IoT Healthcare Solutions

Our cloud‐based IoT solutions provide clinicians, hospitals, payers, and pharmacies with a vendor-neutral, secure infrastructure to take the first step towards the continuum of care.

Enabling Connected Healthcare Delivery

We help major players of the healthcare industry across the continuum of care to build patient-centric IoT healthcare solutions. Our deep domain expertise enable us to offer highly scalable, user-centric and reliable solutions.

Connected Providers

Process-driven connected solution for healthcare providers to offer the convenience of engagement and value-based care to patients.

Life Sciences

Helps life sciences organizations with an integrated end-to-end approach, enabling them to minimize hops and accelerate product launch and go-to-market.

Smart Hospitals

Enable hospitals to enhance care delivery model for patients with integrated healthcare IoT solutions.

IoT Startups

Enables health IoT startups to harness intelligence and build cost-effective and sustainable IT solution to improve operations and gain efficiency.

IoT-powered Healthcare Solutions

We offer a robust suite of IoT healthcare technology solutions while keeping the systems safe, compliant and secure.

NFC-based IoT Solutions

Using IoT technology and NFC together can help pharma companies with digitalization and connection of key functions, elevating efficiency, and assuring product compliance and quality.

  • Product integrity assurance
  • Patient engagement
  • Automated device interaction
NFC IoT Technology

Telehealth/ Patient Monitoring

We offer a patient-centered comprehensive suite of the clinical continuum and mhealth solutions to clinicians, doctors, and healthcare organizations to facilitate health monitoring, remote visits, and online appointment booking.

  • EHR/PM integration
  • Remote device diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Monitor patients remotely at home using audio streaming and live video
  • Monitor health indicators gathered by portable devices
  • Charts and diagram visualization
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical Device Integration

We provide medical device manufacturers with a set of portable features for data collection, device remote control, monitoring, and OTA updates.

  • Data, integration & management
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Monitor device operations
  • Remote software updates
  • Enable devices to send notifications
  • Maintain an active device inventory
Medical Device Integration

NEMT System

A convenient and affordable NEMT dispatch software with a technology first approach to serve the mobility need of people with disabilities.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Reduce billing cost
  • Faster reimbursement
  • Powerful custom reporting
  • Automated scheduling
NEMT Service

Clinical Trials

IoT-centric solution to simplify the clinical trial process to be more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Accelerated clinical trials
  • Improve patient safety monitoring
  • Meet regulatory demands
Clinical Trials

Success Stories

IoT healthcare solutions successfully delivered to our clients. Here are some of our notable work.

Tools and Technologies

A robust enterprise-grade technology stack used by our in-house IoT developers team to power your branded IoT-centered solution.

Cloud IoT Gateways

  • Azure IoT Gateway
  • AWS IoT Gateway

Data Processing

  • Ingestion
  • Storage
  • Monitoring

IoT Integrations

  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi

Front End

  • Remote Device Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Healthcare IoT Enablement Model

Healthcare organizations can leverage the potential of IoT-driven healthcare solutions by building a healthcare IoT model where smart devices will act as a part of integrated solutions.

Healthcare IoT enablement model

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With our continued dedication, we help healthcare organizations leverage the IoT revolution. Our healthcare experts empower businesses to do much more with IoT.


Words of appreciation from our satisfied healthcare clients.

We at Khushi Baby are proud to work with our partners at Mobisoft. Mobisoft has helped us build a rigorous platform for tracking maternal and child health, which has been used to track the health of over 22,000 mothers and infants in rural regions of Rajasthan, India (As of Dec 2018). We look forward to the journey ahead with Mobisoft as we grow as an organization and as a technology platform for digital health.

- Ruchit Nagar,
CEO, Khushi Baby

Our technology is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the Mobisoft team, who not only developed great code for our solutions but also helped us improve healthcare by creating a better patient-provider experience through the use of digital technology.

- Justin E. Bird,
Founder, Patients We Share

Why Us for Your Healthcare IoT Solution?

Our deep domain expertise, a skilled team of healthcare IoT experts, and a rapidly growing healthcare clientele makes us an ideal digital healthcare technology partner.

  • Patient-Centric Approach
  • EHR Integration Expertise
  • HIPAA Certified Engineers
  • Startup Accelerators
  • Care for Knowledge
  • Domain Expertise
  • Robust Client Base
  • Micro Venture Partnerships
  • 11+Years of
  • 20+HIPAA Certified
  • 25+Healthcare
  • 225+Dedicated
Johnson and Johnson GenH award Khushi Baby


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