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Security Agencies


Lay the foundation of your business on an exhaustive business chatting application focusing on real-time collaboration.



Enhance your peer-to-peer interaction model by leveraging a highly responsive all-inclusive enterprise chat software.


Large Enterprises

Align your business operations to diverse messaging possibilities with a future-ready white label chat app technology.

Why Choose Mobisofts’s Custom Business Chat App Solution

Configuring a live interactive chat app for business and ensuring that it caters to all the commercial requirements of customer engagement is our forte.

Fully Customizable

Our chat software for business offers all-round customization and acts as a tailor-made imperative to improve your brand identity.

Intuitive Design

The smart messaging solution is designed to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction with minimalistic UI/UX features.

365 Days Support

Gain the privilege of owning a business chat app that is backed by a professional technical team providing steadfast support.


Rendering cost-effective business messaging app solutions is prioritized by creating a proper blueprint of development operations.

On Cloud/On-premise

Our white label chat app capabilities trigger the flexible deployment of tech-enabled modernized chatting platforms on cloud/on-premise.


A highly responsive mobile chatting technology takes care of your business conversations and creates transparent professional relationships.

Seamless Collaborations Require Robust In-Built Features

It’s time to expand your user base by creating a real-time collaborating hub with our feature-rich mobile business messaging app solution.

Easy On-boarding

Users can easily get on-board on the messaging software with a quick and easy verification process. Just a few basic details to fill in our white label mobile chat app technology and user are all set to start messaging.

Instant Messaging

Our interactive solution involves a private as well as group chat facility aligned with a quick messaging feature. Chatting with multiple users or conversing within a business group is possible just with a few clicks.

Message Broadcast

Messages can be broadcasted across multiple users to circulate any kind of important information. Drive high-end user engagement by delivering push notifications related to application updates or other discussions.

Voice/Video Calling

Receive and make voice calls by having clear voice calling communication technology at the palm of your hands. Experience quality conversations anywhere anytime with an integrated live video chat app for business service.

In-app Sharing

Our business chat software supports seamless sharing of multiple file formats, audio, video, contacts, images, and locations to any number of users or groups. Data transmission observes low latency with compression of media files.

Dedicated Dashboard

A robust dashboard is put in place to stir group and user management by our white label chat app solution. The admin can effectively monitor the live chat feed and get real-time reports of user activities within the dashboard.

Build your own feature-rich white label chat app

Fortify End-to-End Encrypted Chat Experience

Meet a premium messaging solution where conversations and messages are forged via high-end security layers to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality.

  • All communications are fully encrypted with SSL/TSL
  • The exchange of data is highly secured with E2EE
  • Mobile chat app development is configured with AES
  • Secured chat database highlight exclusive ownership
  • Unauthorized usage is restricted with multiple authentication facility
  • Private information is entirely protected with a firewalled network

Our Approach

We follow a state-of-the-art process to channelize and implement our smart messenger app solution across the required areas of your business communication.


We develop a highly scalable white label chat app after defining the strategic direction of the project and planing the app structure.


We ensure that our customized business chat software solution gets well-integrated into your existing or new environment.


After the successful integration of the chat app, we focus on checking and validating it to regulate scalability and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

A white label chat app is a solution built with an aim to help companies have their own business messenger that can be hosted on cloud/on-premise. It helps companies in achieving a dedicated collaborative environment to augment productivity and performance.

The major benefits of developing your own white label chat solution include brand regulation, customized features, competitiveness, smooth collaboration, end-to-end security, premium in-app user experiences, and much more.

You should use a white label messaging solution to optimize chat functionalities, drive user engagement with exhaustive chat tools, manage resources & data, generate ROI, maintain a balance between demand and supply, etc.

Indeed, white labeling is a good idea as it helps brands in maximizing their market reach alongside improving supply. It pushes them to focus on core competencies while offering the potential to survive the rising number of competitors.

White labeling is a budget-friendly solution that proves highly profitable. The build time for such a solution is much lesser as compared to private label app development. However, it also depends on your business strategies and approach.

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