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Transforming Healthcare Delivery by Mobilizing the Entire Ecosystem

Build a robust healthcare app that lowers healthcare service delivery barriers, increases operational efficiency, enhances patient engagement, and improves health outcomes by leveraging our mobile app development services.

Application for Healthcare Providers

Create highly adaptable, scalable, and flexible healthcare applications for swift patient-provider communication and consultation.

Healthcare Providers

Application for Healthcare Organizations

Build dynamic applications for your healthcare organization or facility to manage the in-house activities, patients' health, and digitize care coordination.

Healthcare Organizations

Application for Patients

Develop high-quality applications for patients to track and understand patient health conditions and ensure the right treatment plans along with differentiated experience.


Healthcare Mobile Application Development Services

Being a sought-after healthcare app development company in India and USA, we are well known for our expertise in building purpose-driven mobile applications that simplify clinical data management, patient treatment, coordination, care delivery, administrative tasks, and more through our healthcare app development services.

Health Mobile Applications

Enabling mobility in healthcare by developing mHealth applications and helping patients and providers monitor vitals and track their health on the go.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Simplify virtual care delivery by digitizing healthcare infrastructure, including data management, workforce, payment, and security.

Process Management

Healthcare in IT helps to better manage the medical workflow of organizations and helps with remote monitoring, patient check-ins, and consultation choices for providers.

Appointment Scheduling

Hospitals and healthcare organizations can integrate automated patient appointment scheduling applications with our robust in-built healthcare solutions.

Laboratory Management

Being a top healthcare mobile app development company gives us leverage to create dynamic solutions for diagnostic laboratories in managing patient appointments and tests.

Healthcare Chatbots

Our healthcare app developers are specialized in creating AI-based chatbots for your business application to reduce frontline healthcare provider workload.

Electronic Prescription Development

Rely on our healthcare app development services to build applications to simplify prescription management and minimize medication errors.

Telehealth Development

A significant achievement in healthcare includes creating telehealth apps to accomplish proper medical care leveraging IoT, AI, Blockchain, and AR/VR.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Development

EHR is a necessity for healthcare application development solutions as it offers a patient-sensitive data collection portal and assists providers in staying connected with them.

Electronic Health Information Exchange

As a leading healthcare application development company, we offer HIPAA-compliant healthcare mobility solutions for providers and pharmacists to view patient information.

Patient Portal Development

Utilizing Health Cloud APIs and Health kits, we provide control to patients to track and focus on their full access to their healthcare and billing information.

Fitness App Development

Our expert team of healthcare app developers offers one-stop fitness solutions with fitness app development by integrating wearable devices, fitness tracking, diet & nutrition apps, etc.

Software Integration

Our healthcare app development services offer comprehensive software integration like EHR for patient data security, quality care delivery by providers, and reducing treatment errors.

Lifestyle Tracking and Management

Healthcare application development companies allow individuals to track and monitor their daily physical activities by leveraging medical software development services.


Integrating HIPAA compliance sets security standards for app development companies to deal with Protected Health Information (PHI) to keep a check on all security measures.

Wellness App Development

Our take on applications in healthcare with virtual extension capabilities helps to identify and integrate better wellness goals to eat, sleep, run, and be better.

Remote Health Monitoring

Remote health monitoring consists of suites of remote monitoring apps to help patients link their medical information with providers and continue receiving care via virtual modes.

mHealth Connectivity

Developing mHealth applications works to our advantage to create a robust support services system for medical providers at their locations for long-term healthcare management.

Tools and Technology Stack Exhibit

Simple, secure, and scalable mobile medical applications are what we specialize in. Our expertise as a top healthcare mobile app development company allows us to follow the best practices using the latest technologies and tools.



Smart TV & TV OS

Smart Watch

Mobile Technology

  • iOS - Objective-C, Swift
  • Android- Java, Kotlin
  • Xamarin Form, Xamarin Native
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Microsoft Power Apps

QA and Automation

  • XCUITest
  • Appium
  • Espresso

UX Design

  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Zeplin


  • Microsoft Intunes
  • Samsung Knox
  • Cisco Meraki

Security & Compliances

  • ADA
  • GDPR
  • SQLCipher


  • Google Firebase
  • Mixpanel
  • Flurry
  • Apple Analytics
  • AppDynamics

Deployment And Distribution

  • App Center
  • TestFlight
  • Firebase App Distribution
  • Jenkins
  • Fastlane
  • Apple Store
  • Google Play Store

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Capabilities

Our expert team of healthcare mobile app developers aims to simplify the operations of healthcare providers by developing proactive, safe, and user-friendly solutions for optimum scalability and flexibility.

Patient-centric Tailored Apps

Recognized as a top-tier healthcare mobile app development company, we ensure building applications that offer assistance to patients and help them organize their health better with on-demand medical support.

Seamless App Experience

Our tech experts can enable your organization to create a direct line of interaction, communication, and coordination to ensure a seamless experience facilitating better healthcare information exchange between providers and patients.

Holistic Security

Our top healthcare app developers create a safe space for developing optimum-level secure healthcare applications that proactively assist in protecting patient data and medical information for a holistic security approach.

Cross-platform App Development

Utilize our expertise as a healthcare app development company to build cross-platform applications available to Android and iOS users to increase your reach with the target audience and empower a better user experience.

Redefined Healthcare Workflow

Our healthcare app development services follow a clear, optimized, transparent, and secure process to deliver cost-effective solutions at your required timeline without compromising on the quality of healthcare workflow.

Constant Support

Our maintenance and support for healthcare app maintenance can be acquired at any given point of time pre or post-application deployment, as we ensure reduced app discrepancies and a seamless care delivery experience to the users.

Get The Best Healthcare Apps Developed By Our Expert Team of Developers

Being a renowned healthcare mobile app development company in the USA, our focus is on bettering the entire healthcare ecosystem and patient outcomes through our comprehensive services. We make it happen with the help of our excellent team of developers, designers, business analysts, quality assurance professionals, security experts, and other subject-matter experts. You can hire dedicated developers from us to convert your idea into a successful health app or upgrade your existing app with the latest mobile technology stack on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis.

Why Choose Mobisoft Infotech as a Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

Having the right minds for prototyping, designing, developing, and deploying is essential, and being a healthcare mobile app development company, we highly ensure end-to-end development services. We understand the necessity for healthcare mobile app development services that aim to improve patient care and improvise health management techniques by delivering the right solutions.

Get solid documentation, extensive support, and training to mobilize your healthcare ecosystem

Focus on HIPAA, FDA, HITECH, ADA, and more integrated compliances to enable high-quality healthcare service delivery

Agile methodology and flexible approach for healthcare app development

Dedicated healthcare mobile app developers working exclusively for your project

Expertise in offering high-standard app development processes with on-time delivery

Cost-effective development, flexible hiring, and engagement models

Round-the-clock technical support and instant bug fixes before app deployment

Exposure to emerging technologies for mHealth app development

Utmost transparency across the health app development process

Opportunity to explore fitness regimes and more with custom services

Visually appealing and engaging UI/UX to enhance patient engagement

High-standard data protection with EHR integrations.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development Lifecycle

We are certified with ISO 27001:2013 and help organizations manage digital healthcare product lifecycles and improve quality management according to the HIPAA and FDA requirements.

Healthcare Providers

Partner with a Top Healthcare Mobile App Development Company to Reimagine Care Delivery and Enhance Patient Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When developing an app, it is essential to understand the laws and regulations of the state and country to meet a set of requirements from processing patient data for healthcare applications. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requirements (HIPAA) help to provide access to patient data access control, ePHI integrity, audit controls, and more. For FDA registration, mobile apps with Software as a Medical Device feature are applicable to regulate medical conditions through smartphones. Mobisoft Infotech encourages health app developers and consultants to implement and identify the necessary app compliance components before app development.

The cost, as well as the delivery timeline for mobile healthcare applications, depends solely on the features, complexities, and functionalities of the integrations for healthcare app development. Whether it is developing telemedicine apps, booking appointments with PHI and scheduling features, or remote patient-provider consultations, costs for each depend on the digital healthcare product you want to deliver. Our services are cost-effective and dependable. You can get in touch with us at, call us at +91-858-600-8627, or fill out the inquiry form.

Mobisoft Infotech, a leading healthcare mobile app development company, assists patients and providers in accessing necessary information and healthcare features on the go. Mobile applications help utilize the built-in features and functionalities for monitoring patient health and well-being through virtual care assistance. One other major benefit of mobile healthcare applications is improving care delivery efficiency and reducing administrative burdens.

Building defined applications completely relies on your business and market needs. To digitize the health system, you can build apps around patient portals, provider-based applications, telehealth apps, medication tracking apps, appointment booking, remote patient monitoring, and more. You can create tailored apps depending on the use cases of patients, medical professionals, and other associated stakeholders.

We do possess a clientele for both enterprise and startup-level. With minimal investment and a proper infrastructure, you can start your project with ease for your new venture. Our healthcare app development services are efficient and streamlined to enhance app performance according to your requirements. You can refer to our startup IT services and explore how we helped startups raise $15M+ while solving real-world problems.

Each platform comes up with distinctive pros and cons. Hence, use cases, business objectives, and target users drive the decision concerning platform selection. If you require an application that helps you communicate with staff, Android works best. If you want a platform that enables and ensures secure data sharing and medical records, iOS can be a great pick. So, depending on your project requirements and use cases, our team can help you choose the right platform for your mHealth app and build cross-platform or native applications.

Yes, indeed, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) once we have reached a mutual understanding with our clients. We keep all the data files and resources secure throughout our collaboration. Additionally, we also provide you with the source code and ownership authority so that you have complete control of your project and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Yes, we have been working with healthcare applications for over 13+ years of experience. Our range of clientele is vast, and we have several case studies based on projects we have delivered. Explore our vast portfolio of healthcare apps here.

Being a top healthcare mobile app development company, we guarantee exclusivity with our work and provide diligent developers to support your app development criteria. Our team of healthcare developers has the bandwidth and expertise to work efficiently on your healthcare app projects, from ideation to deployment and maintenance of the application. We provide cost-effective healthcare apps faster and on time. Our world-class healthcare mobile app development services help you to tailor your apps according to your organizational needs and still have a competitive edge in the healthcare market.

The estimated cost to hire a healthcare app development company depends on the app development requirements, including incorporating features, functionality, intuitive interfaces, privacy and security, scalability, accessibility, and much more. You can share your requirements with our team by filling inquiry form here and get to know the exact cost of your app.

Yes. We provide round-the-clock maintenance and support services. Our healthcare app developers have an assigned project manager to conduct proper reviews and checks after the development of mobile apps has been completed. We assure you that we take care of any bug fixes and app deployment issues stealthily to ensure seamless application functioning while saving any extra operational costs.

We provide concrete assurance and transparency regarding the code we write. Our company and developers are trained and skilled to ensure proper expertise, and we have code review policies. We offer complete guidance and assurance towards proper code and documentation to ensure on-time project delivery according to the specified timeline.

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