It seems that we have applied the on-demand business model to almost anything we could lay our eyes upon – cab bookings, doctor appointments, movie tickets, home services, food delivery – the list is endless.

List of Uber for Trucks Startups Globally

The latest addition to the on-demand economy are the Uber for trucking companies. You can simply use a mobile app to get access to trucks and drivers who help you to move your stuff. The service is also available for enterprises who can increase the efficiency of their supply chain and cut down logistics costs.

The global logistics industry is poised to reach $12,256 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 3.48%. Various on-demand trucking platforms like Uber Freight are looking to tap into the industry and get a share of the market. Today we will explore the top Uber for trucking companies from all around the world.

How Uber for Trucks Business Model Works?

An on-demand trucking business works almost on the same principle of an on-demand ride-hailing app. Shippers and companies use a mobile app/web interface to locate and book trucks and vans according to their requirements. Carriers/vehicle owners/drivers receive bookings through their app/web interface and send quotes/accept bookings at upfront rates or via freight bidding marketplace model.

The shipper pays the trucker after the delivery is successful. The on-demand trucking companies generally collect a share from the payments for acting as the digital matchmaker.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a hassle-free way for shippers to transport their load using the fleet of Uber trucks. Companies can book freight delivery using the app with access to transparent pricing and quick payments. The system matches shippers to carriers intelligently and can settle on a quote based on market conditions and other factors. The app allows tracking of the delivery process from loading to delivery.

Founded – 2017

Founders – Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp

Headquarters – San Francisco, California, United States

Recent Update – The company introduced a feature through which shippers can get access to real-time market rates for delivery routes up to two weeks ahead. The feature is really helpful for companies and distributors who have to deliver large amounts of cargo.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Convoy provides the technology to bring efficiency to the supply chain industry. It aims to reduce waste by filling every truck and trailer to its full capacity. The Uber for trucking app uses intuitive algorithms to create smart routes which result in fuel savings. Convoy offers both hauling and shipping services.

Founded – 2015

Founders – Dan Lewis and Grant Goodale

Headquarters – Seattle, Washington, United States

Recent Update – In September, the company raised a round of $185 million in funding from Alphabet, the parent company of Google. It has also raised investments from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Convoy is now placed at a valuation of $1 billion.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store

Transfix (USA)

Transfix is one of the well-funded trucking startups which connects customers with a network of shippers and carriers. The company has a network of 80,000 active drivers providing their services across the USA. The on-demand trucking app uses proprietary algorithms which enable it to suggest numerous quotes in seconds accurately.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Drew McElroy, Jonathan Salama, and Prabhat Supekar

Headquarters – Manhattan, New York, United States

Recent Update – Transfix has made its way to the Forbes list. Venture capitalists nominated the company on the basis of its funding, revenue, and current valuation. It ranked among 25 other companies in the freight industry.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Cargomatic is an on-demand trucking platform comprising of local truckers and shippers. Shippers can get instant access to local trucks and track the movement of their cargo in real-time. Organizations can save on their transport costs by utilizing trucks to their maximum capacity. Currently, the company operates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Jonathan Kessler

Headquarters – Long Beach, California, United States

Recent Update – The company acquired funding of $35 million in August led by firms including Muse Family Enterprises, Xplorer Capital, Genesee & Wyoming, Canaan, and Warburg Pincus. It will use the funds to hire key personnel to support their expansion internationally.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store

FreightBro (India)

FreightBro is much more than just being an Uber for trucks app. It enables freight forwarding companies to gain visibility in the processes and generate instant and professional quotes in a few clicks. Freight forwarders can also manage documents, manage contracts and proactively handle exceptions using the platform.

Founded – 2016

Founders – Anand Babu, Mohammed Zakkiria, and Raghavendran Viswanathan

Headquarters – Chennai, India

Recent Update – The company raised an undisclosed amount from the CIO of Bank of New York Mellon, Suresh Kumar.


When we talk about logistics startups in India, the name of BlackBuck must be on the list. It’s claimed to be the largest trucking platform in India with 2,00,000 partner trucks serving across 1,000 location in India. The Uber for trucking app provides transport services to organizations at best pricing. Customers can also track their shipments in real-time like other apps.

Founded – 2015

Founders – Chanakya Hridaya, Rajesh Yabaji, and Ramasubramaniam B

Headquarters – Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Recent Update – Blackbuck is in the process of raising a round of funding with $150 to $250 million funding which will put it at $1 billion valuation. Till now it has raised a funding of over $100 million.

App Links – Google Play


Rivigo looks forward to making logistics safer, faster, affordable and human. It provides the technology to develop a sector where shippers and truckers can collaborate seamlessly to make transport more efficient. Shippers can take help of different transport solution offered by Rivigo to deliver their cargo within 3 days anywhere in India.

Founded – 2014

Founders – Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra

Headquarters – Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Recent Update – Rivigo is reported to be in talks for raising $400 million in funding. The deal will provide a strong boost to its high valuation of $950 million, making it one of the most valuable logistics startups in India.

App Links – Google Play


GoShare is an on-demand trucking app which connects customers with truck drivers and van owners. The app comes with a simple booking process and deliveries can be made within an hour. Customers can communicate in real-time with the fleet operators and track their shipment using the app. You can also get a free estimate of your transport cost before opting for the service.

Founded – 2014

Founders – Shaun Savage

Headquarters – San Diego, California, United States

Recent Update – GoShare is allowing freelancers to rent vehicles and earn through their platform.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Bungii is a perfect Uber for trucking app example which makes transporting good simple and easy. Customers can click a picture of things to be moved and upload it on the app to get connected with a local truck driver. Drivers can be paid through the app, and there are options for ratings too.

Founded – 2014

Founders – Ben Jackson

Headquarters – Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Recent Update – The company recently started its services in Baltimore which is the fourth city covered by it. Drivers with trucks can use the service to earn an income.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store

CargoX (Brazil)

40% of Brazil’s 300,000 trucks operate empty at a given time. CargoX aims to resolve the problem by smartly matching shippers with truck drivers and operators. The company provides its service to a diverse range of industries with a network of 100,000 truckers. CargoX delivers the technology, know-how, and insight to the logistics industry.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Federico Vega

Headquarters – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Recent Update – CargoX has launched a shipping platform based on the blockchain technology. It offers a secure and decentralized environment to shippers and freight forwarders to exchange digital documents in a secured manner.

App Links – Google Play


Sontra offers a variety of trucks and vehicles for shippers in Brazil. Vehicle owners can also use the system to find customers ready to ship their cargo. It provides a fast, simple and intuitive system to connect customers and truckers with a data-driven approach.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Federico Vega

Headquarters – Sao Paulo, Brazil

App Links – Google Play

Huochebang (China)

Huochebang is the largest trucking network in China with 3.7 million registered trucks. The cloud-based logistics platform has enabled the country to save significant costs of fuel with a reduction of carbon emissions. The company uses an online-to-offline system to deliver integrated services to shippers and truckers by matching demand and supply.

Founded – 2008

Founders – Dai Wenjian

Headquarters – Guizhou, Liaoning, China

Recent Update – Earlier in the year, the company had raised $1.9 billion in funding to drive its expansion plans. The investors include GSR Ventures, SoftBank Vision Fund, CapitalG, and China Reform Fund.

Yunmanman (China)

Yunmanman delivers the solution to efficiently manage vehicles and cargo with their free mobile app. It provides comprehensive data and payment services for both truck owners and shippers. Shippers can increase their operational efficiency by promptly getting connected to truck owners. The company is currently valued at around $1 million.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Zhang Hui

Headquarters – Shanghai, China

Recent Update – Yunmanman and its rival Huochebang have agreed to go through a merger to create a company valued at $2 billion. Both companies are also in the process of raising more funds to fuel their expansion strategies.


Buddytruk is and Uber for trucking app with a social take. It connects people looking to move stuff with local truckers known as buddies. Truckers can earn around $40 per hour while shipment owners can look forward to affordable rates as they are dealing with a person, and not a corporation. Deliveries are also carried out in hours instead of days.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Brian Foley, Russell Tuchman, Ryan Salmons, and Tim Kolenut

Headquarters – Santa Monica, California, United States

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Lugg is an on-demand trucking app which helps you move objects within hours. Customers can upload a picture of their shipment and get connected with trucks and two delivery person. The service is offered for store delivery, small move, storage moves, craigslist delivery and junk removal. The truckers show up in a matter of 30 to 60 minutes after scheduling a truck.

Founded – 2014

Founders – Eric Kreutzer and Jordan Brown

Headquarters – San Francisco, California, United States

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Dolly helps you to request a truck and helper to move your furniture and other items. The helpers are independent contractors with a background check for safe and efficient service. They will help you to move and drive your shipment to the destination. Customers can know the pricing upfront and can schedule rides instantly.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Chad Wittman, Jason Norris, Kelby Hawn, and Michael Howell

Headquarters – Seattle, Washington, United States

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store

Trucker Path

Trucker Path enables carriers to discover quality freight services offered by truck operators and independent owner-contractors. The company also provides a range of solutions for truckers and shippers to find truck stops, weigh stations, fuel prices and more. Trucker Path has a network of over 700,000 drivers.

Founded – 2013

Founders – Ivan Tsybaev and Viktor Radchenko

Headquarters – Mountain View, California, United States

Recent Update – Trucker Path has teamed up with Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Center to offer roadside service to its member drivers. The truck drivers can quickly get back on the road after facing a tire-related issue by utilizing the roadside service locations available through the app.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Ontruck provides the highest availability of different types of vehicles from qualified freight carriers. The on-demand trucking platform optimizes the routes for optimum usage of truck space lowering transport costs and waste. You can always check the status of your goods and change information as necessary.

Founded – 2016

Founders – Antonio Lu, Gonzalo Parejo Navajas, Iñigo Juantegui, Javier Escribano, Rika Christanto and Samuel Fuentes

Headquarters – Madrid, Spain

Recent Update – The company raised €25 million in Series B funding a few months back. The investment had been raised from Cathay Innovation, Total Energy Ventures, Atomico, Idinvest, GP Bullhound and Samaipata Ventures.

App Links – Google Play, Apple App Store


Everoad allows companies and shippers of all sizes to find appropriate transport options for the whole of Europe. The Uber for trucking app matches freight carries with shippers based on their requirements and preferences. Carriers can also use the platform to find business opportunities and payments within 3 days.

Founded – 2016

Founders – Maxime Legardez

Headquarters – Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Recent Update – The company has raised $19 million in Series A funding. The investment has been raised from Earlybird and Inventure Partners in a bid to improve road freight.  


Uber for trucking companies are here to revolutionize the logistics industry. It has never been so easy for shippers and freight forwarders to connect to trucks and trailers and get instant quotes on their loads. More and more shippers and organizations are using apps to fulfill their transportation needs and the trend is here to stay. Moving stuff is now as simple as booking a cab using your smartphone, and you can get deliveries completed by the hour instead of days. You can also get real-time visibility around goods movement and keep track of your shipment with automated alerts.

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