Comprehensive Mobile Commerce Solution for Grocery Business

The Grocery Shopper's Woes

The grocery list is often riddled with a woe-list with multiple woes like locating the right store nearby to ensuring they have what the shopper needs, to avoiding traffic snarls, parking woes and expending huge time in accomplishing all of the above. Major grocery stores offer online shopping, which helps the situation but not entirely. Grocery shoppers thus have a lot to lose in terms of time on something as routine as doing groceries.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic) – Our Approach

Research and Discovery

Competitor Analysis was the first important step in the Research and Discovery process. Grocery shopping was an area that had many apps clamoring to provide user convenience. Mobisoft Infotech researched the current online grocery shopping apps to understand what worked for these apps and their users and what didn’t.


We developed the logo and the website for the client. The logo was designed to instantly connect with the user and the store owner both. The colors, the shopping bag, and the shopper silhouette used as the main logo elements accomplished this connect. The website was a simple navigation website that was developed to enable the dual target groups to understand the features and benefits of the app and to drive them to action.

Mobisoft grocer Branding icon_1
Mobisoft grocer Branding icon_2
Mobisoft grocer Branding icon_3

SaaS Strategy

This is a SaaS based platform. The product strategy was based on the need-gap that existed in the current market for online grocery shopping. The app would be simple, easy to use for both, the end users and the store owners, and would be developed as a robust and scalable solution to meet increasing shopping demands and multiple stores.

Design Process

Convenience and ease of use being the pivotal features of the system design, the front end also had to be founded on convenience, ease of use and a powerful visual hook. Mobisoft Infotech delivered end-to-end design in a sequence: Mockups --- Wireframes --- PSD designing --- Cropping. After each phase in the design process, client approval assumed importance.

Mobisoft grocer app prototype
Mobisoft grocer app wireframing
Mobisoft grocer app final_product
Final Product
  • grocery shopping app

    App Features

    The app has a bulk import feature, where the individual store owner downloads a template from the server, fills it with the available products in his store and uploads it back to the server. Import processing takes place in the background using a threading model. This is easy for the store owner and saves him trouble and time. The system sends status emails to the owner based on successful import or failed import along with detailed results, so he can do the needful immediately

Web application for Admin

There is a powerful integration of web app for admin to administer the entire process from item selection to check out!


Web application for Store users

  • Fast Product List Import
  • Pick-up time scheduling
  • Pop-Up Desktop Notifications
  • No-cannibalizing feature
  • Real-Time Interaction between Store Owner and End User
  • Minimizing Supply Chain Nightmares
  • Data Analytics
Grocer Web application for Admin

The App at a Glance

GrocerEase brings grocery stores to mobile devices. It benefits the stores to build their sales and customer base while allowing users to shop virtually at their leisure and convenience. The stores can enjoy this app as a paid windows desktop application utilitywhile the shoppers can enjoy the app free, from their mobile phones.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

customizable app for grocery business