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Our Security and Penetration Testing Services

Collaborate with one of the top penetration testing companies in India and USA for optimal risk management. We offer a complete range of security and penetration testing services to generate smart, simplistic, and safer user experiences.

Physical Penetration Testing

Hire an experienced physical penetration tester to evaluate all physical security controls and restrict attackers from accessing unwanted areas and sensitive information.

Network Penetration Testing

We help you imitate real-world attacks to ensure timely analysis of vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your network infrastructure in the best possible way.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Hire vetted security professionals to identify all the system shortcomings, quantify the expected damage, and plan remediation strategies for your wireless networks.

Segmentation Penetration Testing

Segregate your less secure networks from the networks that have a good security perimeter in place to restrict their medium of communication and interoperability effectively.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Assess the security perimeters of your mobile environment to enhance client-side security while regulating end-user behavior with our mobile application penetration testing services.

Web App Penetration Testing

Hire a web application penetration tester who follows necessary testing standards like CVSS, OWASP, PTES, and more to improve security across your websites and web applications.

IoT Penetration Testing

Our security experts help you pinpoint the major flaws in your overall connected ecosystem, including communication protocols, embedded software, servers, web interfaces, etc.

Cloud Penetration Testing

We concentrate on existing and emerging cloud-enabled threats to offer better test monitoring coverage and augment your capabilities to combat digital attacks.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

We plan and deploy the required phishing engagements to examine the capabilities of your teams and business processes and how they respond to an attack simulation.

API Penetration Testing

We help you conduct manual and automated penetration tests involving REST APIs and web/mobile APIs to have a brief overview of your API source code and backend app logic.

Remote Access Security Testing

Hire a certified penetration tester to ensure that your apps, systems, networks, and other related imperatives operate naturally while embracing a remote working environment.

Firewall Configuration Review

Our penetration testing experts help you identify unreliable configurations beforehand to execute modifications that offer an optimal level of security and reliability.

External Penetration Testing

Discover potential vulnerabilities across your devices, networks, applications, firewalls, etc., to avoid unauthorized access by leveraging our external penetration testing services.

Internal Penetration Testing

We offer superior internal penetration testing services to help validate the time and effort an attacker needs to exploit your security infrastructure after gaining access.

Penetration Testing Made Easy

We follow different penetration testing styles to cater to your unique set of requirements hassle-free. Our security experts expose your applications and systems to multiple testing environments without compromising on quality by providing top-notch security and penetration testing services.

Black Box Penetration Testing

Prioritize simulation of a digital threat under real, controlled situations to identify and remove potential vulnerabilities within your application or network.

White Box Penetration Testing

Save time and reduce the entire cost of test coverage by simulating a targeted attack on a particular system by exploiting all possible attack vendors.

Grey Box Penetration Testing

Imitate an internal breach or attack on the network perimeter to determine the level of accessibility that users gain and its impact on the system.

Red Teaming

Promote penetration testing by imitating adversary, real-world attack techniques to exploit various potential weaknesses within your cyber defenses.

Blue Teaming

Establish an incident response mechanism to make improvements and reduce the possibility of threats while protecting your network from possible risks.

Purple Teaming

Practice continuous feedback and knowledge sharing to accurately imitate common threat scenarios and maximize the impact of vulnerability detection.

Penetration Testing Tools We Use

Hire a penetration tester or a team of security professionals proficient in various popular tools and technologies.

Penetration Testing Tools We Use


  • Zed Attack Proxy
  • Metasploit
  • SQLMap
  • NMAP
  • Burp Suite


  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Drozer
  • WhiteHat Security


  • Postman
  • Insomnia
  • Apache JMeter

Hire Penetration Testers to Curate a Secure and Intrusion-proof IT Environment

Join hands with the most trusted security and penetration testing company equipped with a seasoned team of vetted pen-testers and IT security professionals who are committed to extending all the needed support to prioritize vulnerability fixes with quick turnaround times. You can hire a penetration tester on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis for your project requirements.

Why Penetration Testing is Important

Pen testing helps you evaluate whether your product enhancement and security strategies are capable enough to run against break-ins from various malicious entities. It helps you -

Reveal vulnerabilities, digital threats, and malicious infiltration activities

Enhance cyber-defense capabilities and remediate security shortcomings

Avoid unwanted system downtime and unauthorized accessibility issues

Comply with industry-acclaimed standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more

Eliminate the possibility of costly data breaches and loss of operability

Analyze IT infrastructure to protect sensitive business assets and endpoints

Discover new system weaknesses and simulated web-based discrepancies

Build the needed trust and credibility across all the key stakeholders

Penetration Testing Process

We follow a robust, cost-effective approach that is divided into six key penetration testing phases that help you build error-free applications, secure sensitive data, and improve the overall business workflow.

Phase 1


  • Understanding your requirements
  • Analyzing the vulnerabilities and errors
  • Evaluating the complexity of the system architecture

Phase 2


  • Defining the scope of the penetration attack
  • Devising security policies and standards
  • Selecting the required devices and testing tools

Phase 3


  • Performing static or dynamic analysis
  • Scanning system and network weaknesses
  • Identifying old or unpatched components exploited for targeted attacks

Phase 4


  • Selecting weak points to penetrate in particular
  • Infiltrating the infrastructure
  • Introducing malicious code or malware within the target environment

Phase 5


  • Escalating access privileges
  • Determining the availability of data and services
  • Discovering internal and external vulnerabilities

Phase 6


  • Analyzing test results
  • Preparing test summary report
  • Providing ad-hoc information

Why Hire Penetration Tester from Mobisoft

As a leading penetration testing service provider, we help you capitalize on potential business opportunities by rolling out an array of benefits.

  • End-to-end penetration testing consulting backed by advanced security standards
  • Access to popular penetration and security testing tools and technologies to speed up testing activities
  • Flexible engagement and hiring models to choose a security penetration tester or a dedicated team
  • Independent department to satisfy security testing requirements of diverse industry verticals
  • Ensure code confidentiality and safety with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Complete project transparency with a data-driven reporting mechanism
  • Deploy the best agile and DevOps automation practices to meet your penetration testing objectives
  • Flexibility to change or replace a penetration tester at any stage
  • Reduced costs associated with infrastructure, in-house hiring, and administration

How to Hire Security and Penetration Testers

We help you hire a penetration and vulnerability tester or onboard certified security experts of your choice in just six easy steps.


Share Your Project Requirements


Screen Resumes


Interview the Selected Candidates


Choose Engagement and Hiring Model


Finalize the Terms


Get Started

Engagement Models

Hire a seasoned penetration tester or a team by choosing an engagement model that best suits your project-specific needs.

Onsite Delivery Model

Plan, execute, and monitor necessary security and penetration tests by devising an experienced team of pentesters at your location.

Offshore Delivery Model

Cut overhead costs and mitigate potential risks by collaborating with pen testing experts from our dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE).

Hiring Models

Boost your continuous penetration and security testing initiatives and take your business to the next level with our flexible hiring models.


Suitable for large and long-term projects

Hire a dedicated application penetration tester or a team on a full-time or part-time basis to fulfill your complex, long-term project requirements.


Suitable for small-sized or short-term projects

Hire a penetration tester on an hourly basis to complete particular tasks or support your short-term projects.

Ready to Pentest with the Best Security Professionals?

We can help you hire a penetration tester or build your own team of certified security specialists to satisfy all your penetration and security testing requirements within budget.

Security and Penetration Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Penetration testing or pentesting is a contemporary approach to identifying and exploiting the vulnerabilities that affect your systems, applications, networks, endpoints, and more. The weakness discovered is then used to formulate a risk mitigation strategy, thereby reducing the possibility of hacking or other malicious activities.

Adopting penetration testing techniques for your apps and systems will expose your business to an array of benefits such as risk mitigation, improved responsiveness, faster time to market, reduced development cost, enhanced cyber-defense capabilities, timely test reviews, quality-based delivery, and so on.

Often, they are combined into a single Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service. However, when it comes to security assessment, both bring their own set of uniqueness to the table. While vulnerability scans use only automation tools to identify potential weaknesses, penetration tests aim to make a detailed analysis via an even mix of technology and human-driven approaches.

The three main types of penetration testing techniques include Black Box Penetration Testing, White Box Penetration Testing, and Grey Box Penetration Testing. Each of these techniques is backed by a different level of data and information sharing, which is used by the tester before and while performing necessary tests.

Penetration testers or pentesters or pen testing developers are nothing but certified testing professionals who successfully simulate attacks to verify the security standards of your apps, systems, and business processes. They use popular penetration testing tools and methodologies to identify and eliminate the shortcomings of a system.

The average cost to hire a penetration tester depends on your project requirements. Some aspects to keep in mind include project scope and size, type of product to be tested, advanced features and functionalities to add or improve (if any), security requirements, testing competency (manual and automation), technology know-how, the work experience and proficiency of the team, location, and so on. Please reach out to us for more information.

You can hire penetration testers or a team of IT security experts for your project in just six easy steps. Share your project requirements, screen resumes, interview the selected candidates, choose an engagement and hiring model, finalize the terms and conditions, and get started right away!

Our range of security and penetration services includes external penetration testing (pen testing), internal penetration testing, physical penetration testing, network penetration testing, wireless penetration testing, segmentation penetration testing, mobile app penetration testing, web app penetration testing, IoT penetration testing, cloud penetration testing, social engineering penetration testing, API penetration testing, remote access security testing, and firewall configuration review.

We are capable enough to deploy and use the tools and technologies that best suit your project-specific needs. Our penetration testing experts leverage a range of open-source and commercial pentesting tools, including Zed Attack Proxy, SQLMap, Android Debug Bridge, WhiteHat Security, Postman, Apache JMeter, and more.

We prioritize effective management of project-critical information, linked devices, code, and data accessibility. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure better project security and confidentiality.

Yes, you will. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the entire test cycle. A dedicated project manager is assigned to solve all your queries related to changes, modifications, and updates. You get enough visibility to track project progress with regular stand-up meetings and a robust reporting mechanism.

Yes, if you are well aware of your project requirements and end goals, then you can definitely choose our hourly model for the same. If not, you can go for our retainer model and hire penetration testing and security experts on a full-time or part-time basis.

Yes, you can scale your pen testing team as and when required. Depending on your project complexities and requirements, you can change your team size at any time and at any testing stage.

Our On-Demand Expertise to Build Secure Solutions