End-to-End Healthcare App Development Services

Our expert team of medical app developers, deep domain expertise, and a continuously growing healthcare client base make us an ideal digital healthcare technology partner.

Mobile Consulting

Being your digital healthcare technology partner and a top healthcare app development company, we offer expert guidance on healthcare mobility strategy and implementation.

mhealth App Development

Our expert healthcare app developers ensure HIPAA compliance, interoperability, and reliable healthcare applications for mobile, wearables and web for enhanced care delivery.

Back-end Implementation

We help you develop apps that are fully integrated with existing health IT infrastructure, make app EHR integration smoother, and cut back costs with effective back-end system development.

Third-party Integrations

We have extensive experience in integration with several platforms through SDK, and also develop middleware platforms to let your app connect to other non-mobile channels via robust APIs.

Security and Compliance

As a digital healthcare technology partner, we take patient data security very seriously and offer dedicated services to meet all the rules and regulations set by various healthcare authorities.

App Maintenance

With the app monitoring tools, we help you monitor and maintain your app performance and keep it consistent. Our maintenance support provides you several benefits such as auto backup, feature extension, usability enhancements, and more.

Our Healthcare App Expertise

We offer HIPAA compliant mhealth app development solutions and services for everything from appointment bookings to medication tracking.

Fitness Tracking Apps

From keeping track of physical activities to making daily workout plans, offer the best fitness tracking app to the health fanatics, and strengthen your business with a fully-featured fitness training solution.

Telemedicine Apps

With a blend of Information technology and telecommunication, offer an effective and affordable clinical health care at a remote place with the best telemedicine apps.

Hospital Wayfinding Apps

A convenient solution to help patients and visitors find the way around your clinic or hospital, search for physicians, departments, staff members, and more.

Medication Tracking Apps

Increase medication adherence and encourage your patients to stick to their regimen by tracking their meals, doses, and remind them to take medicines timely.

Migraine Tracking Apps

With a migraine tracking app, offer your patients a seamless solution to record and track their migraine duration, pain intensity, and frequency to get better care.

Condition-specific Apps

A connected patient-facing solution to empower your patients to take complete responsibility for their condition with post-discharge communication and automatic prescription reminder feature.

Emergency Assistance Apps

Whether it’s calling an ambulance or booking a lab test, provide your patients a round the clock option to call for emergency services in just a few clicks with emergency assistance apps.

Women’s Health Apps

A feature-rich, quality pregnancy tracker mobile app to keep women updated with their appointment schedules and provide information for pre and postnatal care, along with newborn infant care.

Personal Health Record Apps

Allow your patients to securely share their personal health records with doctors prior to the appointment, let doctors know the past history of patients before prescribing medication.

Diet and Nutrition Tracking Apps

An effective and affordable solution to help users find healthy foods in the nearby grocery stores and keep a track of their daily calorie intake and burning count with a diet and nutrition tracking app.

Embrace Digital Health With Our Mobility Services

Digital healthcare is becoming the new normal. We empower you to bring mobility into your existing workflows and deliver better patient care with our mhealth app development services.

Case Studies

Over the years, we have been addressing the core healthcare challenges and needs of our clients with sheer responsibility and confidence.

myhousecall healthcare client case study by mobisoft infotech



HIPAA compliant telemedicine app platform that seamlessly connects patients with doctors via secure video chat.

Key Features
  • Video calls
  • Document sharing during calls
  • Responsive web app
  • Organize and assign appointments
khushibaby healthcare client case study by mobisoft infotech



A mobile app for community health workers that interfaces with a digital necklace worn by patients via Near Field Communication.

Key Features
  • Wearable NFC technology
  • Easily update information with mobile app
  • Cloud-based dashboard
seremedi healthcare client case study by mobisoft infotech



Seremedi provides an easy-to-use platform for secure exchange of data and enhanced care coordination between patients and providers.

Key Features
  • Real-time syncing using GPS
  • Doctor’s location tracking
  • Real-time booking information
  • Complex CMS to manage
  • App compatibility

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Process

We follow an agile medical app development methodology that enables us to incrementally and iteratively build your healthcare app.

Requirement Analysis

  • Analyze user needs and requirements
  • Analyze compliance requirements
  • Develop a project execution plan

Design & Development

  • Finalize app UI/ UX
  • Choose the right technology and framework
  • The development process
  • Iterations and feedback

Compliance & Integrations

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Backend integrations
  • Interoperability

Testing and Deployment

  • Rigorous testing
  • Compliance check
  • Launch your mhealth app

Security & Compliance

Our mhealth apps are fully compliant with the strict privacy and security standards for patient health data.

hipaa compliant healthcare app development mobisoft infotech


We ensure that our healthcare apps are HIPAA compliant, i.e. the confidential information shared between patients and doctors are secured and protected, both at rest and in-transit.

2. FDA

Our mhealth apps are FDA compliant, which entails that apps used for regulating drug delivery, diagnosing critical conditions, monitoring critical care factors such as blood oxygen levels, recording doctor-patient conversations, and keeping patient’s personal data like their age or sex, and health history for counseling are compliant with FDA rules.


Every mhealth app we provide is HITECH compliant. They follow all the rules and successfully pass the security audits needed to ensure the strict enforcement of HIPAA-based Privacy and Security policy.


Our healthcare app developers ensure that your app works seamlessly with other software and hardware systems for the best outcomes.

Hardware & IoT

  • Integration with medical devices.
  • Integration with wearables
  • Integration with sensors.


  • Integration with patient/web portals.
  • Integration with EHR systems like Epic and Cerner.
  • Integration with other health IT systems (registration, billing, and scheduling, etc.)

We Build For All Major Mobile Health Platforms

Our healthcare application development team can develop novel apps leveraging popular health OS platforms and SDKs.

healthcare mobile app dev/apple healthkit app development mobisoft infotech

We can integrate HealthKit into your iOS and watchOS apps to create a personalized health and fitness experience. With Apple’s Healthkit API, health and fitness apps’ data can be shared with the latest iOS 8 mhealth apps. Apple’s Healthkit can be used as a hub for all the existing health and fitness applications on iOS. It lets users have more insights into their health and fitness lifestyles.

apple researchkit app development mobisoft infotech

We help medical researchers build apps to enroll participants and conduct studies with Apple Researchkit. Apple’s open source framework, Researchkit enables an iOS app to become an effective medical research tool. With the help of various customizable modules, researchers can create real-time dynamic tasks, surveys, and visual consent flows. As Researchkit works seamlessly with Apple’s Healthkit, medical researchers have access to more robust and meaningful data.

google fit app development mobisoft infotech

We can help you create smarter healthcare apps for Android with Google Fit. It’s an open platform that lets healthcare app developers to upload health and fitness data to the central repository from where users are allowed to control and access their fitness data from different apps and devices.

samsung health healthcare app development mobisoft infotech

With Samsung Health, we can build engaging fitness and wellbeing apps that run on all Android devices along with Samsung devices. It provides SDKs to help healthcare providers grow in an open environment with connecting devices and partner services.

Let’s Build Your Digital Health Startup

We partner with highly motivated digital health entrepreneurs to bring novel healthcare technologies to the market for accessible and affordable healthcare services.

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