Two of the essential sectors – healthcare and startup, support mankind and society in their own ways. We understand their requirements and thus help them to grow and succeed through mobility. Every sector, irrespective of their type and category, deserves mobility solution in digital age.

Bringing Mobility In Healthcare Sector

Mobisoft Infotech grows stronger into healthcare mobile offerings. Our HIPAA certified team has delivered mobile solutions from patient engagement, medication scheduling, clinical workflow to Internet of Medicine (IoM) concept designs.

SensoDx – SensoDX is a micro-device company that focuses on powerful and affordable chip-based diagnostic devices that would suit broad range of clinical applications.

Mobisoft partnered with SensoDx to provide solutions in health and wellness sector. They have created a device to measure the health of Human heart. We are integrating with this device to find out healthiness of heart. We are also integrating Apple Health Kit and Jawbone to provide wellness solutions along with it.

Seremedi – “Mobisoft is a highly valued partner to Seremedi. The deep collaboration includes skilled development services and investment with a shared commitment to deliver quality solutions that meet a need in a timely manner which positions us for success.” – Kim Bond Evans, CEO Seremedi, Inc.

Seremedi delivers CareScriptions – a collaborative connected care solution which helps hospitals balance the challenge of shortened hospital stays while maintaining high-touch quality care as patients prepare and recover outside of the hospital.

We partnered to introduce Surgery Center Continuing Care System (SCCC) to help healthcare team to connect with patients remotely and track the progress report.

Latest Blog

Virtual Team For Real Startups

Startups trouble with bringing right talent for their new venture. This is where a support from experts could ease their process. Technology has made things easy, thus it’s suggested to opt for virtual teams to not only get experienced support but also to save market time and money.


Samsung And Mobisoft Collaboration: Taking Mobility To New Level

Mobisoft would join hands with Samsung Business Services to provide enterprise service. We would be providing our collaboration on IoT, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data flow, and would bring Knox security solutions to enterprise businesses in Transportation, Healthcare and Oil & Gas industry.

Oly To Help Startups Get Established!

Startups need right market research in order to launch right product for their customers. Oly, an app that is designed for startups, marketing, agency, and universities, would help enterprises to measure early traction and get correct Market Fit Product and Market Viable Product. You can contact our discovery experts to know how you can get first 100 customers with Oly.

Getting Noticed At The Traffic Records Forum

Mobisoft Infotech’s efforts into mobile enabled highway safety, lead by Rick Alexander, in collaboration with universities across the USA and state transport authorities, got noticed at the Traffic Records Forum ( We are committed into Highway Safety for Transportation. We have geared up to bring self-reported crash data via web and mobile app system.


With time, app monetization has become an integral part of mobile app development. Here are 8 successful app monetization models that can be used to generate revenue while you are reaching out to your potential customers.


Mobisoft Ranked #16 In Cougar 100

Like last year, this year as well Mobisoft Infotech has made it to the University of Houston Cougar 100 list. This year, we are ranked at #16. This is solely possible because of the immense faith and trust you have on us. We thank you all for your love and support!