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Enterprise Mobility with Cloud Solutions

We help enhance your business through innovative cloud solutions, channelizing its entire working; right from ideation to execution.
The question is, is your company ready for this next big step?

End-to-end solutions to transform your business

We provide enterprise mobile app development solutions using superior technology that are commercially viable to SME’s and large Enterprises. Our end-to-end business solutions fit all business segments across the industry verticals. This includes business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-enterprise (B2E). Experience in all these verticals has added to our Enterprise Mobile strengths and solutions.

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Allow us to assist emerging startups with an Amazon server credit worth of $10,000.

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As APN Consulting Partners, we serve & guide our partners to build, design & architect applications & workloads on AWS.

Highway Safety Solutions

Highway Safety Solutions

"Did you know that road crashes alone are the single greatest annual cause of death and costs the U.S nearly $230.6 billion per year, or an average of $820 per person?"

As a proud member of GHSA (Governors Highway Safety Association), a non-profit group, we join hands to tackle behavioural highway safety issues. Our mission is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries and keeping America’s roadways safe by providing strategic road safety, traffic management solutions and consulting thus helping drivers, pedestrians and motorcyclists stay safe once they get behind the wheel or on the streets.

Our highway safety program tackles traffic fatalities, occupant protection, motorcyclists, bicyclist rights, drunk driving, distracted driving and much more! We believe in providing solutions to make mobility safer and more reliable.

GHSA provides leadership and advocacy for the states and territories to improve traffic safety, influence national policy, enhance program management and promote best practices. Thus, as a proud partner, Mobisoft provides safety solutions which encompasses mobility and cloud technologies to provide awareness, education and enforcement solutions for highway safety.

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Enterprise Mobility Retail Services

best enterprise mobile app

Consumer Apps

Mobile Commerce App

Mobile Commerce App

Research firm eMarketer Inc states that by 2018, mobile commerce sales on smartphones and tablets will account for 27% of total web sales in USA and 47% of web sales worldwide.

Smartphone users have gone mobile as content delivery over wireless devices is quick, accurate and reliable. Also, the rising sales of tablets and smartphones have gone up drastically which is revolutionizing m-commerce.

However, mobile websites are still not preferred by many as the user experience consists of many glitches. Ticking small boxes that guide one to a payment gateway page and zooming in to read minuscule text is a major issue. Also, users are concerned about engaging in m-commerce as they are unsure about conducting wireless transactions due to security issues.

But tablets and smartphones continue to dominate m-commerce sales as they play a vital role in the purchasing process. Mobility and other connected devices have completely changed the way as to how companies sell their products and offer customer services. We help enterprises meet their business needs by providing apt solutions that guarantee easy accessibility, as well as secure transactions.

We ensure that mobile banking and payments, mobile marketing, mobile shopping and ticket purchasing apps are suited to your business needs and at the same time changes the way a consumer accesses these as well.

In Store Catalogue App

Product Catalog App

Website shopping is all about search find and buys, whilst shopping with the help of a product catalog app is more about awareness and discovery. Retailers have now switched to the power of digital catalogs to take the customer experience to the next level.

The possibility of a customer remaining lost out on what to buy or the basic details before purchasing a product are always high and sales representatives may not necessarily be equipped with the latest versions of their online catalog apps which would all have a direct effect on profits. It has thus become a necessity to keep sales and marketing collaterals all updated in real time for the sales team as well as the customers so no one is left behind.

Product catalogs have been proven to turn good sales into great sales as it is much easier to keep in touch with your customers as well as clients due to the entire procedure of selecting products digitally which enhances better customer engagement.

Also, it's easier for your staff to sell without fumbling with papers and presentations; the company website, sales brochure & paper catalog all within easy to use applications. For which we provide end-to-end solutions to simplify your sales needs within a single touch. Keeping a track of sales activities and improving sales performance is much easier with the help of product catalog apps.

We help in mobilizing your enterprise with the help of Catalog Pulse to close your business deals faster and in a more effective manner by saving time and money without any printed quotes and orders.

In Store Navigation App

In Store Navigation App

Losing out on customers at retail outlets is a common issue as they are unable to find the exact details of the product they are looking for and reaching out to staff may not always be a possibility. Also, not knowing where the product would be located is a common problem. According to a recent study, 48% of consumers use their mobile devices to scan prices as well as check for product reviews while they are at the stores.

Thus, with the help of indoor location technology it is so much easier for retailers to keep a track on customers buying habits and well as choices and preferences all on the basis of their smartphones. The need for indoor positioning has been rising as GPS is unavailable in-store and navigating through stores can be a daunting task. Indoor positioning technology allows customers to save favorite locations and makes them easy to return to, thus driving powerful insight into their behavior pattern.
Using Wi-Fi triangulation and iBeacon, we help build apps that include floor layout plans, prices, store hours and barcode scanners which would guide a customer with productive shopping thus leading to bigger baskets and better sales.

We help enterprises build solutions that help customers quickly compass their way through with the help of in-store navigation apps. With the help of this latest mobile strategy, indoor positioning delivers a more personalized experience for shoppers as well as keeping them up-to-date with the latest information on special offers, discounts and latest products.

Location-based Marketing App

Location-based Marketing App

Whether it's a good place to grab a bite or find out more about a product customers heavily rely on their smartphones for information that would help them save time as well as money.

Location based marketing apps are reaching out to their customers with specifically targeted content using geofencing and background monitoring of users locations. With advanced GPS technologies, 3G and 4G connections can easily identify where the user is and thus attracting new customers and driving conversions are achieved

Tracking a customer based on their location and sending them promotional coupons, discounts as well as popular incentives according to their shopping behavior has also been proven at boosting customer loyalty. We provide end-to-end solutions that make it an easier process for customers to choose a specific brand, buy an item or enter a store all based on their required locations.

Self-Check Out App

Self-Check Out App

The traditional scanning process involves a huge amount of hardware and labor costs for retailers to speed up lengthy check-out lines. Also, deploying scanners across retail chains can be an expensive affair.

Thus, long billing queues can now be consolidated into a pocket sized Smartphone device with the help of self check out apps. Shopping takes on a completely new meaning with the usage of self check out apps as customers can scan products with the help of their smartphones, add the items to the cart and directly pay from their smartphones with a payment gateway system.

We help enterprises build solutions to mobilize this procedure with the help of these apps. It provides customers with an interactive shopping experience as they are able to shop smarter by reviewing product details and can also receive personalized offers on the basis of their bills and product purchases.
We ensure that retailers are able to assist shoppers to shop smarter with the help of the product recommendation system which provides customers with an interactive user experience.

Loyalty App

Loyalty App

Customers need to be rewarded for their shopping; there couldn't be a better way to own a stronger customer database than loyalty apps. Minus cashless rewards, we provide mobility solutions that help enterprises build stronger ties with their loyal customers without having to clutter their wallets with plastic rewards.

Consumer facing brands find it much easier to build relationships with their customers with the help of loyalty apps. We provide solutions that help customers make all their purchases and complete their transactions with the help of their mobile wallets and as all the data gets saved within the same app, it is used to promote offers and rewards through push notifications on their smart phones.

Storing point collecting cards and other details in a wallet can be a hindrance to customers as they may not always carry it with them. Thus, we make it a simpler process for enterprises to digitize their loyalty systems across various platforms.

Store Locator App

Store Locator App

Finding the closest store according to your location or convenience is a must as it is time and energy saving. At times, customers also need to buy a single product which would be available only at a selected store at a certain location.

Thus, we provide solutions for enterprises that allow customers to locate their stores or dealers by entering their zip code, postal code or city as well. We ensure steady sales and also a unique interaction process with customers by providing accurate information on their fingertips on their Smartphone.

Enterprise Apps

Sales Floor Assistant App

Sales Floor Assistant App

Very often, major sales opportunities are missed out on due to improper communication between sales representatives and customers. Also, sales representatives have to constantly multitask between roles such as managing appointments, collaborating with other team members, and also connecting with various customers which can be quite a tedious process causing many errors.

Today's customers are well-informed about a store's details, product prices as well as its features thanks to their smartphones. However, they would still expect store employees to know much more than them so as to assist them in making the right choices. Thus, we provide simple yet effective mobility solutions for enterprises to collaborate systematically with other sales representatives and customers as well.

Mobility solutions are a vital part of any business strategy and we provide software solutions that offer enterprises a 360 degree view of customers and a multi-channel support all on a single platform optimizing operational efficiency as well as an exceptional customer experience.

Customer relationship management plays an important role in the conversion of store visits into sales, and with our mobility services available across various platforms, we provide technology that makes tablets a complete sales effective tool as well as guarantee customer satisfaction, lower costs and better sales.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS

Today's customers are completely connected customers. Latest studies indicate that more than 7 in 10 customers thoroughly research products online prior to purchasing them and that connected technology will influence up-to 44% of retail sales by 2016 owing to the smartphone penetration.

Digital Point-of-Sales (POS) can be a risky and costly means of cash transaction, but with touch tablets and smartphones its utility and usability is improved and is easily accessible in the pockets of customers. We offer solutions that optimize efficiencies with the next level of Digital- POS, m-POS as it enhances the customer experience, transforms businesses along with services that make life much easier.

We change the way customers and retailers interact whether at home, on the go or at the store. Long queues are a thing of the past and in an effort to promote "line-busting", employees are empowered with M-POS devices. Products can be scanned to get detailed information and to add to the digital shopping cart, which would further assist customers in billing and checking out without ever having to wait in never-ending queues.

Technology Stack

Mobility Solutions for Oil and Gas

mobility solutions for oil and gas

By the year 2015, it has been estimated by experts that $8 Billion will be spent only on Oil & Gas mobile applications as an increasing number of companies are embracing mobile strategies which in turn is leading to workflow transformations. Due to massive competition, the biggest challenge for oil and gas companies is managing offshore and onshore operations.

Enterprise mobility solutions are being adopted by upstream oil and gas companies to deliver on-demand intelligence, improvised real time information flow which would all lead to a boost in the field force productivity.

The Oil and Gas industry benefits majorly from the use of custom-designed enterprise apps. Thanks to its colossal scale of operations spanning multi-country locations, big-sized teams and remote field operations that require real-time communication, collaboration and quick decisions.

MI is helping enterprises with a mobile strategy and enterprise apps that will not only streamline workflows but also improve process efficiencies, leading to an ROI boost. MI's enterprise mobility largely impacts these companies in data capture, monitor and control; critical information dissemination; real-time communication and collaboration between teams; speedy decision making and swift action.

With rising population and a majority of developing nations aiming at attaining economic stability, the global demand for energy has been growing steadily. According to latest studies, the world consumes an approximate amount of 230 million barrels of oil on a daily basis with oil and gas supplying around 60% of the total demand. Thus, the need to drive complex business processes and navigation of analytical data would require a set of systematic software solutions.

Even though most of the oil and gas companies are inching towards mobile deployment for the improvement of their maintenance, operational and environmental tasks, they still face certain significantchallenges:

  • Environmental safety and health protection is a top priority for the oil and gas industry as working conditions involve heavy equipment, hazardous materials, soaring temperatures and high pressure equipment. The entire process ranging from exploration and production to pipeline management and marketing should adhere to safety norms and social responsibility as it is directly linked to the better Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) performance for the employee and improved productivity.

  • Innovative technology plays an important role in delivering increased oil & gas production in a safe and efficient manner keeping the environmental impact in mind. With rising demands for oil, a breakthrough technology solution is needed to find, develop and distribute more oil and gas.

  • Companies are located at remote sites, which may have direct effects on connectivity, real-time data delivery and employee morale too. Offshore sites must have access to the same unified communication tools and technologies their branch offices have.

User Interface
Asset Management

Asset Management

The unforeseen risks pertaining to the processes involved in maintaining onshore and offshore assets are always on the higher side and this requires apt preventive techniques and maintenance. In oil and gas companies, there often exists a disconnect between operations and asset management systems which leads to underutilization of capital assets, revenue losses, inefficient operations and in worst cases HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) incidents too.

We understand the volatile nature of upstream oil-field services and downstream organizations, and believe in assisting our clients with smarter enterpriseasset integrity management (AIM)services which would enable real-time analytics of their assets. With access to these integrated systems, faster and more accurate decision making at well sites can be achieved along with maximizing production systems with great efficiency and safety.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

For companies involved in the oil and natural gas segment, compliance reporting and regulations governing business, accounting and financial practices pose a significant amount of risk. These companies are faced with additional complexities owing to the geopolitical, environmental, energy and natural resource supply and trading environment, combined with often complex stakeholder and business relationships.

Compliance is a serious issue as employees are sent to high-risk countries and are exposed to substances and equipments which can be risky. We are aware of these unique challenges faced by this industry in terms of regulatory as well as environmental compliance, and can provide assistance for the same.

We help oil and gas enterprises to enable accurate monitoring and streamlined reporting on safety and regulatory issues according to the latestOSHA Regulatory(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates (ILO-OSH 2001) which ensures accurate and consistent decision making according to policies across multiple channels and business units, and that workers stay compliant and risk-free.

Materials management

Materials management

With the onset of latest oil discoveries, the map of resource exploration has changed as the oil and gas industry is now shifting to more remote, difficult and expensive parts of the globe, which automatically leads to exorbitant project costs and higher risk on capital returns owing to oil price volatility.

Materials management involves the systematic process of ensuring that the materials reach the exploration, development and production sites and the main objective is to ensure that they are of supreme quality, available whenever needed and adhere to proper safety norms. The basic need is to maintain aproper balance between low transportation costs and stock levels while ensuring their guaranteed availability and timely delivery.

Thus, the usage of mobility solutions for materials management functions such as procurement, reordering, and stock transfer orders; collection and quality assurance and quality Control inspections; stocking; and issuing are on the rise. We provide assistance to companies to collect, update and synchronize back-end systems. They can also use these solutions for supply and rental inventory management of high-priced rental goods and equipment.

Inspections, condition monitoring, and assessment

Inspections, condition monitoring, and assessment

In the entire whirl of complex processes and data collection, inspection and further monitoring of pipelines, refinery equipment and the environment stand chances of taking a backseat. Also, the costs for inspecting pipelines, drilling and exploration, refining and other diversified utilities are high.

Thus, we offer services to enterprises in the oil and natural gas sector in accordance with internationally recognized codes, design specifications and specific technical project requirements.

Also, with the help of bar coding, radio-frequency identification (RFID), or global positioning systems (GPS) problem areas can be identified quickly which would lead to speedy inspection process and a standard uniform procedure which can be used to inspect and assess data.

Sales-force enablement

Sales-force enablement

Managing a well-rounded systematic sales cycle for the oil, gas and energy industry is a daunting process because of its diverse sales culture, competitive pressure, tight margins as well as increasing demands from operators which generates the need for oil companies to be quicker and more efficient in their delivery of sales support services.

There has been a massive rise in investment in sales-force of the company as well as customer relationship management which is a vital tool for bringing in profits. Nevertheless, the user adoption has not reached the optimum level in most of the energy companies.

We help oil and gas based enterprises to ensure that their sales teams stay up-to-date and well informed on all the latest developments in the industry according to real-time feed of the industry and customer news of the sales organization. We assist enterprises with the necessary analytical tools which would help employees by maintaining a 360 degree view of the customer, track them and organize follow up activities and also make quick decisions.

Thus, we believe in extendingsales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM)to wireless devices which would lead to a better user adoption rate automatically ensuring much better sales opportunities.

Workforce management and field-force enablement

Workforce management and field-force enablement

With growing competition, new emphasis has been put on the importance of maintaining an optimized workforce management and automated field resource management. The main resource of oil and gas companies is its technicians who slog through a variety of assignments worldwide.

Keeping track and scrutinizing each of them would be manually tough, complex and time-consuming. Also, these companies face the challenges behind centralizing operations, managing risk, hiring, and maintaining safety.

Bearing these issues in mind, we help oil and gas enterprises implement workforce management solutions that are suited to the evolving technological climate and are easily adaptable. For successful visibility of the enterprise,viable workforce management solutionsare a must within which they are easily able to share information between business units.

Thus, according to workflow processes we provide assistance that would help energy enterprises to identify, validate, deploy as well as manage their employees whether on-field or on vacation!

Fuel management

Fuel management

Fuel tracking and its consumption is the main lifeline of oil and gas companies. Besides, monitoring its replenishment on a timely basis is a critical daily activity. Also, as these companies operate in remote areas they have specific requirements that of providing a safe work environment to drivers.

For this issue, we provide assistance to energy companies with apt solutions that would help them with fuel order forms, tracking consumption, delivery management, alerts, and reports and also keep a steady watch on key performance indicators.

We understand that tracking, delivering and conserving fuel is a task for most of the oil and gas companies, and thus we work at providing technological solutions that can monitor fuel consumption, as well as increase fleet safety and performance all at lower costs.

Mobile analytics and dashboards

Mobile analytics and dashboards

We offer assistance to bring the much-needed precise monitoring of key business indicators and operation dashboards providing real-time updates which would lead to effective decision-making.

For upstream companies, where users would want to be updated on drilling operations on a constant basis, we understand their needs and work on features which will enable users to login online, access snapshots of drilling operations, with in-depth information on costs, mud weight, drilling progress and summaries, which would all be updated on a timely basis on their respective mobile devices.

Electronic logbook

Electronic logbook

There has been a dire need for a standard process across oil and gas companies as the logbooks are maintained using Microsoft Excel or manually, which provides a wide scope for errors, as well as other challenges.Collecting, storing and distributing real-time datais needed for smooth functioning of all business activities across oil and natural gas enterprises.

We are aware of these requirements and work at providing assistance to energy companies wherein they can scientifically manage voyage operations with the guidance of a mobile logbook, thorough scrutiny of voyage activity, daily vessel status and also systematic data synchronization with the back office.

Mobile technology makes it much easier to maintain records this way as it greatly contributes to the safety, compliance, efficiency and accountability of all the employees within this industry.

GPS and GIS tracking

GPS and GIS tracking

This is a vital feature used in most of the oil and gas companies as the vehicle-tracking systems - GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS) are extensively used for real-time tracking of key machinery, and also to match asset demands according to availability.

We understand how GPS is an added benefit and how its usage enhances asset utilization. Thus, we provide energy companies with assistance that would help them cutback on downtime by ensuring that theymaintain real-time monitoringthat leads to systematic maintenance practices.

It would also help at streamlining day-to-day operations as it is easier to maintain tabs on your fleet's activity real-time from any location and monitor work habits such as speeding, excessive time wastage, unauthorized usage etc.

We also believe in contributing to the environment and can help with thereduction of CO2 emissionsand monitor the amount of Greenhouse Gas emitted into the atmosphere with GPS and GIS tracking.

If you are looking to have a smooth internal workflows that can mean considerable cost-savings and enhanced efficiencies, check our:

Technology Stack

Mobile Solutions for Healthcare

healthcare mobility

Healthcare organizations, big or small, are in dire need of integrating clinical, financial and operational data to analyze real organizational performance. Hospitals and clinics have complex processes and multiple data capturing centers that if arranged in a vertical pile can look like the Mount Everest of data. To make sense out of it is not humanly possible, but most certainly technologically possible. Thanks to enterprise apps.

MI helpshealthcare industry merge processes with appropriate technologies that allow deeper analysis of crucial data. Integrating multiple data centers, enabling crucial data mining and enhancing hospital workflows and data flows are some of MI's key work areas. Healthcare providers who work with MI can look forward to better process efficiencies, improved resource mobilization, enhanced productivity, quick and appropriate service delivery and finally greater patient satisfaction. If you are a healthcare provider looking at improved internal workflow fitness and wanting to work out a proper regimen talk to us.

Patient – Physician Applications

  • Registration/Admission
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medical Records – PHR/EHRs
  • Physician Access/Referral
  • E-Prescribing
  • Billing

Enterprise Hospital Applications

  • Patient monitoring and management
  • Hospital Bed Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Lab results and clinical assistant
  • Logistical & payment support
  • Asset Management

Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Safety Data Collection
  • Consumer Education
  • Medical Education
  • Post-Market Monitoring
  • Drug Authentication
  • Patient Compliance & Retention: Clinical Trial

Information & Healthcare Management

  • Electronic Health/Medical Records & Tracking Tools
  • Diagnostic Tools & Medical Reference
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Awareness Through Alerts

Healthcare & Fitness

  • Medical Compliance
  • Fitness & Nutrition Apps
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Prescribable Mobile Apps

Remote Consultation/Diagnostic Services

  • Mobile Video Consultations, Collaboration & Surgery
  • Non-Video Consultations & Collaboration
  • Remote Collaboration in Emergency Situations

M2M, Sensor & Monitoring Applications

  • Health and Wellness Monitoring
  • Disease Surveillance/Remote Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Technical Logistics

Healthcare professional training application

  • Medical devices training apps
  • Clinical skills app and LMS integration

Banking and Finance Mobile App

best finance app for iphone and android

If wealth refers to increasing your security and boosting your investment, then it also implies minimizing paperwork and time in order to maximize ROI. Customer/client time and convenience is therefore the winning horse on this track.

MI understands this need and helps insurance and finance service providers work to improve their internal and external processes and work flows in an attempt to deliver, quick, efficient service that works in real time. MI's enterprise apps help automate the insurance policy inquiry to policy sale and renewal process, claims process across types of insurance policies and clients - individual and corporate. This ensures timely proposals, reminders, alerts and completions, minimal paperwork and manual work, lesser defaults and more satisfied customers. MI's finance app expertise helps finance providers in effective portfolio management, servicing clients efficiently and quickly and ensuring decision-action in real time, enabling them to build a robust portfolio for their clients.

For a better ROI in the insurance and finance business,connect with us.

Education Mobile Apps

best educational apps

Publishing and m-Learning

Publishing and m-learning are MI's flagship in enterprise apps. With cut-throat competition on one side and an exponential growth curve on the other, the winners in this business today are those who have embraced mobile technology and are leveraging its benefits completely. Reading, whether it is for leisure or learning, is been taken to e-platforms as more and more book lovers and learners prefer to do their thing on the move. Mobiles and tablets are almost ubiquitous among this breed; no prizes for guessing that enterprises that are there on the mobile apps scene clearly have the first-mover advantage.

MI understands the publishing and m-learning space, like the back of its hand; the business, how readers and learners think, how things work, what are the workflows and processes, what will give them an edge, the works. MI's custom-built enterprise apps for publishers and m-learning enterprises successfully take them from mere ‘we-are-there' to ‘we have arrived' players in their domain.

MI has invested in a spate of tools and frameworks to create great products with process automation, quicker turnaround and shorter time-to-market.

Content Authoring Solution

MI has proven expertise in creating an authoring tool which allows for rapid publishing of content on multiple platforms, which includes desktop, tablets and phones.

Content Migration Services

  • Flash to HTML5
  • PDF to ePub3

Template Based Assessment Solutions

  • MI has developed a proprietary development workflow, which allows for quick assessments to be created for iOS and Android apps that can go on the App Store.

Full Learning Courseware

  • Mobile Instructional Design ( MID) and Content Optimizations
  • Visual and UX design
  • Web Apps/ Native Apps
  • SCORM packaging
  • Social Platform Integration
  • Leaderboards, Gamification and Freemium Models

Educational Solutions

  • Mobile App-based solutions for K12, Professional and Continuing Education
  • Classroom-based real-time mobile educational experience
  • Interactivity-based K12 apps for teachers and students
  • Looking to ride the crest of technology in publishing and m-learning?Write to us.

Enterprise Automotive App

iphone android automobile apps

For a new-world automobile manufacturing company, both market intelligence and dealer intelligence are extremely important. To ensure both can be accessed on their fingertips, manufacturers need to look seriously at enterprise apps (as seriously as they do for developing customer car apps). MI helps automobile manufacturers by merging their internal and external functions and processes with enterprise apps that enables important data collection, analysis and action, both on the dealer and customer fronts, plus on the sales and service fronts. The perfect modern-day automobile is the one that fits into a mobile and runs with three drivers who work in complete collaboration – manufacturer, dealer and customer. MI ensures real-time, actionable interactivity between these three throughout the pre-sales, sales and service cycle leading to an improved organizational performance, satisfied dealers and happier customers.

If you want your organization to win the race, you need to step on the gas andreach usnow.

We also offer tailor-made app solutions for people in the transportation business to grow.Check out our taxi app solution.

We help keep America’s roadways safe by providing strategic traffic management and highway safety solutionsCheck out our Highway Safety Solutions


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