low income to have a better understanding of healthcare and social needs related services/benefits offered by the health centers and plans.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Seamless integration of communities with service providers, technology, and payors in the healthcare ecosystem facilitates on-demand services like quick transportation ride, food, or prescription delivery to bridge the care gap and align operational and clinical processes.

Enhance Stakeholder Engagement

Encourages engagements with multiple stakeholders like healthcare systems, providers, patients, decision-makers, community benefit coordinators, and social workers to address SDoH barriers.

Reduce Costs

Manage all the healthcare, transportation, food, medication-related needs from a single platform or using our standalone application, reducing overall costs, and streamlining administrative workflows.

Reward Program and Other Benefits

Engage patients in a more meaningful way by providing food vouchers, nutrition counseling, wellness benefits, other healthcare, and non-healthcare related benefits to motivate them for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Integrated Solution Offering

Our integrated portal can be tailored to serve your community-specific multiple needs to address the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) that can enhance the quality of life. Expand access to primary & preventive care, transportation, pharmacy services, and meal delivery services via our integrated portal to improve patient outcomes along with other services that can increase healthcare access for people of all groups.

Social Determinants of Health

Telemed Pulse

Access to Healthcare

Patients can connect and consult primary care physicians and other specialists anytime, anywhere. It enables community health centers to streamline clinical operations, managing and scheduling appointments for patients. It also increases operational efficiency by allowing administrative collaboration with providers & patients to serve community needs.

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Social Determinants of Health

NEMT Pulse

Access to Transportation

A white label dispatch solution to automate the NEMT process. It helps patients meet their healthcare transportation needs by providing non-emergency medical transportation to and from doctors appointments, pharmacy visits, grocery shopping etc.

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Social Determinants of Health

Food Pulse

Access to Meal

The on-demand meal delivery platform facilitates people with delightful food ordering experience and making healthy food choices. It enables meal delivery services and various food purchasing options.

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Social Determinants of Health

Rx Med Pulse

Access to Medicine

The online pharmacy app enables convenient access to medicines by connecting customers with local pharmacies. A fully customizable solution comes packed with features like prescription ordering, refills, reminders, pick-up, and delivery options.

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Key Features of Integrated Solution

Build healthier communities with our feature-rich, flexible, and scalable solution(s) that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system. A well-coordinated approach to serve your community better and deliver personalized services.

  • HIPAA compliant and branded solution to improve community health outcomes
  • Highly secure and interoperable solution
  • Integrated platform to manage telemedicine, transportation, pharmacy and meal delivery services under one portal
  • Manage patient profiles, service workflows, and enhance community engagement
  • Automate care coordination and operational process
  • Mobile & Web app for patients, providers & admin

Case Study

See how Community Health Group in San Diego, California, addressed their 200,000+ patient needs related to Transportation via our NEMT Pulse solution.