Portugal has a huge market for on-demand home services. This marketplace is highly fragmented and almost monopolistic due to the lack of sufficient home service providers. In spite of having such a potential marketplace, there are only a few service providers rendering the online facility.

The busy lifestyle of the current generation makes them one of the largest consumers of online personalized home services as they prefer assistance right at their doorstep. These platforms act as intermediaries between real-world services and instant online services that efficiently provide support exactly when consumers need them.

The client recognized the necessity of a comprehensive online door-to-door service platform and decided to deploy software that works as a single point contact for the customer to avail various home services. We partnered with the client to build an online platform that enhances the availability of several on-demand services.

Key challenges:

  • Implementing a complex pricing model and secured payment integration
  • Implementation of in-depth analytics to provide customer and service insights
  • To build software with user-friendly UI design and minimal booking steps

On-demand Home Service App that provides the simplest way to avail trusted door-to-door assistance.


We implemented a handyman service platform that connects customers, services, and providers. The app is an aggregator that provides the best suited and professional vendors for regular home services like cleaning, maintenance, repairing, remodeling & decoration, etc. We designed the solution in such a way that it increased service utilization by overcoming the insufficiency of the online home services industry in Portugal.

On-demand Home Service App Includes Two Interactive Panels :

Customer App:

Customers can easily schedule their handyman services in advance as the app offers advanced booking and payment functionality. This also comes with extensive features like real-time chat, automated billing, service charges estimation, and a digital invoice. Customers can use various payment gateways like online wallets, debit/credit cards, and net banking.

Operation Console Panel:

The interactive web-based dashboard helps the operator to track and manage service requests and providers. Admin panel also lets the operator manage the services, their costs, and categories. The functionalities like promotion management, review management, and real-time chat with customers and providers help the admin to handle and improve the service quality.


Dashboard & KPI

The interactive dashboard allows complete monitoring of the services in real-time.

Real-time Tracking

Live status on a particular request can be tracked by the customer.

GTM Integration

GTM advanced analytics is used to analyze the user’s behavior.

GDPR Implementation

The app is GDPR compliant, provides improved privacy protection and control for users.

Instant Service Request

Customers can request for the home services according to their convenient time frame.


Automated reports ensure improved management & monitoring of the system.

Advanced Booking and Payments

Options of making advanced bookings and payments to increase customer comfort.

Integrated Payment

Allows a credit/debit card, payment wallets or direct payment methods.


This service is exclusively available in Portugal. With this on-demand local service solution, the online service platform succeeds in connecting customers with service providers immediately and reduced overhead costs. This is a proficient platform for all the everyday woes that standardizes business processes, improves efficiency & accountability, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Admin Panel of on-demand-home-service

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