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The healthcare industry is progressing exponentially, especially in the field of pharmaceutical, prescription, and medication delivery platforms. These revolutionary changes in the healthcare sector are propelled by the integration of advanced technology, enhanced access to care delivery, prescription delivery trends, eCommerce retail services, and the enhanced expectations of patients. eCommerce retail pharmacy has redirected the clientele reach through their website and has increased the sales and revenue generation immensely. The main aim of digital pharmacy delivery services is to utilize these advancements towards enhancing user experience and satisfaction. A well-designed online pharmacy store can not always propel their relations with customers, but also with their retailers and suppliers. User accounts containing contact information and management of multiple shipping addresses are now enhanced through digitally integrated mobile applications, streamlining eCommerce delivery services.

Identifying Key Problems Prior to Implementing Mobile-first eCommerce and Pharmacy Retail Strategy

A client of ours is thoroughly involved in offering digital healthcare services and eCommerce delivery solutions. They already had an established digital eCommerce healthcare delivery software. But they were interested in revamping their mobile app strategy to improve the performance and user experience of their existing application.

Additionally, they wanted to focus on addressing the medication and pharmaceutical requirements, offering thorough automation of medication purchases, reminders, prescription scanning, healthcare and vaccination appointments, digital well-being, and providing a simplified multi-channel eCommerce platform. Their key focus was to provide efficient and seamless eCommerce delivery services and other health care services to their patients, emphasizing better health outcomes.

We had to address the following key issues:

Performance issues

Lower customer retention

Limited sales

Outdated and incompatible UI

Not meeting management expectations

Inability to meet customer expectations

They wanted to implement a mobile-first strategy to personalize patients’ pharmaceutical and eCommerce retail demands. The user experience and satisfaction worked well for them. But they wanted an effective healthcare delivery software for their business that would include order personalization, smart searches and merchandising, efficient app checkout, and promotional benefits/offers for the users. The client’s expected results with their existing application were working, but they needed a better solution for revamping their entire eCommerce retail pharmacy strategy. With Mobisoft’s transitioning as a mobile app development partner, the increase in the app’s star rating, customer feedback, order, etc., continues to provide a better eCommerce customer experience and navigation to quickly search for products for a seamless checkout. This mobile app strategy assisted in reducing cart abandonment rate, customer segmentation, offered personalized behavior and push notifications to the users.

Revamping the Mobile App Strategy

Initially, the global pharma giant wanted to build a platform that efficiently simplifies the process of pharmacy delivery services. Their focus was on optimizing the eCommerce customer experience, restructuring their application strategy, and increasing sales and revenue through the healthcare application development process.

By revamping their mobile application strategy, the providers paired up with Mobisoft’s team to find a probable eCommerce delivery solution. This included optimizing eCommerce development services and over-the-counter requirements. The platform addressed the scalability of:

  • Medication and healthcare product delivery,
  • MDA loyalty card,
  • Telemedicine and in-person visits,
  • COVID-19 vaccination appointments,
  • Marketplace exclusive online category products
  • Cosmetic products, and
  • Subscription for products

The app also enabled users to locate nearby pharmacies, directions to reach the destinations, and more through refining the mobile application strategy.

A Collaborative Effort to Build a Digitized Health System

We strategized and collaborated with the healthcare service contributor and examined their requirements to build this digital commerce app. With our expertise in healthcare application development and experience design, we assisted them with re-strategizing their app that caters to the needs of their users and customers. Our team brainstormed and performed an in-depth analysis of how to structuralize and streamline the application’s operation and management. After gaining clarity on the allotted requirements, the mobile app discovery process ensued to create and develop a unified and comprehensive solution for the customers. Our client, by partnering with Mobisoft Infotech, utilized the data models of customers and consumer insights to optimize investments and improve the digital customer value perception in approximately 2500 stores spread across 17 states.

We offered the provider a solution that assists in generating revenue through digital transformation capabilities. We helped them in facilitating what the application will feature along with eCommerce delivery solutions. Hence, with digital transformation and innovation by including new features and customer experience, our client stood out as one of the leading pharmacy brands during an ongoing pandemic for showcasing maximum growth and generating higher business outcomes.

Enabling Efficient eCommerce Delivery Services via Healthcare Application Development

The platform offers patients a Native Mobile Application available on both iOS and Android systems. This allows patients to freely browse through the categories of available medicines, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, promotions, coupons, and loyalty benefits programs. This platform also enables third-party integrations with payment methods and email services. The key implementation features include:

Online medicine and insights

The app enables users to check the availability of medicines, insights on composition, and other relevant product details like alternatives with the same composition, pricing, discounts, and transaction modes.

Barcode scanning for prescriptions

As an eCommerce delivery service, this application offers barcode scanning for prescription authenticity before uploading it to the application. This ensures that patients are guided correctly and promptly when purchasing or ordering products and/or medicine.

Tracking real-time orders and availability of doctors

The pharmacy delivery software is integrated with real-time tracking of orders, which can be easily examined by the patients to track their deliveries. It also provides a separate section that features the availability of doctors at any given point of time when virtual consultation is required.

Loyalty programs and promotional benefits

Patients and users who are enrolled with the loyalty programs are requested to carry this card during any online or offline purchases and benefit from accumulating virtual money. This feature helps users check their balance, avail account statements, and leverage any promotional benefit associated with the loyalty program.

On-demand delivery service

On-demand delivery assists patients in getting medical and non-medical requirements within a certain time frame with eCommerce delivery services. With on-demand delivery, patients can quickly get their prescriptions refilled and purchase products that are required immediately. Customers can access this service beyond their prescribed medication needs and other healthcare requirements including dermatological and cosmetic products.

Telemedicine and COVID vaccine appointment

The eCommerce delivery platform has integrated telemedicine features that help customers via virtual consultations with doctors. Identifying and discussing the symptoms, this platform can also assist users in making their COVID vaccine appointments. This feature has helped users across the country to keep in touch with their health outcomes and be updated with their vaccination appointments.

Locate nearby pharmacies and stores with the locator

Users are permitted to search for nearby pharmacies or drug stores with detailed directions to reach the location. The locator assists patients and users by providing information regarding the working hours of the pharmacies and the drugstores. Therefore, the locator on the application simplifies the process of searching for pharmacies that are serviceable at a given time.

Corporate Carpooling

Valued Access to Healthcare - A Successful Outcome

We assisted the client by optimizing their system and enhancing the patient experience by digitizing the entire process of eCommerce website development services. We improved their existing scope, refined the mobile application performance, and streamlined the process of digital pharmacy and healthcare delivery services. Our valued partnership has added more goals that need to be achieved through this mobile application strategy. This helped to improve their app ratings from the previous year on individual app stores. Implementing these improvements has boosted their on-demand delivery service, extended their reach beyond their existing customer base, and paved the way for new customers with better access to eCommerce delivery services. The web admin portal in the mobile app serves as a recommendation engine. It offers subscriptions, loyalty programs, marketplace, updating and uploading of product availability, bulk notifications via the portal. And offers a dashboard to the user for better accessibility.

The company is now looking into various ways to contribute to customers by channelizing their multi-channel eCommerce healthcare and pharmacy delivery services. The positive impact Mobisoft had in accumulating the efficacy of this newly formed system is helping users with their medical and non-medical requirements while maintaining their streak of independence when placing an order on the app. This app has enhanced customer behavior and tracking capabilities as well as improved reporting capabilities. This digitized delivery software is considered to be the crucial factor for our client’s extended success. The goals that we addressed and succeeded in with our eCommerce solutions include:

Building a comprehensive and unified solution for patients

Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Optimization required to enhance patient and user experience

Boosting Average Order Value

Refining conversion rates and revenue generation

Reduction in Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR)

The successful outcome of revamping the mobile strategy for the eCommerce delivery services platform established a long-term partnership between the two parties. This partnership enables our team to achieve set future goals in offering better health and wellness results.

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