The Logistics Company (TLC) is providing end-to-end supply chain management solutions for freight transportation to well-established enterprises and manufacturers.


TLC has faced multiple challenges such as demand-supply difference, subsequent delays in freight shipping, and fluctuating rates during goods transportation. To overcome this inadequacy, TLC partnered with us to implement a digital solution that fills the gap between the order and the delivery process.

To move goods from one place to another in freight transportation, the evaluation of the shipping order is necessary, like the size or weight of the goods, and then get suitable transport solutions for on-time delivery. The digital freight matching platform connects all the stakeholders on a single platform to maximize the efficiency of transportation. TLC decided to automate the cargo shipping process by using our digital freight matching app, having features like,

  • Real-time GPS tracking of the freight
  • Automated updates on freight shipping
  • Load dispatch management
  • Real-time Chat
  • Automatic billing based on real-time pricing
  • Reduce trade documentation
  • Immediate proof of freight delivery
  • User-friendly interface

TLC is the freight matching platform that seamlessly connects shippers and transporters with the click of a button.


To overcome the challenges, we worked closely with the TLC team to implement a custom solution for tracking, managing, and optimizing freight transport operations. Our solution helps to streamline tasks and offers visibility throughout the entire supply chain management system. This helps to eliminate the manual tracking process, increase the performance of on-time delivery, and enhance customer satisfaction with a technology platform that helps in simplifying the manual processes. Our solution consists of three operational panels:

Shipper Panel

By using this platform, a shipper can put their upcoming load requests on the portal of TLC; receive the best freight quotes and bids from transporters. This helps them to choose the customized rates from various carriers and place prices using the standard platform. A shipper can also get real-time updates on freight delivery.

Transporter Panel

A transporter can put their freight suggestions immediately as loads start to appear and display the best pricing for shippers. Using the transporter panel, they can keep track of freight vehicles, view usage, updates of maintenance, and more. A transporter can share the documents with drivers digitally.

Driver App

At the time of transportation, the driver can have a real-time conversation with carriers, which keeps them updated about the status of freight. Drivers can upload images of documents like invoices or contracts; moreover, share documents securely with shippers and carriers. By using this app, the driver can quickly inform shippers and transporters when there is an emergency.


Freight Load Boards

Enable shippers and carriers to add, bid, approve, and supply the freight.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Easy to track the progress of freight, driver, and vehicle.

Live Chat

Real-time chat options with drivers about journey, documentation and roadside assistance.

Cargo Updates

Automate update scheduling from pick-up to drop location.

Weighbridge Integration

Enable to confirm the loading weight that should match with unloading weight of the freight.

On-Board Diagnostics Integration

Get real-time parameters such as speed, driver location, vehicle performance, and more


Comprehensive dashboard to monitor operations, delivery notes, and mileage reports.


The TLC GO PILOT app is currently available in South Africa. With the help of real-time updates and tracking tools, the digital freight matching platform is making the procedure of cargo shipping convenient for all the stakeholders. TLC has implemented a solution that helps to track, manage, and maximize transport operation efficiency.

Admin Panel of digital-freight-matching-platform

Automate Your Logistics Operations With Digital Freight Matching Platform.

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