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Why Manual Testing is the Need of the Hour

In today’s digital age, where software, applications, and other digital products are highly subjected to errors and vulnerabilities, quality assurance manual testing has become more than necessary to detect and fix them beforehand. Some of its key benefits include:

Enabling human intelligence, cognitive capabilities, and deductive reasoning to mitigate risks

Focusing on the test cases that showcase complex features and functionalities.

Prioritizing top-notch quality throughout the entire software development life cycle

Complementing application testing and QA automation initiatives with precision

Identifying and eliminating potential shortcomings and weaknesses outside of the code

Emulating user experiences in real, controlled situations without limitations

Encouraging Ad hoc testing efforts with minimal time and expense

Exposing the test cycle to cutting-edge manual testing tools and technologies

Our Software Manual Testing Services

Being one of the best companies for manual testing in India, we bring you a complete range of manual testing services that help you deliver impeccable software products with in-depth impact analysis and test coverage.

Manual Functional Testing

Hire a manual quality assurance tester to ensure that your software works as intended, thus avoiding unexpected functional and feature-based defects and discrepancies.

Manual Exploratory Testing

Leverage our manual exploratory testing services to easily detect potential issues outside of your testing scope and push your QA efforts in the right direction.

Manual Usability testing

Elevate user experiences across preferred platforms by evaluating how your application interacts with your target audience and helps them navigate.

Manual User Acceptance Testing

Our manual testing experts help you create a robust testing environment to safeguard against faulty, incompetent, or vulnerable software solutions reaching rollout.

Manual Unit Testing

We help you discover potential weaknesses and shortcomings of each component and unit of your software with our manual unit testing expertise.

Manual Localization Testing

Hire a manual tester to make sure that your app’s content, including language, graphics, time formats, icons, and more, are adaptable enough to cater to your targeted regions.

Manual App Testing

Our manual testing services help you create test cases and scripts that offer a flawless testing environment for your web, mobile, desktop, and embedded apps.

Manual Performance Testing

We help you maximize the overall performance and responsiveness of your software by conducting a series of stress, isolation, load, and spike tests manually.

Manual Regression Testing

Get the privilege of introducing a program extension, modification, or optimization without affecting the existing features and functionalities of your software.

Manual Compatibility Testing

Ensure your product is compatible with different browsers, servers, devices, operating systems, screen sizes, and hardware with our manual compatibility testing services.

Manual Configuration Testing

Hire a QA analyst manual tester to focus on non-standard operations and verify code modifications in order to optimize configuration processes in a hassle-free way.

Manual System Testing

Keep your user information and business-critical data safe and secure by performing necessary system checks that identify potential system failures with utmost precision.

Manual Integration Testing

Hire an experienced manual QA tester to verify whether individual modules have the capabilities to support pre-defined system integrations without any slack.

Manual Sanity Testing

Explore our manual sanity testing services suite to pinpoint defects and unwanted outcomes which do not exist within the component procedures of your software.

Manual Smoke Testing

We perform quick and targeted manual smoke tests for your initial or new software builds to help you overcome the complexities of faulty code in the best possible way.

Manual API Testing

Hire our remote manual tester or a team that has the potential to satisfy your API testing requirements involving RESTful & SOAP APIs and other API-based services.

Manual Security Testing

We keep your applications safe and secure by identifying and eliminating pressing errors, glitches, and other unwanted discrepancies from your app infrastructure.

Manual Testing Tools We Use

Hire a manual tester or a team of QA professionals proficient in various tools and technologies used in testing.


  • BrowserStack
  • JIRA
  • TestRail
  • Bugzilla
  • Mantis
  • Excel
  • Google Sheets

Performance Testing

  • Apache JMeter
  • blazemeter


  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Version Control

  • Git
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Apache Subversion

Hire Manual Testers to Ensure a High-quality Product Delivery

Collaborate with a manual software tester or hire vetted quality assurance experts on demand who are committed to extending all the needed support and assistance to create value-based products and digital solutions.

Hire Manual Testers to Ensure a High-quality Product Delivery

Our Manual Testing Process

In order to simplify your testing cycle and ensure high-quality applications, our certified manual testers and QA professionals follow a robust, cost-effective test approach divided into five key phases.

>Our Manual Testing Process

How to Hire Manual Tester

You can hire a manual test engineer or choose quality assurance experts for your project-specific needs in just six easy steps.


Share Your Project Requirements


Screen Resumes


Interview the Selected Candidates


Choose Engagement and Hiring Model


Finalize the Terms


Get Started

Hiring Models

Increase the success rates of your manual testing projects and achieve desired results by leveraging our flexible hiring models.


Hire vetted manual testing professionals on a full-time or part-time basis to fulfill your complex, long-term project requirements.


Hire a manual tester on an hourly basis to complete particular tasks or support your short-term projects.

Engagement Models

Hire the best talent to expand your manual testing skills by choosing an engagement model that best suits your project requirements.

Onsite Delivery Model

Prioritize preferred testing environments to accelerate product releases by devising a team of manual software testing experts at your location.

Offshore Delivery Model

Cut overhead costs and mitigate potential risks by collaborating with manual testing engineers from our dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE).

Want to Hire Dedicated QA Manual Testing Experts for Your Next Project?

We can help you hire a certified manual tester or build your own quality assurance testing team for your software development project on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Manual Testing and Manual Testers

Manual testing is a human-driven testing approach to checking the quality of an application, product, or digital solution without using scripting or commonly used automation tools. The sole aim of this approach is to identify potential bugs and vulnerabilities and plan remediation strategies to fix the same manually.

A manual tester is nothing but a software testing professional who tests software, applications, and digital products in both the pre and post-launch stage of the development life cycle. Some of the key roles and responsibilities include implementing the right quality assurance practices, deploying required testing tools, writing test cases, fixing bugs, and more that enhance the quality and performance of an application.

Yes, the demand for manual testers is continuously increasing. With app bugs becoming a common challenge and modern testing tools taking the center stage, we can say that these professionals are here to stay and complement the efforts of developers and test automation experts.

The average cost to hire a manual tester depends on your project requirements. Some aspects to keep in mind include project scope and size, type of product to be tested, advanced features and functionalities to add (if any), QA requirements, testing competency (manual and automation), technology know-how, work experience, and proficiency of the team, location, and so on.

You can hire a manual tester or build an entire team of QA specialists for your project in just six easy steps. Share your project requirements, screen resumes, interview the selected candidates, choose an engagement and hiring model, finalize the terms and conditions, and get started right away!

Manual testers at Mobisoft have strong industry backgrounds and technical expertise in handling complex manual testing and quality assurance projects. They have wide-ranging experience helping companies of all sizes to deliver desired applications at affordable rates without compromising on quality.

Yes, we prioritize manual testing of mobile and web applications in real, controlled situations. Our talented team of manual testing and QA experts is capable enough to test your applications on real devices and emulators.

We prioritize effective management of project-critical information, linked devices, code, and data accessibility. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure better project security and confidentiality.

Yes, you will. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the entire SDLC. A dedicated project manager is assigned to solve all your queries related to changes, modifications, and updates. You get enough visibility to track project progress with regular stand-up meetings and a robust reporting mechanism.

Yes, if you are well aware of your project requirements and end goals, then you can definitely choose our hourly model for the same. If not, you can go for our retainer model and hire manual testing and QA experts on a full-time or part-time basis.

Yes, you can scale your manual testing team as and when required. Depending on your project complexities and requirements, you can change your team size at any time and at any development stage.

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