Consuming healthy food is essential to witness good health. An efficient food delivery management software can successfully help bring such a nutritious diet to the table and boost immunity on a daily basis. Here's how our food delivery app development solution helped one of our US-based clients to automate its food ordering and delivery operations and provide nutrition-rich food to its customers.

Leading provider of Bento Box, our client delivers authentic chef-prepared healthy meals, maintaining the right balance between Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fruits, and Vegetables; the company effectively caters to the weekly orders of its customers. But the client wanted to build a custom food delivery management software to enable a seamless online ordering process for its customers. And that necessitated the help of an experienced digital partner. After doing some market research and consulting with one of our previous clients, the company reached out to us to develop a robust delivery management software and be a one-of-its-kind healthy meal-providing company.


The company was taking care of its order requests and delivery manually; therefore, transforming this entire system into an end-to-end digital platform was nothing less than a challenge. Reforming the entire process on a digital platform can help focus on all the aspects of the business. Henceforth, our solution had to focus on making a digital platform, allowing paperless function at every stage, and solve the following problems:

  • No unified customer database
  • Manual order collection defining poor meal experiences
  • Time-consuming manual bookkeeping and invoicing
  • Limited visibility across meal requests and their subsequent execution
  • Improper food handling
  • Logistics dilemma

Our Solution

Keeping in mind all the requirements and challenges, Mobisoft started analyzing the scope of this project and developed a real-time food delivery management software. By creating a comprehensive blueprint of a food delivery mobile app, our team of experts rolled out a cost-effective delivery solution. During this time, our team never lost sight of taking client feedback at every development stage and other customization requirements. As such, the developed software automated all the existing manual operations and gave the client the needed visibility into the overall workflow.

The delivery management system software solution developed by Mobisoft is backed by a centralized database facility. This solution is fully loaded with highly interactive features specially designed to meet the needs of our client as well as its customers. It majorly consists of two dedicated smart interfaces - Admin Panel and Customer App.

Admin Panel

This panel can help the admin to keep an eye on the entire order and distribution process. The comprehensive dashboard supports easy onboarding and verification for the admin. Adding a few details lead to easy profile creation which can be updated later as per convenience. The admin can easily change his/her password and also create a new one with the forgot password facility. The dashboard is designed to collect data-driven sales reports to meet monthly, yearly, and customized targets. These reports also help in managing the staff and make amendments in operations accordingly.

The food delivery management software admin console helps manage menus, order requests, and customized meals according to availability. The appointed admin can keep track of payments and manage customers in real-time. Live coupon codes and discount features can be highlighted to maximize customer engagement. Besides, broadcasting push notifications to exhibit new meals and other menu options is an add-on.

Customer App

Using this food delivery mobile app, customers can easily register, verify their identities, and create their profiles by filling out some basic details. The app is integrated with a separate settings tab to change a password, add/manage multiple delivery addresses, and much more. The customers can select/change their address for delivery or they can pick up their meals from the store.

The app lets customers choose their meals and place orders by hosting specific filters for allergies and a nutrition-rich diet plan. Users can add a new or delete a previously listed menu alongside checking order history seamlessly. They can avail the benefits of applying coupon codes through this customer app of an online food delivery app. They can also add delivery instructions while placing an order. Customers can choose any multiple payment options including, cash, PayPal, ATH Movil, digital wallets, etc., and place orders seamlessly.


Our team has used advanced tools and technologies to build an outstanding food delivery mobile app for our client, as listed hereunder:

  • In-House server setup with full backup support
  • Integration of booking system
  • Multiple payment gateway systems
  • SMS, push notification, and email service integration
  • Built-in analytic tool integration
  • Marketing tool integration like Coupon codes
  • CMS integration


Our food delivery management software solution proved to be a key for the long-term success of our client. Receiving & managing orders, billing, and monthly grocery shopping has now become easier like never before. The advanced technologies used have boosted operational efficiencies by 2X. The minimalistic UI/UX is offering steadfast access to all the stakeholders, especially in Puerto Rico. Besides, regular updates and post-development support are helping the client to gain a competitive edge and stir an innovative healthy food delivery app.

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