Non-adherence to prescribed medications remains a significant challenge in healthcare, leading to compromised patient health and increased healthcare expenditures. The client envisioned an all-encompassing platform with integrated smart IoT devices to help Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), physicians, and specialty pharmacies effectively manage and monitor medication adherence, enabling precise medication adherence measurement, enhancing clinical trials, fortifying data accuracy, and supporting complex medication regimens.

Key Challenges

Non-adherence to medications costs the US healthcare system $300 billion annually, resulting in 100,000 deaths and 1,000,000 hospitalizations. Europe faces a similar challenge, driving the need for accurate patient adherence measurement.

Addressing diverse patient needs and ensuring seamless integration posed key challenges in implementing the medication management platform and enhancing patient care, such as -

  • Complexities with medication adherence for patients’ dosing regimens and limited reminders for prescription refills.
  • A significant requirement for integrating smart devices for remote monitoring and virtual care services.
  • Limited interactions between patients and providers regarding medication changes, instructions, and side effects.
  • Implementation of robust data security, regulatory compliances (HIPAA), and privacy infrastructure for protecting patient data.
  • User-friendly interface and personalization factors for a flexible system accommodating diverse medication regimens and for patients.
  • Continuous improvements for providers and patients to refine platform features and optimize patient experience.
medication adherence solution
medication adherence solution

The Solution

The all-inclusive Medication Adherence Management Platform includes tools for tracking medication use. It offers easy-to-use features, clear visuals, and powerful analysis, simplifying monitoring medication adherence.

Admin Portal

Designed for admin to manage CROs and Patients' data, smart device configurations, and ensure compliance.

CRO Portal

Tailored to engage with patients enrolled in Cohorts, this portal provides real-time patient adherence data for research accuracy.

Analytics Portal

To support healthcare providers with advanced analytics for actionable insights from patient adherence data.

Patient Mobile App

User-friendly app to manage medication schedules, receive real-time dosage instructions and track adherence.

Key features of the digital solution are

Smart Device Management

A device equipped with smart IoT technology to monitor medications as scheduled and record patient interactions.

Detailed Dosage Capture

Records the time of dosage and exact medication dispensed (in FTU, number of pills, etc.).

Visual and Auditory Alerts

Signals scheduled dosage times and confirms successful dosage measurement.

Data Filters

Allows in-depth analysis of patient and dose details, including date, time, amount, and average adherence, along with proprietary analytics.

Medication Database

Efficiently manages medication-related databases for each cohort, ensuring accurate administration.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Custom analytics for insights into adherence patterns, facilitating data-driven decisions.

Data Security and Compliance

Strict adherence to data security and HIPAA compliance ensures patient privacy.


The implementation of the Medication Adherence Management and Monitoring Platform using Smart IoT Devices exemplifies the power of technology in addressing critical healthcare challenges. The platform's success not only improved patient outcomes but also showcased the potential for cost reduction and enhanced patient care through digital innovation.

Improved Medication Adherence

Notable enhancements in patient adherence to medication.

Cost Savings

Reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits, leading to substantial cost-efficiency.

Patient Empowerment

Increased engagement and satisfaction, improving patient experience.

Research Insights

Rich data on medication-taking behaviors for researchers, facilitating more effective treatments.


Improve Patient Outcomes With a Comprehensive Medication Management Platform

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