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Automate & Streamline Any Fleet Dispatch Process

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Taxi & Fleet Businesses

Streamline Taxi Dispatch Management

Overhaul your taxi business operations by implementing a feature-packed taxi dispatch system for higher efficiency and control.

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Taxi Platforms & Marketplaces

Build Your Own Taxi Aggregator Platform

Start a cab aggregator platform that connects passengers to nearby taxi drivers via your branded ride-hailing app.

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Hybrid Taxi Businesses

Expand Your Own Taxi Fleet

Partner with other taxi businesses in your area to launch a white label taxi app that provides greater reach and capacity.

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Seamless taxi hailing experience for your passengers

Use a taxi dispatch system that comes with feature-packed taxi booking apps for your customers to book, track and enjoy their rides.

Fully Branded

The apps and the taxi management software is branded for your taxi business.

Native Experience

Native taxi booking app experience on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Easy Onboarding

Passengers can register themselves easily with email or mobile number verification.

Instant Booking

Real-time ride request dispatch for ride now requests.

Schedule Ride

Passengers can schedule a ride for a later time and location for planned travel.

Ride Details

Customers will get complete details about the driver and cab assigned to them.

Real-time Tracking

Cab can be tracked in real-time on an interactive map accurate arrival times.

Fare Estimates

Show your customers upfront fares based on their pickup and drop details.

SOS Button

Ensure your passenger’s safety and faster actions with in-app emergency button.

Promo Codes

Customers can easily redeem a promo code during the booking flow itself.

Referral Rewards

Increase customer acquisition by running a referral program for your taxi app.

Seamless Payments

Customers get multiple payment options to choose from and pay for their ride.

Notification Alerts

Real-time updates on ride requests and trip status with push and SMS alerts.

Ratings & Reviews

Customers can rate their trip experience and provide you useful data points.

Share Trip

Customers can easily share their journey details with friends and family.

Trip History

Dedicated menu to easily manage all past and upcoming bookings.

Favorite Places

Customers can mark their home, office and frequently used pickup locations.

Pickup Suggestions

Option to pick a place from search history, saved places and autocomplete.

Book For Others

Book a ride for a friend or family member in a different location or in need.

User Profile

Customers can view and update their details, manage payment methods and more.

Help & Support

FAQ screens and feedback and support menus for any customer queries.

Business Profile

Quick toggle between personal and business profiles for record keeping.

In-app Chat

Allow customers and drivers to directly contact with in-app messaging feature.

Number Masking

Enhance customer privacy by hiding their contact numbers during driver calls.

Dynamic pricing

Offer dynamic pricing to handle high cab demand and optimize dispatch.

 taxi dispatch software driver app by Mobisoft Infotech

Accepting a booking made easy for your drivers

Your driver network gets a dedicated, native Android or iOS app to receive new ride requests from passengers either through automatic dispatch or manual dispatch needed.

Secure Login

Drivers can securely log into the app with the credentials assigned after approval.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can mark themselves online or offline for service in a single tap.

Real-Time Requests

New requests are dispatched to drivers with relevant details to take action.


Intuitive interface for accepting new ride requests in a limited timeframe.

Trip Information

All the relevant details like pickup location and passenger info are provided.

Built-in Navigation

With Google Maps navigation integration, drivers can smartly complete any trip.

Start/End Trip

Prominent buttons to easily mark a trip’s arrival, start, and completion.

Driver Dashboard

Earnings reports, useful insights about driver performance, trip feedback, etc.

Track Earnings

Drivers get a detailed view on daily trips and earnings for maximum transparency.

Customer Ratings

Drivers also get the option to rate their pickups to create an inclusive model.

Accept Cash Payments

Drivers can choose the cash option when customers want to pay by that mode.

SOS alerts

During an emergency situation, drivers can also use the panic button for help.

Help & Support

Enable your driver fleet to get their issues resolved by connecting with support.

In-app signup

New drivers can upload their documents and complete registration from the app itself.

Driver Destination

Drivers can provide their destination choice to get requests in that direction only.

Your no-frills taxi dispatch management hub

A powerful web-based taxi dispatch system tailored to the unique requirements of every taxi or fleet business that provides a one-stop destination for managing dispatch operations.

taxi dispatch software admin panel by Mobisoft Infotech

Secure Login

2-factor authentication to get secure access to your business's admin panel.

Custom Dashboard

Quickly get a high-level operational overview with stats, KPIs and more.

Dispatcher Panel

A dedicated section to manage all taxi dispatch requests in real-time.

User Roles

Assign and control granular access levels to multiple users of the dispatch system.

Auto Dispatch

An intelligent feature to automatically assign new trips to the most suitable driver.

Manual Dispatch

Get greater control on dispatching new requests with an optional manual mode.

Manage Drivers

Driver management features like approvals, trip data, tracking, payments and more.

Manage Customers

View and manage registered customers, booking requests, queries and more.

Manage Dispatchers

Add and manage a team of operators to handle manual booking requests.

Manage Vehicles

Add all your vehicle fleet information into the system and manage them seamlessly.

Manage Categories

Define and manage multiple booking options for your customers to choose from.

Manage Tariffs

Set and manage the rates based on vehicle category, wait times, distance and more.

Real-time Tracking

Track all your vehicles and drivers on a live map for full operational control.

Operational Zone Setup

Define your operational area by creating geofences and accordingly get requests.

Manage Payments

Manage your own payments, driver payouts and commission rates and more.

Manage Notifications

Configure settings for push notifications, SMS alerts and, email updates.

Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable insights and detailed reports for data-driven decision making.

Web Bookings

Offer a mobile web booking channel for your customers as an added option.

Call Bookings

Integrate call bookings into your taxi cab dispatch system when required.

Physical Meters Support

Use meter based taxi fare calculation to meet regulatory requirements.

RTL Language Support

Tailor your app to your customer base preferring RTL languages for use.

Flat Pricing

Add and manage flat fares for predefined pickup and drop locations.

Multi-City Support

Run and grow your taxi business simultaneously in multiple locations.

Bring Automation & Efficiency To Your Taxi Dispatch Operations

Our base taxi dispatch management solution supports50,000rides /day

We will help you set up a robust taxi management software system that is tailored to your specific needs and affordable to implement.

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

We bring the power of mobility to your taxi/fleet business with a comprehensive dispatch management solution

Whitelabel & Customisable

Fully branded customer and driver dispatch apps that can be customized further as per the requirements.

Base Solution Ready

A pre-built dispatch management solution that significantly minimizes project cost and deployment time.

On-Premise Deployment

Solution will be set up on your own servers to allow complete ownership of the generated user data.

Domain Expertise

We are a globally trusted taxi dispatch software supplier with 20+ taxi solutions successfully deployed.

Works Globally

Built-in support for multiple languages and currencies allows taxi businesses to operate globally.

Payment Gateway Support

With an extensive list of payment gateways supported out of the box, accept payments anywhere anytime.

Intuitive UI

Our taxi solution design team will create user-friendly customer and driver apps and simple to use admin interface.

Robust and Scalable

Our base solution supports up to 50000 rides/day. We can quickly increase the capacity as per the demand.

Dedicated Support

An end-to-end taxi dispatch management software solution with dedicated support for the entire lifecycle.

Implementation & Launch

A comprehensive and tailored process from knowing about your solution requirements to successfully launching your apps on the app stores.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Comprehensive analysis of your complete dispatch process to serve better.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    Get the payment gateway integration of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • Notifications Integration

    Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts configuration.

  • Analytics Integration

    Leverage data by making the most of built-in analytics support.

  • Server Setup & Backup

    On-premise deployment of the solution with secure data backup.

  • Security Compliance Check

    Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards

  • Security Compliance Check

    Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

  • App Marketing Support

    Successful listings on app stores and optional app marketing services.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Full technical support and maintenance services come part of the package.

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Case Studies

20+ custom taxi app solutionssuccessfully delivered to our startup and business clients. Here are some of our best work.

  • GoTaxi Myanmar

  • Ride Boom

  • CabCrush

  • Street Cars

  • Asbha

  • Ezmoov

  • TaxiJet

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Global Clients
United Kingdom
Porto Rico
Ivory Coast

Competitive & Flexible Pricing

You taxi/fleet business can set up an automated mobile app-based dispatch management system at a very cost-effective price and gain maximum ROI.

Fixed Cost

Get a tailored one-time price based on your specific taxi dispatch solution needs.

Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go a nominal monthly fee and get the latest taxi dispatch app features for free.

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FAQs About Taxi Dispatch Software

Yes, our taxi dispatch software has a seamless adaptation capability with any size fleet. Our dispatcher and admin panels are easily configurable and can be personalized as per your taxi business requirements.

Our taxi dispatch software is a white-label solution that helps you personalize your taxi app according to your business requirements. Share your exact requirements with our team, and we will come up with a custom, user-friendly, and scalable taxi solution accessible on multiple platforms.

Effortless. Once our team sets it up for you, managing the daily dispatch operations becomes seamless, and you can improve operational efficiency altogether.

We have software solely allocated for trucking dispatch solutions that can help you manage your truck fleet. You can connect with us and let us know your trucking requirements, and we will provide you with the right solutions to build scalable trucking dispatch software as per your requirements.

With our taxi dispatch software, the benefits include

  • White label and customizable driver dispatch apps
  • Pre-built base solution ready dispatch management
  • On-premise deployment solutions allow complete ownership of data
  • Domain expertise with our trusted taxi dispatch software supplyl
  • Our built-in support works globally
  • Multiple payment gateway support
  • Expert and intuitive UI provided by our taxi solution design team
  • Robust and scalable solutions support increased demand capacity

Yes, you can implement our taxi dispatch software and expand your business by managing your mobile applications even with fewer members in your team. It leads to growth in your business for the future.

We prioritize your requirements and enable strict deadlines to complete your project. Our team can set up the application for your taxi business by managing the regular dispatching operations. The maximum duration depends completely on your taxi app development requirements for delivering the requested and finalized results.

Yes, you have complete control over your source code once the application is ready. We develop the application for you to use according to your requirements.

Yes, passengers can check their ongoing trip using your custom taxi dispatch software through the GPS facility integrated into your applications. Customers can also easily share their trips with friends and relatives and enhance their travel experience.

As a top taxi dispatch software development company, we hold special expertise in helping businesses take control of their business and automate dispatch operations while enhancing passengers' travel experience. We help you set up a robust taxi dispatch system that is tailored to your needs at an affordable rate. The taxi dispatch system works by fully branded integration, implementing a native experience for Android and iOS operating systems, providing easy onboarding, offering instant booking, scheduling rides, offering ride details, and more.

Our dispatch system is comprehensive and tailored to your convenience. We integrate a secure data backup and on-premise deployment; our security compliance check is fully data audited to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

Mobisoft offers one of the best taxi dispatch software in the market with an affordable and flexible pricing model. There are two pricing options. Your taxi company can either pay a one-time cost and get the software fully customized or go with the monthly subscription plan that offers lower customization options but higher business flexibility. For more details, please feel free to connect with our solution experts.

Our team will set up and deploy the solution on your own private servers that ensure full control over the data.